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Tonrar Journal Doll by wolfdog127
Tonrar 326


- Benefit -

- Five Entries -


[Arwii Symbol]

- Breeding Rites -


---Harmony Points---

Each Worth 10

Boss Battles.
Bloodfang Battle #6 (Onyx, Heimra, and Tonrar)Onyx wasn't a fighter. His brother had always been the one to fight for the two of them and ensure their survival. But with Jet nowhere to be found and a murderous saber prowling about, Onyx knew that he had to do something. He knew little about fighting, however, and so he had timidly requested help from a couple of other sabers.
Heimra had been friendly enough, and confidant that together they would be able to overpower Bloodfang. Onyx wasn't so sure about Tonrar. If he were to be completely honest, the other male scared him, and didn't seem entirely trustworthy. But his ferocity was exactly what the other male was lacking, and so Onyx had reluctantly decided to recruit him. Hopefully he didn't end up regretting that decision.
The three sabers stood in a line, staring Bloodfang down. Hoping that there was a diplomatic way to solve this, Onyx began speaking. "We don't have to fight, you know," he tried. "Surely there's another way. Can't you simply leave the humans alone, and find oth

Blood Moon Event - Dagger by wolfdog127

Total: 20 HP



Tonrar Journal Doll


---Activity Form---

Import: Tonrar 326
Nicknames (Lit only): N/A
Relevant Items/Bonuses: N/A

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