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[OLD] Arms of Akna - AVERAGE - PL by TokoTime
Honor Trait
RoM-Summer by magikwolf RoF- This is the Quickest Way by magikwolf RoH- Hunting Pals by magikwolf



Arturo 13501 by TotemSpirit  Izzy 17090 by TotemSpirit  Tokan 20574 by TotemSpirit
T-RaD's Shae'en M'taal 15183 by TotemSpirit  Thesis 19898 by TotemSpirit

---Hierarchy Points---


Show Entry (+2HP)


5 : AoAs
6 : RoM-Summer (Fullbody, Colored) 2HP (BG) 2HP
8 : RoF- This is the Quickest Way (Fullbody, Colored) 2HP (BG) 2HP (Handler) 2HP
8 : RoH- Hunting Pals (Fullbody, Colored) 2HP (BG) 2HP (Handler) 2HP 

Collaboration (+2)

13 : Quite the Story (Easter Collab) (Word Count 1403) 7HP (Handler) 2HP 

Activities (+3HP)


12 : Wolfdog127's Pack Hunt (Fullbody, Colored, Shaded) 3HP (BG) 2HP (Handler) 2HP (Starter) 2HP
14 : Fishing Trip to Remember (Word Count 1449) 7HP (Handler) 2HP (Starter) 2HP



7 : Jethro AoA-Rite of Knowledge (Fullbody, Colored, Shaded) 3HP (BG) 2HP (Handler) 2HP

Non-Commissioned (+4)

12 : Easter Egg Hunt 1 (Word Count 1262) 6HP (Handler) 2HP
12 : Easter Egg Hunt 2 (Word Count 1257) 6HP (Handler) 2HP 

Section Total: 97/75


After May 10. 2016

Section Total: 0
+22 Carried Over from Avg.
Total: 22/250

Grand Total: 97/325


---Activity Form---

Link to import sheetSummer 4184
Nicknames used: ---
Prey Hunting: ---
Link to…
Relevant Items/Companions/Traits:
- 5% success rate (Tribe)
Link to tribe benefits: Tribe Points
Faction: Pack Leader
Defects/Health Issues: None
Item Being Applied if any: ---

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