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[OLD] Arms of Akna - AVERAGE - PL by TokoTime
Partnership Trait
Cody and Stone RoM by bearhuunter Cody and Stone RoF by bearhuunter  Cody and Stone RotHIt was a chilly morning in the land of Tokotna, the ground was frozen over by the below-zero night. It certainly wasn't a good day to go out hunting that's for sure, but that wasn't going to stop the founder and co-founder of the Amarok Tribe. Era and Padfoot were gathering up their sleeping bags while their Tokotas, Cody and Stone, were finishing up their breakfast. The four had traveled all day yesterday to the TCA Rite of Fertility facility to finish up Cody and Stone's last rite, the Rite of the Hunt. This was the last rite the two Tokotas had to do before they were eligible to breed and become full grown adults. The group had gotten in last night just a few minutes before the facility closed for the day, they registered to make sure they were the first ones to do the rite in the morning. Right after they registered the small party rented a cabin that the TCA had owned for riders and their Tokotas for when they came to do the Tokota's rites.  
Cody had finished scarfing his f




---Hierarchy Points---


(Born Average)
Show Entry (+2HP)


5 : AoA
7 : Cody and Stone RoM (Fullbody, Colored, Shaded) 3HP (BG) 2HP
9 : Cody and Stone RoF  (Fullbody, Colored, Shaded) 3HP (BG) 2HP (Handler) 2HP
14 : Cody and Stone RotH (Word Count 2002) 10HP (Handler) 2HP

Activity (+3HP)

Non-Commissioned (+4)

12 : Sort of Father Son Thing (Fullbody, Colored, Shaded) 3HP (BG) 2HP


7 : 2/30 roll (Fullbody, Colored) 2HP (BG) 2HP
8 : 4/30 (Fullbody, Colored, Shaded) 3HP (BG) 2HP
7 : 6/30 roll (Fullbody, Colored) 2HP (BG) 2HP
7 : 8/30 (Fullbody, Colored) 2HP (BG) 2HP



2 : Tokotines 2016-Cody (Headshot, Colored, Shaded) 2HP
1 : Tokotines? I'd Rather Bathe in Deer Blood (Word Count 225) 1HP
1 : Cody x Kite [Tokotines] (Headshot, Colored) 1HP

Section Total: 80

Grand Total: 80/250


---Activity Form---…
Nicknames: ---
Prey: ---
Relevant Bonuses: N/A
Tribe benefits:
Exploring Specialist ll…
Faction: Pack Leader
Defects: N/A
Item application: ---


Un-Listed Items:

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