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Padfoot woke early that morning with the sun. Today was the last time she'd be taking out Nefarian the barbary her tribe had been boarding within the next few days he would be heading home. She decided they'd be going goat hunting today it was always interesting to trek up into the mountains.

With her bag of supplies slung over her shoulder she went around to all the usual spots to collect the tokotas she was going to bring with her.

Greywind was in front of the house with Cody and Nix, Chief an Siluk where in their favorite spot in the small grove of trees behind the house, and Annik was in the square with his siblings. Once she had the four rounded up she took them with her to the barn where they collected Nefarian.

She set her bag down pulling different saddles and harnesses off the wall as the tokotas watched with mild interest. They'd all been through this a million times it was much more interesting being on the hunt than preparing for it.

Padfoot fitted leather harnesses onto Chief and Siluk to pull a cart for big game. She put a saddle on Annik taking the items from her bag and placing them in the saddle bags. She packed a skinning kit so she could let the tokotas eat some of their catch on the spot, a lunch for herself and a medical kit in case of an emergency.

Once everything was double checked they headed out. Padfoot led their party on Annik with Greywind trotting next to them. Behind them Siluk and Chief pulling the cart and at the back trailed Nefarian.

They took a different path than they usually did when heading out on a hunt. Instead of following the trail down from their cliff towards the lake and their favorite hunting grounds they where taking a more overgrown and less used one heading up the mountain. When they came to this fork they where met with a surprise a melanistic female lay on the path napping in the sun. Padfoot recognized her as Jeta one of the TCA's tokos she lifted her head as they approached.

Padfoot patted her leg inviting the tokota along. And after a moment of deliberation she took the invitation trotting up the path with them. As they traveled the forest around them became less dense and the terrain rocky.

They reached their destination a few hours later it was a flat area in the otherwise uneven sloped land. Padfoot pulled the group aside here it was a regular stop while she was up this particular mountain. There where large rocks on either side blocking much of the wind that blew rampant up here. It seemed the trees agreed with her approval of the location as there where three scattered between the large rocks. She walked to the center and jumped off Annik kicking at the remnant of an old fire pit from the last time her tribe ventured here. It was a good camping spot the dried pine needles offered good tinder and it wasn’t hard to find a few dead branches among the tiny grove.

Padfoot beckoned the other tokotas to her. The area was large enough to shelter a good number of tokotas and their small group had no trouble filling in. As they did this Padfoot turned to Annik unbuckling his saddle and setting it off to the side. Their hunting grounds where close and saddles would only hinder them from here on out. Next she unhitched Siluk and Chief unhooking their harnesses as well and setting them in the cart before sitting down with the tokos. Nefarian, Jeta and Greywind where already settled once they where free Chief, Siluk and Annik joined them. Padfoot pulled

Once Padfoot though they had rested long enough she stood and the shape shifter did just that and where She had been standing there now stood a massive malamute mix. Well massive by dog standards she was still dwarfed by the tokotas around her barley a foot taller than the shortest tokota's elbow.

It was always a bit nerve racking doing this around tokotas she didn't know well it was hard to judge what their reactions would be. But Padfoot felt relatively safe here with Chief and Greywind at her side two of her strongest and most loyal tokotas. That's not to say Annik and Siluk where disloyal just that they where not the fighting type. Chief and Greywind where a different story entirely Chief was her highest ranking toko If Padfoot was the alpha Chief would be her beta and Chief had been preparing Greywind to take over when he became to old to properly lead.

Thankfully there was little reaction. Nefarian tilted his head looking slightly confused and Jeta was unfazed. Padfoot took point with Chief and Greywind on either side leading the pack further up the mountain. The group spread out searching for their prey. Padfoot could faintly smell what they where searching for but every trail she found was old it seemed the others where having the same luck.

It was a little past midday when their luck finally turned. It was Annik who caught the scent leading the pack further up the rocky slope than they originally been searching. The further they went the more treacherous the path and they had to slow their pace and watch their footing.

Eventually they caught sight of the mountain goats they where after. The small heard consisted of around eight members all congregating around a stream. The area they'd picked out was relatively flat though that wasn't saying much in this part of the mountain. The stream was a life bringing beacon there was more greenery here than the group had seen since they left the tree line behind them. Trees where still sparse but there where plenty of grasses and bushes. It was pretty obvious what drew the goats here.

The tokotas crouched down circling slowly. Padfoot sent Siluk and Annik more downhill. Nefarian and Jeta went more uphill. Greywind and Chief stayed with Padfoot their group would be leading the attack. Everyone was almost in position and Padfoot was about to give her signal when they heard shifting rocks downhill. Padfoot sighed to herself it was probably Annik the pup still had a lot to learn.

The goats jumped at the noise the largest taking a few steps forward and snorting. The others where tense preparing to run. Padfoot decided to launch the attack. Their prey's attention had been downhill and the two other groups managed to take a few by surprise. Jeta grabbed one instantly the experienced tokota not missing a beat. Nefarian managed to snag the leg of the one nearest to him it stumbled but didn't fall and the barbary followed it.

Padfoot ran up to the large male it turned on her lowering its head and charging but she was faster circling him. Greywind and Chief each attacked from either side while it was distracted making quick work of him. Annik and Siluk came up Annik looking sheepish. Padfoot looked around taking stock of what they had.

She checked the tokotas first they where still missing Nefarian. But that was short lived he came trotting back his prize between his teeth. That made six tokotas and three goats. It was a relatively small haul but it was better than nothing. She gestured for the tokotas to follow her back down the path they'd come up.

Nefarian didn't let go of his kill carrying it proudly. Chief and Greywind each took an end of theirs carrying it together. Annik walked over to Jeta offering to carry the goat for her and she accepted his help. Siluk approached Nefarian but his glare made it clear he would not be accepting help.

The trek back down to where they'd stashed the gear was slow going down was harder that going up especially with their cargo. The sun was on the horizon by the time they made it and night by the time Padfoot had skinned the goats. She'd planned on bringing home more but this was barley enough to reward the tokotas for their work so the pelts went in the cart and the tokotas got the meat.

It was the middle of the night by the time they dragged themselves back into the village and into bed. 

Prey: Moutain Goat

Link to import sheet: 
Annik 8232
Link to (hunting) journal: Annik 8232 Tracker
Items/Companions: None
Defects/Health Issues: Inbred (No defect)

Link to import sheet:  Greywind 12774
Link to (hunting) journal: Greywind 12774 Tracker
Items/Companions: None
Defects/Health Issues: None

Link to import sheet: Siluk 3542
Link to (hunting) journal: Siluk 3542 Tracker
Items/Companions: None
Defects/Health Issues: None

Link to import sheet: Chief 3983
Link to (hunting) journal: Chief 3983 Tracker
Items/Companions: None
Defects/Health Issues: None

Link to import sheet: Nefarian 12825
Link to (hunting) journal: Nefarian Tracker
Items/Companions: None
Defects/Health Issues: None

7HP (Word Count 1405)
2HP (Handler)
2HP (Hunt)
2HP (Starter) (
Jeta 183)
1Hp (Non-Com) (My tokos only)

Nefarian - 13HP
Annik, Greywind, Chief, Siluk - 14HP

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