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The second day of the Easter egg hunt started much the same as the day before it. Padfoot woke up. She collected the year old pups who would be participating in the hunt Annik, Greywind and Ghost's Shadow. She saddled Summer with bags for the goodies and invited Nefarian along for the adventure. And so much like yesterday their rag tag group started into the forest. Padfoot in the front a top Summer, the three pups making up the center and Nefarian trailing along at the rear.

Unlike the day before however they where the first in the tribe to set out leaving their territory with the first rays of sunlight. Today their hunting grounds where much closer and much larger. They where on their way to a large river that ran down from the mountain snaking in and out of forest and plains. It went on for mile after mile and any bank along the river and the surrounding forest was a possible hiding spot. They would need all of the daylight hours for this hunt.

They arrived at the river within the hour. Standing at the edge of the bank Padfoot assessed the situation.

Alright guys want to search left?” She asked motioning up river towards the mountains.

Or right?” This time motioning down river towards the valley and plains below them.

The pups seemed to deliberate among themselves for a moment before Greywind began trekking deeper into the valley Shadow and Annik on either side. They walked on for a while slowly being sure to check everywhere. The pup's began spreading out Shadow was the first to break off crossing over the river to the woods on the other side. Greywind moved further into the woods in the other direction and Annik stuck by the bank but couldn't quite decide which he preferred and kept criss crossing from one side to the other.

The two older tokotas trailed a little behind the younger three. Summer and Padfoot rode slowly enjoying the warm weather Padfoot occasionally glanced around to be sure everyone was accounted for. She was enjoying being out with Summer. The half mane was a picky tokota and would only leave the warmth of his handler's toko barn when the temperature rose above freezing. This was only the second time this year she'd managed to get him out.

Nefarian had crossed the river and was walking at his own pace he was in a rather sour mood. The barbary had hoped to get a little revenge on Greywind and Annik for their stunt yesterday but to his dismay Padfoot and Summer where paying a lot more attention today than they had the day before. Nefarian wasn't quite sure he was ready to drop his good toko act in front of the handler yet the only reason he'd been brought along the past few days was because Padfoot didn't think he'd be a problem. And while these 'adventures' had been rather boring for him they where more interesting than staying in the town He sighed.

Again Shadow was the first to discover a prize bringing the colorful egg to Padfoot.

Good job girl” Padfoot happily took the egg stashing it in one of the bags for later and patting shadow on the head.

Shadow walked off her tail still wagging. An hour and a mile and a half later Greywind came across his own prize stashed in a tree it took him a few minutes to free it. But once he did he trotted happily back to Padfoot and Summer to add his own egg to the bags.

By this time Nefarian had taken to walking in the river. It was shallow but the occasional fish did swim by. He was entertaining himself by trying to catch the small animals. He wasn't having much luck as the only fish where tiny minnows. Almost impossible for him to catch. But it was better entertainment than nothing.

Around midday Padfoot side tracked their little party into the shade for lunch. She took one of the bags off Summer opening it up and dividing the items. Each tokota got a dried fish more of a snack than a meal they'd receive dinner once they returned home. And there was a sandwich and a some water for her. She stood handing each tokota their snack before settling below a tree with her meal.

The tokotas finished before Padfoot and the pups went off to search the woods around her. Summer was relaxing beneath the tree with Padfoot and Nefarian was drying his think coat in the sun by the edge of the water it wouldn't take long with it's black color.

After about a half hour of rest Padfoot patted Summer “Ready to go boy?” She asked. Summer wagged his tail answering her question by standing and walking in front of her so she could get on. Padfoot clipped the now empty lunch bag back onto his saddle before pulling herself up.

Come on guys!” She yelled into the forest. First came Greywind and Annik then Shadow peaked out of the woods on the opposite side of the river. There was a second egg in her mouth.

Damn good job girl” Padfoot praised taking the egg and storing it with the others.

She rode Summer up next to Nefarian “You ready?” The large Barbary yawned before getting up and stretching. Padfoot and Summer walked ahead trailing behind the pups who where exited to be heading out again. Nefarian took his time getting himself moving after them but Padfoot wasn't concerned he was an older more experienced tokota than the three she was following he would catch up when he was ready.

Greywind had an early victory delivering his second egg to Padfoot almost as soon as she and Summer caught up to them. “Good job boy!” Padfoot said scratching behind his ear.

Annik wagged his tail a few times. He was happy his companions where doing well but he was a little upset he hadn't managed to find any yet. The Van gogh sighed to himself continuing on his hunt. A couple of hours passed with nothing note worthy none of the pups came with more eggs and the day was beginning to come to a close. The sun was about to sink below the tree line.

Time to head back!” Padfoot called Greywind, Shadow and Annik filed out of the woods reluctantly following Padfoot back the way they'd come. Most reluctant was Annik he hadn't found one egg. With his tail drooping he took Nefarian's place at the back of the pack.

They'd reached the section of the woods that led back to their village and where about to turn away from the river when they heard the van gogh yelp then begin yipping excitedly. Padfoot rode back quickly worried Annik had gotten hurt but he was far from upset. He'd slipped on some loose rocks on the bank of the river and uncovered a stash of Easter eggs three in total.

Annik jumped excitedly taking each egg gingerly and handing them up to Padfoot who placed them with the others. “Awesome job boy” Padfoot said scratching the happy toko under the chin.

Annik joined the other pups in the middle of the train feeling much better with this turn of events. Nefarian retook his spot at the back of the pack and Padfoot rode to the front with Summer to lead them back home for dinner and a good nights rest to prepare for tomorrows hunt. 

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