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Padfoot blinked a few times the roof of the house her and Hidu shared coming into focus. She turned looking to his side of the bed instead of Hidu however was her shedu Shade. 'Oh yeah' Padfoot sighed remembering that a few hours earlier Hidu had attempted to invite her to go out hunting goodies with him... Padfoot had told him to go away.

Bet that made you happy” she said to the large animal next to her more of a house cat than a racer nowadays. He nudged her had earning a few scratches behind the ear before Padfoot dragged herself out of the bed.

She grabbed some clothes, a quick breakfast and soon she was out the door Shade close at her heals. The weather had been warming considerably over the past few days and the overgrown cat had been enjoying spending the daylight hours lounging in the sun.

Today was the first day of the TCA sanctioned Easter egg hunt! Padfoot had plans to take out some of her younger tokotas to participate in the fun. Now it was time to round them up. Greywind was first the slate roan was spending time with his father Cody and Nix in front of the house.

Come on Grey” Padfoot called “We're going out for a bit”

The young tokota wagged his tail licking his father on the nose before happily following Padfoot around the house. Ghost's Shadow was next and to find the Ghost's Shadow you need to find Ghost. Ghost however was out with Hidu. Padfoot crossed her arms over her chest scanning the line of trees behind the house.

Shadow!” She yelled hoping the toko was close enough to hear. Padfoot was about to give up and grab someone else when she saw the snow white tokota trotting towards them through the trees. “Come on girl we're gonna go on a goodie hunt”

With two of the tokotas in tow she went the barn where she new she'd find tokotas number three and four. Summer was lounging in the door way to the barn. Much like the shedu the half mane was also enjoying the warmer temperatures. He sat up when Padfoot approached.

You wanna go out today?” Padfoot asked knowing Summer would be much more willing now with the turn in the weather than he had been for the past few months. Much as she expected he wagged his tail following her into the barn so she could get him into his tack. She made a mental note to be sure to clip on a set of saddle bags for the items the pups would be bringing home. Padfoot noticed Nefarian as she entered the barn looking rather board in the corner. She'd only been boarding the barbary for a few days but he'd given her no reason to worry just a bit antisocial. His handler had warned that he was known to be deceptive but nothing concerning had happened this far. Padfoot shrugged.

You wanna come with us boy?” Nefarian lifted his head seeming to be weighing his options 'stay here board' 'go out with these... pups' The boredom won out and he picked himself up following the small entourage towards the town center.

They had one more tokota to pick up. Annik was at the square his three siblings with him. “let's go Annik” Padfoot called and the Van gogh joined their group.

They where quite the train. Padfoot was riding Summer at the head of the pack leading them to their hunting grounds. The three yearlings where in the middle nipping at each other and playing as they went. And a few yards back Nefarian trailed content to keep some distance between himself and the others still not completely positive this was a good idea.

The group arrived that afternoon to a large field right by the outskirts of a rather populated town. It was one of the many places designated by the TCA as an area they'd be using for the event. The field extended beyond their view. A thick forest lay on one side and the last few houses belonging to the nearby town sat scattered on the other. Padfoot could see a few groups of tokotas and handlers in the distance already beginning their own hunts.

Alright guys, Have at it!” She said giving the eager pups the permission they'd been waiting on. Annik shot out excitedly running into the field. His companions where a bit more subdued. Greywind's nose hit the ground as he began trying to sniff out the goodies. While Ghost's Shadow happily trotted to the more concealed forest for her hunt.

Padfoot knew it was an impossible feat to keep track of the albino the other two on the other hand would be a bit easier. She jumped off Summer and led the older tokota to a nearby tree. She sat against it's trunk while summer sprawled out a few yards away in the sun.

Nefarian watched from the trail they'd come in on. He sat down with a huff this was just as boring as staying in the barn. 'Or is it' he thought watching as Padfoot pulled out a book and Summer began dozing off. The guards distracted his attention turned to Annik and Greywind both of whom where straying farther and farther out of sight. Perhaps he could make this more fun.

In the forest Ghost's Shadow was having a much better time. She was very experience slipping between the trees and into smaller hiding spots. Finding these eggs was a walk in the park for her.

Annik and Greywind where also having fun though they where having less susses than their albino pack mate. Running excitedly from one possible hiding place to the next. Annik had just managed to find his first egg when Nefarian came trotting over. Annik greeted him at first wagging his tail. That is until the barbary decided that he was going to take Annik's newly found prize. Annik's tail stopped wagging and he tried snatching the egg back which eared the van gogh a deep growl and a glare. Annik tucked his tail backing up a few steps.

Nefarian was happy with this reaction he looked at the younger tokota smugly before turning to leave. The growl had attracted Greywind's attention however and he was less timid than his friend. The slate roan stepped in the larger male's path giving his own growl. Nefarian would have scoffed if he could he wasn't intimidated in the least. What he didn't notice was Annik preparing to ponce. The brown toko jumped forward snatching the egg and taking off in the opposite direction.

Nefarian snapped at the tokotas retreating form following for a few steps. But it was useless the smaller tokota was much faster easily out pacing him. The barbary huffed glaring towards Greywind who gave him a toothy smile before trotting off after Annik. Nefarian rolled his eyes slinking off to the tree Padfoot and Summer had taken residence under. He laid down a bit away to wait out the rest of the afternoon.

As the day wore on Annik, Greywind and even Ghost's Shadow made occasional appearances dropping off their prizes for safe keeping with Padfoot. By the time the sun was at the horizon they had a nice stockpile of colorful eggs in three neat piles at Padfoot's feet.

The eggs where all collected into Summer's saddle bags and the group headed back to their village. As the last rays of sunlight peaked between the trees. 

.Tokos Participating.
Tokota Import: Annik 8232
Handler: Padfoot
Exploration Jounal: Annik 8232 Tracker

Tokota Import: Greywind 12774
Handler: Padfoot
Exploration Jounal: Greywind 12774 Tracker

Tokota Import: The Ghost's Shadow 12745
Handler: Padfoot
Exploration Jounal: The Ghost's Shadow 12745 Tracker

.Tokos added for HP.
Summer 4184
Nefarian 12784

.Other Animals Mentioned.
Nix 1576Cody 8035MMC Moments In The Dark 11375

.HP Count.
1262 words - 6HP
Handler - 2HP
Show - 1HP (Pups Only)
Non-Com - 1HP (My tokos only)

Greywind/Annik/Shadow - 10HP
Summer - 9HP
Nefarian - 8HP

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