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Padfoot sat down with a huff the sun was high in the sky and she was still adjusting to the heat as summer started creeping in. They'd been at the market for the better part of the morning and not many buyers had actually made any purchases. She glanced over at her tokotas.

Clyde was laying on top of a crate of items she'd brought to sell. He looked to be asleep but Padfoot knew better the sand roan always slept with one eye open. It's why Padfoot had brought him today none of her tokotas where a better judge of character. On top of selling some extra items the tribe had Padfoot was also screening potential buyers for their spring litters. Clyde could smell a thief or a liar from a mile away his opinion was always helpful.

Greywind sat a few feet away ears perked. If Clyde was the brains Greywind was the muscle. Not to say the darker tokota wasn’t intelligent he just wasn’t a particularly good judge of people. If they did run into an issue today Clyde would let them know but he wasn’t a fighter Greywind was the true guard. No one got close to Padfoot or the merchandise without Greywind's approval.

Era was sitting criss cross on a crate craving a small deer that he could potentially sell or he could put it next to Stone's stall for him and his animal companion who was his sister in a past life. His hoodie zipped open and sleeves rolled up because of the heat so little bits of wood were clung to his shirt and inside of said hoodie. The handler never took the hoodie off in public as it was one of the comfort items that he always had on his person.

Agate, being one of two of his Tokotas free from the day's duties, laid in the sun watching over her handler's merchandise. She was the oldest Tokota in Era's pack having plenty of experience dealing with people who dared tried to steal Era's wood carvings and furniture. Although she could relax a bit with Clyde and Greywind nearby. But the other Tokota Era had brought took all of that relaxation out the window.

Fox was the second Tokota free from Era's pack but she wasn't really the best choice to bring to an event like this. She had a very large habit of stealing one of the tribe's handler's shiny minerals and being in a flea market that had many sellers selling said minerals this could only go wrong. But Era needed a second Tokota and she was free even from much protest from Agate herself.

Clyde yawned stepping off his crate and walking over to a bowl of water that lay at Padfoot's feet. He stretched lapping at the bowl.

"Hey boy" Padfoot greeted scratching behind his ear before he trotted off. Clyde went and sat next to Greywind.

"How are you not dying of boredom?" He sighed looking at his alpha. Greywind huffed and without taking his eyes off the crowd "We have a job to do maybe if you where more dedicated you wouldn't be bored."

Clyde realizing Greywind was far to interested in his work to be any fun moved on. He walked around to Era's side of the stall spotting Agate not too far away "How about you bored yet?"

Era heard shuffling behind him and glanced over his shoulder seeing Clyde approaching Agate. He chuckled as he was adding details to the deer, "Looks like Clyde is on the move Pads. You better watch out."

Agate turned her head slightly to look at Clyde but to still keep an eye on Fox who was laying down next to Era watching the crowd for who knows what. Being completely obvious of what she was doing besides talking to the male.

"Bored? No." She barked at him. The tawny female was about to ask a question when she noticed Fox sitting up. She looked over and saw a stranger speaking with Era and Padfoot. Unfortunately this stranger has some amethyst and other shiny items.

Padfoot glanced over at Clyde and was about to call him back when the stranger began talking and Clyde was forgotten. Greywind came up beside the customer sitting by and watching the exchange letting him know these handlers where well guarded.

Clyde tilted his head at Agate's abrupt stop and followed her eyes to the toki beside Era. "Whats with her?" He asked.

Agate shifted her body ready for her to lunge at Fox to grab her from stealing anything from this potential buyer for both Padfoot and Era. "Fox has a habit of collecting shiny items even if that means taking them from others." The tawny said, hoping telling this information to Clyde wouldn't bite her in the ass.

Fox was wagging her tail staring at this amethyst the stranger had in his hand, showing it off to both handlers. She pawed at Era's leg wanting the mineral to add to her collection.

Clyde nodded ideas already flooding his mind. maybe today wouldn’t be so dull after all. Gate was going to be a problem though. The old tokota was on Fox like glue. Clyde glanced over to Greywind he may be a problem too his alpha had bad a habit of ruining his fun. But the slate roan seemed preoccupied keeping a good eye on the stranger. Clyde shook his head and laughed a bit to himself there was no point intimidating this guy he was harmless no bad intentions there. Clyde on the other hand...

He glanced around looking for a way to get Gate out of the way. His eyes landed on a crate nestled behind the handlers. The top is open and a young pup is sticking his head out looking around eager to explore. Clyde smiles 'Perfect'. The older tokota trots over making sure no one notices him everyone seems preoccupied. He gently tilts the crate over being sure to point them in Gate's direction before quickly slipping away from the scene of the crime.

Agate's ears perked up when she heard little puppies whines. She turned her head toward the source, seeing it was the pups that they had brought with them out of the crate they were in. All thoughts of Fox and everyone else flew out the window, having a soft spot for pups she didn't want anything to happen to them. The elder Tokota quickly walked over to the pups and started herding them into a singular spot so she could get a couple of minutes of finding their crate.

Greywind noticed the pups as well and with a final glance at the customer who was still discussing prices with Padfoot and Era he came over to keep an eye on the pups for Gate while the older toko found their crate.

'Two for one deal' Clyde thought happily to himself trotting over to sit next to Fox.

"You know I bet you can run a lot faster than that guy" He said nodding towards the man holding the shiny things.

Agate nodded to Greywind as a thank you before going off to find the crate.

Fox huffed when Era ignored her about getting the amethyst. The toki started to grumble to herself she wondered if she could stealthily take the mineral. As if on cue Clyde's words reached her ears after she thought to herself. She tilted her a little at the larger Tokota.

"You think so?" She asked. "I have a hard time getting away from Hidu and Anvil but this guy seems more fit than those two."

Greywind laid down barricading the unruly pups into a small area behind the stall and unknowingly blocking his view of the events about to unfold. 

"Nah in this crowed you'd have the advantage" Clyde nodded as if agreeing with himself "That guys too big but you could slip between them all pretty easy."

Fox thought about what Clyde said and weighing out her pros and cons. Of course, there were more cons than pros but the only pro that mattered was having a shiny new object for her collection and that was always worth it!

She stood up and nodded, "You're right! I'm going to have to time this right or I'm never going to get it." The toki headed towards the crowd, blending in was her best option and hopefully no one would notice she would be gone.

Clyde smiled his work was done he trotted back over to the crate he'd been resting on earlier and resumed making sure to keep an eye on the crowed waiting for that flash of red.

Greywind saw Clyde come around near the back of the stall. He didn't look as bored as he had been earlier. Greywind's eyes narrowed that was suspicious... But they needed to take care of these pups before he could investigate.

Agate had finally found the crate and was pushing it back to where Greywind was. She sighed in relief when she got to the darker Tokota and he was putting them in the crate. The tawny was about to head over to her spot when she remembered Fox. She quickly turned her head to where she saw the red toki last and noticed the toki was gone.

"Shit Greywind." She barked, "We need to find Fox now."

As this was taking place Era was shaking hands with the stranger, "I can agree on that price sir" The handler was sweating a bit from the back and forth of pricing.

The man nodded and with a deep voice started speaking, "Perfect! Here you go good man. I hope your little toki will enjoy this gem!"

"Oh trust me, she will." Era said, "You saw how she was pawing at my leg, I couldn't say no without feeling guilty."

The stranger was giving the amethyst to Era when all of a sudden a red flash was coming towards the man. The flash caused the man to shriek in terror. He let go of the gem and as Era was about to catch it Fox was closing her jaws around it.

Era shook his head for a moment then saw Fox running into the crowd. The stranger started to run and yell after the toki.

It took Era a moment to realize that Fox had just taken the amethyst he was about to buy for her. Once it dawned on him the handler jumped over the stand and ran after his Tokota.

Padfoot watched as Era and the stranger ran after Fox and shook her head. As much as she would love to chase a toki around a crowded marketplace someone had to stay and keep an eye on their wares and perhaps tokotas where not best suited for that given the situation.

Greywind's ears flattened at he watched Era jump over the stall. He looked over and seeing a smug look on Clyde's face he quickly made his way over to the crate.

"What did you have to do with this Clyde" Greywind accused

"Oh nothing I'm just enjoying the show. Had no idea that little toki could jump so high" Clyde said chuckling.

Agate's ears flattened when she realized what happened. She growled to herself, turns out telling Clyde that Fox will steal objects really did bit her in the ass. 'I'm sure Clyde absolutely had everything to do with this...Little mastermind knew exactly how to get me away from watching Fox.' She thought to herself.

Her growl became louder as she turned her head towards the sand roan, "Just had to play around didn't you." The tawny didn't even give him a chance to speak as she leapt over the stand and was about to when her companion and handler when she saw Era and Fox coming back towards their booth.

Fox still had the gem in her mouth but she was leashed her ears her flat against her head as the toki was walking next to Era. The handler looked like he was about to pass out but annoyed at the same time.

Agate tilted her head as the two walked behind the stand but walked back behind with them. The handler tied Fox to the leg of the stand while the toki laid in the dirt all curled up. The older Tokota went over to Era

Era sat on the crate then let his head land on the flat surface with a thud. He made a noise that sounded like a dying caribou. "I had to pay double on the agreed payment Padfoot." He said lifting his head and turning toward the other handler. "Double!"

Padfoot Patted Era on the back watching the crowed in front of her. She'd figured the only thing they'd need to worry about today would be thieves and dishonest people. She didn't think their problems would come from their own tokotas. She glanced behind her at them particularly Clyde.

You” She said pointing to the sand roan “Here” She pointed to the dirt beside her seat. Clyde came over reluctantly ears back.

I know you had something to do with this. Now you stay here.” With that the handler went back to watching the crowed hoping that was the end of their troubles today.

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