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Sith Ambassador Droid

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Don't shoot the messenger.

Because he WILL shoot back.

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And he can hit a lot finer a point than the broad-side of a barn, too, unlike SOME soldiers...

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Much better; unlike the B1, it actually has the correct amount of fingers under those gloves!

Seriously, I swear 90% of SW stuff made in the Sequel Era has more plot-holes than swiss cheese...

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But this dude is not even from the sequel trilogy?

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I should've clarified; "90% of everything made by Disney since it became obsessed with pushing it's shit-poor excuse of a sequel timeline, inc. things set before the post-Endor age, is out-of-universe crap (and even in-universe makes little/no sense; disappearing Praetorian Guard weapons &-or FTL-ing THROUGH planet/ary atmosphere/s, anyone?), with notable & beloved exceptions like 'The Mandalorian', etc."

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this looks like the droid in the beginning of battlefront 2 when iden receives orders from the emperor

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