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The strongest are the weakest
It's hard to always be the strong one.
To help everyone in their time of need,
to be the one who doesn't cry,
to be the one that has to keep her head up high
Didn't you know, I'm dying on the inside?
Between fake smiles,
and the painful laughing,
Not once was did I feel it
Don't you know what depression is?
The part of my brain that experiences happiness
- it doesn't connect.
I'm incapable of knowing what it's like to be happy
Sure, you can take pills,
they trick you, make you think you know what happy is
It's all just a farce
I send you happy texts,
I give you needed hugs,
I try to keep you smiling
-every last one of you
But I'm never enough
Do you know what that's like?
To never mean anything to anyone
I stand by all of you,
making you feel better
You think I'm strong because I don't cry?!
Didn't you know that I'm the weakest of them all?
:iconwolfdemonlover20:wolfdemonlover20 5 5
I just can't
-can't handle the reality
You left me?
This can't be real..
I'm drowning,
stuck in-between two worlds
I don't know what's real anymore
I see this world,
but I can't feel it
Am I really here?
Is this even real?
Where's the relevance?
I thought I was "best girlfriend ever"?
Fuck you and your lies
I fucking loved you..
You can't leave me here
-Like I'm nothing
I meant the world to you once!
Please don't do this..
I need you!
I want to hate you so bad
What you did was unforgivable
I'm so fucking angry!
And I can't hate you?
:iconwolfdemonlover20:wolfdemonlover20 3 3
Murder me
Hot breaths and deep kisses
We just keep getting more heated
Each time it's a step further
Each time I get more wound
You know I love you, right?
But I saw the look in your eyes
Even through the intoxication,
I saw you change
I can't help you, can I?
Try as I will,
we're stuck in this state
-of drunken tongues rubbing together,
and bodies grinding so closely
I looked forward to those moments,
Hoping someday we'd go to the final level
The level of complete freedom
But I saw you
-well I'm not sure it was really you
We got a little bit rougher
-a tad bit more further,
and you had murder in your eyes
I saw what lies beneath
-the other you,
and now I feel like I should be terrified
All I can feel is horrible for ever starting this
You know I love you, right?
I've never felt such a connection with someone
You are truly amazing.
Everyone has issues
And I'm still here
You know I love you, right?
I was going to let you wrap your hands around my throat..
:iconwolfdemonlover20:wolfdemonlover20 4 1
Drunk in love by wolfdemonlover20 Drunk in love :iconwolfdemonlover20:wolfdemonlover20 1 7
Mature content
Diseased and Broken :iconwolfdemonlover20:wolfdemonlover20 2 0
Head to heart
Do things really get better,
or is this just a temporary feeling?
Why does it take so much-
just to make one person happy?
Between the pills,
the self destruction,
the counseling,
and the doctors
Are they really helping you?
Is this all just a lie?
A facade to stop time,
time used to abuse yourself?
What are you to do,
in this world of pain?
Is there really any help for me?
I don't really know what I feel
too distant to tell,
what's reality and mind games.
I can love a person so hard,
and they can love me too
It's only a matter of time.
I'm never enough,
the love slips through fingertips,
like silvers
What can I do,
when I say things
-do things,
for my own self destruction?
There's a hole in my head,
there's a hole in my heart.
Which do I follow,
when they'll tear you apart?
:iconwolfdemonlover20:wolfdemonlover20 6 0
No cares
I've never felt, quite so alone
I keep giving you a chance,
but you never change
You break my heart continuously,
Not even seeming to break a sweat
I'm starting to think you don't care
I'm always by your side,
but you're never here for me
It's always like this for me
I'm telling you,
how you always-
let me down
You don't do anything other than,
give me a meaningless apology
You just keep breaking me.
I just wanted someone to care,
to listen to what I'm going through
But there's never anyone at the door..
:iconwolfdemonlover20:wolfdemonlover20 2 5
Can you tell me what are words
What is a meaning?
Can you tell me what are words,
when they don't mean a thing?
And why can't they change the cords
-of life?
I find it hard to understand,
what it means
When everything falls apart
We can't fix the broken,
not when they're spilt in half
Why'd you let it go so far?
Far enough to reach the stars
Unreachable by ones' hand,
falling through your mind like sand
What do I mean to you?
You can tell a person anything,
but do you mean it?
How would I know,
if it's a lie or not?
I wouldn't
And what do you matter in a world so big?
They'll tell you anything
and you still wont mean a damn thing
:iconwolfdemonlover20:wolfdemonlover20 3 4
Mature content
Baby, I remember :iconwolfdemonlover20:wolfdemonlover20 3 0
I know you can see me,
I'm not invisible
Why won't you love me,
Like I love you
There are plenty of fish in the sea,
but I don't care about them
I only love you,
So please tell me the truth
I need to know, how you really feel
Because I have no idea, what is real
Time keeps ticking,
And I'm still sat here,
Waiting for your answer,
Because I need it
You're an addiction,
A sick one at that,
You aren't good for me,
We're both unwell
You stick to me, like drugs to an addict,
I need you more than most
You're my safe haven,
I can't function, without my daily dose
:iconwolfdemonlover20:wolfdemonlover20 6 3
Show me the truth
Smiles are broken,
Souls are lost,
People are alone,
We live without cost
Give me a penny,
I'll calm down
Give me a dollar,
I'll mold into you
Never quite happy,
With what I've got,
I continue to ask,
For what I've saught
I'll beg and plead,
Get down on my knees,
I'll cry "Give it to me",
And you'll sigh and hand it over
I'll stare at you,
until you get uncomfortable,
I'll look into your soul,
with my pain filled eyes
I smirk at you,
I've got you where you belong,
You just can't say no,
To someone you long for
Not when they are searching,
Searching for the same thing,
Not when they are looking,
looking for you
Not in a world,
Where people keep taking
Not in a place,
Where no one can look-
at eachothers faces
Hiding in their lies,
Tearing without cries,
Begging without ties,
Taking without sighs
Show me a place,
A place with the truth,
Pull me close,
And tell me you love me too..  
A heart can keep breaking,
For as long as we love,
But if we don't love,
Then we wouldn't feel hurt
:iconwolfdemonlover20:wolfdemonlover20 9 2
Liars in Happiness
I feel cold often. Like all the warmth from smiles and promises are broken.                                                                                                                        I'm sad, hiding behind false lips and lies.                           
:iconwolfdemonlover20:wolfdemonlover20 7 8
If it makes you happy
I can hide behind a smile,
I can tell you I'm okay,
I can let you be with someone else,
If it makes you happy
I can miss you-
even when you will never miss me,
And I can try to get over you,
but you're the only thing I love
It may be months since our last conversation,
but I still get butterflies when I think of you,
You may not care for me anymore,
But I love you so much it hurts
I hate remembering you,
the way you laughed,
your smile,
your voice..
It lit up my world
Now everything is dim,
I'm not sure what to do,
I just don't really see a point-
even if it makes you happy
:iconwolfdemonlover20:wolfdemonlover20 18 22
My illnesses
I'm fading, losing myself
Hating everything I do,
Hating everything about me
Why can't it just end?
I'm relapsing,
My happiness goes just as fast as it comes,
I want it to just stop,
I want everything to just stop,
The fights, the drama, the stress-
the crying, the screaming, the cutting, breathing..
I hate that I want to die..
I want to want to live so badly,
But I just can't..
I was fine for a month or so,
but it's all coming back,
I feel that I'm growing empty again,
I'm hurting myself again,
and even trying to work up the courage to just end it all..
I want so badly not to feel this way,
I fear myself,
I'm so scared..
I don't want to go back to a mental hospital-
but I might have to..
I've convinced myself that I'm fat,
A part of my mind tells me I shouldn't eat,
when I do eat another part of me wants to retch it up
I tried so hard to beat that part of myself,
but I'm slowly giving in..
Please just stop..
I can't keep doing this to myself..
I want the help,
but people tell me I'm j
:iconwolfdemonlover20:wolfdemonlover20 3 15
I used to suffer with myself,
confidence was a zero,
I thought I had no wealth,
I could never be a hero
I don't know why I ever doubted myself,
Part of being human maybe?
I believe that as people we focus on our flaws-
not to make us feel bad about ourselves,
but to find something that makes us different from everybody else
Beauty and perfection are thought to mix hand in hand-
the definition of society,
But that's not true
No one is perfect,
but every one is beautiful
Behind every smile is an un-shed tear,
Jealousy, anger, sadness,
it's part of being human
True beauty: Is to not be afraid to be yourself,
People will reject you, and make fun of you,
Jealously will overrun them, for they wish they could be true too.
Real people, will accept you as you are,
and love you for being true to yourself
Now that is true beauty.. ♥
:iconwolfdemonlover20:wolfdemonlover20 10 8
Tell me you love me
A girl can wait for her prince charming,
But what she'll find is quite alarming
Boys will fake love,
And smiles are full of blood
She'll take his hand,
Believe all his demands
He will lead her,
And forever mistreat her
She will love him
-slowly but surely,
And he will lie to her
-easily and purely
Manipulation and temptation,
Running hand and hand
His lies may become truths,
-It won't change anything,
She'll become ruthless,
-wanting nothing less
Arguments will take a twist,
Leaving nothing left but drifts
-of lost kisses and heartbreak
Hearts break, but never mend,
People love, but never again
-make the mistake of trusting
The one who could sing
:iconwolfdemonlover20:wolfdemonlover20 7 6

Random Favourites

PP: Shall we dance? by riingo PP: Shall we dance? :iconriingo:riingo 801 164
One of Those People
She is one of those people.
Those people that seem as if they haven't a care or problem in the world,
In a way that makes them invincible and vulnerable at the same time.
She has a laugh that is its own symphony.
Not a forced harmony, but a perfect melody.
A laugh that sings songs of joy and enthusiasm;
that tells stories of magic and miracles.
She has eyes the color of the sky on a bright summer's day;
The smell of fresh cut grass after a rainstorm;
The feeling of a delicate ocean breeze,
Providing relief from the blazing heat;
The taste of cool liquid,
Water-falling down your parched throat;
The sound of waves crashing on the sand,
Revealing hidden treasures and shells.
She has a smile that makes you want to love, to live.
To enjoy things for what they are, not what you want them to be.
A big, charming smile whose bright glow lingers on all who see it.
And when she smiles, the whole world smiles with her.
She has a subtle beauty<
:iconwolf3dreamer:wolf3dreamer 2 2
Starving for Perfection
the pain of perfection
unnoticeable behind her perfectly made up face
no one would ever know
the lies she tells are fake
that behind her beautiful smile her world is falling to pieces
that she cries herself to sleep at night
that she wakes up on the bathroom floor
face stained with her dried tears
shes starving to be perfect
shes dying for someone to notice
yet she tries so hard to hide it all
make everything seem ok
:iconjoseev13:joseev13 2 4
I'm sorry I can't be perfect,
I'm sorry that can't be me,
Everything I do is wrong,
To you I'm the mistake that ruined thee,
I try and try,
Never winning,
I fall and fall,
Farther from you each time,
When I try to talk,
You tell me not to whine,
You broke mt heart,
So suddenly,
By the time I realized you never wanted me,
It was too late,
You already blocked me from your eyes,
I loved you,
No, I love you,
But I don't know if you love me,
You always say you never wanted me,
I am a mistake,
Thats all that I know,
Any man who comes claiming of love,
Is labeled as lair,
I just can believe,
Any man would ever love me,
If I was never loved by my own father.
:iconcharlietheteddybear:CharlieTheTeddyBear 3 0
Your Amazing
your amazing.
you saw through this mask of lies.
straight to the truth
straight to the pain
which i was trying to hide.
how do you know me better then me?
you tell me what i need to hear.
your always near.
beautiful on the inside and outside
to a level i dont know which is more beautiful
caring, loving and like i said amazing.
your the best thing that has ever happend to me
all i have to say is
thank you
for being you.
:iconbleeding-blade:bleeding-blade 10 19
show me you care
that you will help me no matter the situation
show me something other than this pain
so i can start living and not survivng.
dont abandon me alone, like they did
im already hurt enough. so please dont
help me stop crying myself to sleep
cause im tierd and i want to have a good dream once in a while.
prove me wrong, that your still here
that im not alone. that someone can actually love me in this world.
prove me that everyone deserves to be happy
i had my share of sadness but not of happiness
prove me that life is worth living
because they dont seem like it.
:iconbleeding-blade:bleeding-blade 11 15
A Witch
A witch! A witch! In Salem there was
oh, the black cat of the demon's sons
she, alone, destroyed the heavens
she, alone, murdered the peasants.
"A witch!" she cried, "A witch! A witch!"
Fainting and screaming, pretending she was
until, one by one, their lives were done.
A wench she was, and a wench she still yet be
she brought us hell, and disaster she did seek!
The Devil! The Devil! In Salem he is
oh, the demon himself, the wickedness he brings!
His selfish little cat pointed us out
until one by one we dared to scream and we dared to shout
innocent we were and innocent yet
she alone is the witch's pet.
God's finger, she pretended to be
until she picked on my friends, my husband, and me
her plan then faltered for he was to be true
he stuck by my side and fell into the witches brew.
Alarmed was the cat that her toy was to die
she fled Salem, the devil at her side.
Oh, its all her fault, that spiteful little cat
she betrayed the heavens and broke God's back
its all her fault we weep and
:iconkirakoi:KiraKoi 3 10
The Bite
You will only see the dark,
the moon and all of its hearts.
The bite of love makes you his slave
bound to him and all his parts.
Bound to serve and nothing more,
bound to die with pain galore.
A tortured soul and nothing less,
against your lips his lips shall press.
The kiss of torture, the kiss of pain,
it kills you slowly while pleasure courses through your veins.
A pleasure unknown to man,
for it is the pleasure of death.
A pleasure that courses through your blood
causing loss of breath.
:iconkirakoi:KiraKoi 3 3
This I Believe
This I believe is the world falling apart,
thrashing and flailing as if grabbed by the heart.
Covered in ashes or frozen to the spot,
everybody's dying there's no escaping the plot.
This I believe is the reason we die
the population is growing, polluting the sky.
Our endless hunger depleting the trees,
crushing the food chain and causing lungs and stomachs to bleed.
On top of it all
our murderous ways
cause us to kill each other
leaving us mourning for the rest of our days.
This I believe
is the reason we send
others to save us
from our unstoppable end.
:iconkirakoi:KiraKoi 3 14
When she walks she wonders why she is still here,
when she talks she thinks she shouldn't be here.
She wishes it was her not him who had to go,
For without him here she feels all alone.
Her smile has faded, her beauty obscured,
she's lost in a dark world full of dark words.
No sun can reach her she is in too deep,
and even worse she cannot sleep.
She's as thin as a toothpick for she cannot eat
she's in depression now and cannot speak.
The one she loved is no longer living,
he is trapped between this world and the next for she is still grieving.
He wants her to be happy and move on in life,
she can not do this for her soul is stuck in the dark
where no sun can reach her and she's falling apart.
She can't take it anymore she's dying inside,
she's weakening swiftly as life begins to pass her by.
She's stuck in the past with no intention of moving on,
she searches for the knife to find that its gone.
Her energy is draining, burning up quickly,
her heart beat is weakening as she starts sing
:iconkirakoi:KiraKoi 5 2
In the river of broken dreams
A girl is sinking to her knees
With unshed tears and silent screams
She hides the pain that no one sees.
'Round her body flowing red
Images playing in her head
A twisted knife falls from her grasp
Ghosts' of demons from her past.
In the river of broken dreams
A girl has fallen to her knees
With crimson tears and twisted screams
She shows the pain that no one sees.
:iconkirakoi:KiraKoi 3 12
Cold metal
Against warm flesh,
Hold it tight
Take a deep breath,
Searing pain
And tearing flesh,
That's the feeling
I love the best.
:iconkirakoi:KiraKoi 3 2
Fairytale Love
I seem to be obsessed with a fairytale dream
I want my life to be like one, i want myself to be free
I would love a fairytale princess, to fall in love with me
I long for a fairytale kiss, to release me from this dream
I have dreamt so long for you
Longer than you can believe
And as you read this
My message i hope you recieve
I love you more than you can possibly believe
Our fairytale romance, thats what it shall be
And noone else shall know, except for you and me
With carriages drawn by mice, And a watchful fairy godmother
Ill prove to you that i love you more than any other
This fairytale will have a happy ending you see
Because the happy ending shall be between you and me
Im not a fairy tale prince, thats something i can't pretend to be
But i am what i am, i am the perfect me
So as you and me spiral surely out of control
Ill make your heart mine, as our passions will consume
As we fall into the whirlpool of insanity
Ill land safely in your arms, together you and me
So wrap up the fa
:icontwitch-ta:Twitch-TA 6 5
The Same
get me out of here.
i cant suffer this anymore.
you know how this feeling goes.
Each with his own way.
to handle the things. from little to wrost.
you take your drugs to forget about what happend
the guy next to you drowns himself in booze till he wakes up without a memory
she cries herself to sleep. thats her way to let it out
that girl in the corner. she writes beautiful things. to express what each of us are feeling
that guy with the broken arm? he punchs the wall, thats his way around.
see the silent girl in the third row? she goes to the shore and screams her heart off
the wierd couple ? she doesnt eat when she feels like this. and he does the opposite.
the guy who is smiling? thats just a mask. he will break down before the rest of us.
and me? im a cutter.
we all end up hurting ourselves. so why do you judge me and not them?
im nothing special. we are all the same. careless and hurt. broken and lost with no way home.
do you ask where home is? home is where you will be happy being
:iconbleeding-blade:bleeding-blade 12 31
We Remember... by Pureblood-Pixie We Remember... :iconpureblood-pixie:Pureblood-Pixie 2 18 lord s by Dumbledoreee lord s :icondumbledoreee:Dumbledoreee 2 0


Hey guys! Incase any of you are actually curious why I'm never around these days, I have several things going on right now.

My fiance dumped me a few months ago, my grandpa died earlier this year, and my depression is at an all time low. 

To be honest I've never actually felt this alone before. I'm to the point where I feel disembodied. Like I know this is my life, the things around me are real, but I don't feel grounded, and this doesn't feel real. Dreams are more real to me..

I'm honestly feeling like I'll never be good enough for anything. I'm moving in two weeks. And I just feel so lost.

You ever just feel like you need to get away and be rescued?


wolfdemonlover20's Profile Picture
Jasmine Barnes
United States
Hewwwo, my name is Jasmine. I'm 18 years old. I write both poems and stories. I post my poems on this site and my stories on…

Please read some of my stories on that site ^^
I'm looking for feedback and ways to improve my writing skills.

Please be aware that everything I post is rough, unedited and lacking some detail but I do go back and fix when I have the time.

I'm nice, and very caring. I can be moody but not too bad. I like reading, writing, dancing , singing, and just hanging out with friends and doing random things. I'm pretty outgoing too :3

I am here for anyone who needs someone to listen or to talk to.

If you want to know anything else just ask :)


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