Its the nice ones you have to watch out for y'know

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Birdy waited patiently, She would be meeting her hunting partner for the day very soon, A stallion by the name of Abelardus, A gentle giant as she had heard by her handler when chatting with the stallions owner over the phone. She closed her eyes as the breeze pushed her feather light afghan manes in direction it was flowing.

Abelardus 'Nobel Strength' 

The name seemed smooth enough on the tongue as she hummed it to herself, Her hip and back hoof cocked as she relaxed under the shade of the large autumn leave ridden tree. She hoped, wholey, that the stallion was, as she had heard, kind and thoughtful, Prideful but not overly so. She worked much better with a cooperative partner then a cocky one, call her old fashioned.

Her owner gave a whistle from the trailer they had brought to travel her in. Her white eyes opened smoothly and she rose her head gently as she watched her owner wave his hands over, currently discarding their small game of cards in favour of telling the chestnut mare that her partner had arrived. She snorted in amusement, her owner was always playing the same card game with his same white haired partner, and no matter how many times they played, it was always amusing to watch. Apparently you couldn't play UNO with only two people as the white haired man would always complain with a haughty smile.

The black float rolled up next to their own navy blue one, and birdy decided now that it may be time to wonder over a great her hunting partner. Smiling softly, she strolled the fair distance over to great him. Her owner grinned at her when she slinked up to him first and nudged his side with her lip, her eyes looking up into his green eyes in an adorable loving way. He chuckled affectionately and pet her face, making sure to scratch behind her ears and along where her horns sprouted for good measure.

If EB's could purr, she'd be rolling on the ground belly up like a fat cat, after its 5th meal.

Her attention was grabbed though when the back end of the float was let down and a white coated butt and green jester tail was reviled. Her ears perked in attention and soon enough the stallions owner left him to walk off the float when the back latch was undone. Carefully the bay sabino jester stallion removed himself and turned to look over his shoulder at his owner, who happily pet his neck before grabbing his lead rope and turning him around. 

His horns where a stunning shade of green, quiet gorgeous, if birdy was to be honest, along with the shape of them. His ears perked forward as he was brought over calmly, the taller stallion giving a slight once over himself to address the mare accordingly. His posture was relaxed if not a little tense in excitement for the hunt to be. Birdy smiled gently at him in greeting. He smiled just a nicely back and dipped his head in respect which had birdy flushing before dipping her own head at the stallion then nudging her handler eagerly. She would speak with him properly when they where on their hunt. 

Her owner gave a small chuckle and conversed with Aberaldus's owner briefly, allowing the opportunity for the two to study each other a bit more. It was usually like this though. Name's where always mentioned but looks and personality where left to the actual meeting of when a hunt was decided. 

Her partner was nice on the eyes this time she would admit quiet happily. 

Soone enough the conversation between owners where over and the stallion was released to wonder with the mare for their hunt. Giving a soft whinny, birdy gracefully turned and began walking in a northern direction, a simple invitation for the green horned stallion to follow, Which her did, just a smoothly and relaxed as she had. 

Finally a fair bit away from their owner's birdy decided to greet him properly. 

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mister Abelardus" Birdy said softly and in a friendly matter turning her shimmering white eyes to meet his surprisingly soft green one's 

"The pleasure is all mine miss Avicula" he hummed equally softly, with a gentle smile. 

Birdy gave a wider smile before turning in the direction of their hunt. Deer as it would be today, was on the menu... and if birdy had the right hunch she was feeling from before, Abelardus would be in the same eager mood she was in. 

"Please, such formalities arnt necessary, You are more then welcome to call me Birdy" She giggled, enjoying the feel of the bushed against her coat as they entered the forest. The stallion chuckled "Then please feel free to call me as casually as you may wish, Birdy" the stallion tested, smiling when the nickname rolled off his tongue just right for the shorter mare. 

"Hmmm maybe Abel, if you are okay with this of course?" she asked thoughtfully. 

"But of course, call me as you wish" he hummed happily, his muscles tensing a little more under his coat as he began to feel the adrenaline for their hunt. 

Birdy smiled, her once gentle smile turning a little more eagar and smug as they caught the scent of their prey "Deer it is today, my fair Abel, I hope you are prepared" She giggled, transitioning into smooth canter as they got closer to their target. The stallion was beside her just as quickly as she had left him moments ago and his green eyes flashed in excitement and thrill. 

'Never been more so!" he laughed. It took them only a few more minutes and they spotted their pray in a small herd gazing by a river. Birdy shot the stallion a small although still their, feral smirk. One that said to him 'Going straight in, no tactics, time for some fun' And Abel gave a surprised shudder at the look. 

Birdy, came across and a gentle kind soul, he had heard many stories of the innocent mare and how she prided herself in the value of life and others. But even as gentle as she was. A ballator, was a ballator, and instincts needed to be quenched in time's of long overdue delay. He shot back a smirk with an eager nod. He was no different to her. 

Both EB's burst through the bushes, not stopping from their earlier pace and in fact stepping it up a few notches now that they had alerted their prey. Abel gave a snarl as he snapped at one of the stags that had not expect him to be so ruthlessly close and violent within the near 3 seconds they revealed them selves from. It just managed to jump out of his path though and gave a distressed cry as it fled to follow its fear filled pack. 

Only to be separated from hope as soon as Birdy jumped in front of him with her own feral growl, a huge open mouthed snarl curling her lips as she stared int fear filled brown eyes. Her mane's rattled as her nostrils began to fill with bright red blood, her eyes zeroing in on the beast as it made a skip to the left of her and dived into the eastern side of the forest. 

The chase was on. 

Abel Started off on the creature with a renowned vigour and adrenaline boost, his teeth snapping happily as he shot after the panicked stag. He had caught up surprisingly quickly with birdy just shy of the creature on its left, him on it right. The stag cried in fear and horror as the two EB's snapped dangerously close to its coat before they completely boxed in the beast. It thrashed against their crushing forms, but gave a strangled gurgle when Abel sank his teeth into its throat and Birdy sinking her own carnivorous teeth into the base of its neck and top of it shoulder. 

It collapsed almost instantaneously, Abel twisting in just the right way so that when it his the ground it pinned the stag to the dusty ground with his knees and body weight. Birdy practically body slammed the poor thing into the ground where she sat heavily to stop its useless and weak struggling. The two held on tight in patience not many a ballator owned, before the beast finally let it life be drained away, its eyes closing slowly as it finally passed.

The two carefully removed themselves off the beast, and after some gentle barter the two decided to take the first bite together, enjoying the silence and obvious victory in the hunt. After enjoying a solid meal, the two took back what ever remains they could and cleaned off in the river that they passed on the way in. Because of course as vicious as they had been, they weren't monsters, not by any standards, Besides the water was pure bliss, removing the red stains of blood was always a nice feeling too. When the finally hoped out and dried to the best of they're abilities they decided with full bellies and a nice atmosphere around them, that it was time to head home on a good note, Besides:

Hunting with Abel had been nice 

As had Hunting with Birdy. 

The two hoped as the enjoyed a friendly laugh on the way home to their owners

That they would be able to hunt again. 

The two where a forced to be wrecked with on a hunt but out side of hunting they where as normal as could be. But as the saying goes;

'Its the Nice one's you have to watch out for"
Ballator(s) Pictured: GWS 990 Abelardus AND 583 Avicula
Item(s) or Companions Used: Dog companion (583 Avicula)
Region:  Americas
Object Being hunted: Pelts/ Antlers  / White tail deer 
Link to Hunting Tracker: BrandonLeffer's Hunting Tracker AND WOLFCUB HUNTING TRACKER

Word count: 1,631
Stat count: +8 story +2 extra character 

(+1 speed for birdy +2 Intelligence for birdy) USE OF COMPAION Adds +1 Speed and +2 Intelligence to the assigned Ballator

990 Abelardus = + 10 stats 
583 Avicula = +13 stats 

Breeding slot payment complete <3
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