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Light and Dark

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Me and my cousin.
Light: Emma. bubbly, air-headed, blonde, blue-eyed, tanned, perfect skin + hair, surfy, acoustic, parties, thin, straight.
Dark: Jess, withdrawn, deep thinker, brown haired, hazel eyed, regular skin, frizzy hair, rock music, Alternative, regular size, Pansexual.

works i guess C:
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You're so cute both of you :lol:
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aw thank you babeh!
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thats a great photo of both of you! you're gorgeous =)
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nyaw thank you immy!!
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you are bothe very beautiful :)
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Heh, not too bad looking. *pet pet* Hmmm...pansexual. I swear the only place I have seen that defined is here on DA. Don't fret though, I would actually classify my self as thus.
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ive seen it on dating sites. lol its a very good term coz i wouldnt call myself gay or even bi. i just happen to like a girl. and its not on looks or sexual preference, its coz of who she is and how she makes me feel when im with her. and i love he for that :D
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YAY! Yeah, my best friend is some one I would date easy if he was more bi/pan and less Mormon. I tend to like the feminine personalities A LOT more. Part of my problem in classifying my self. I am not really sure what gender I am. SO YES! LOVE THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE REGARDLESS OF IF THEY HAVE PENIS OR NOT! =P
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woah 0_0
you are quickly becoming one of my best DA friends
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YEAH! O_O Chloefish likes you a lot too. Scary. =D *pet pet*
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Aww!! i feel so special!! *wolfie grin*
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=3 Yeah! You ish special fish! ^_^ Hey, if you use text messengers I have my prominent ones listed on my user page. I could pass you along to Chloe too. Up to you. Oh, if have skype I can send that to, I like to keep that one private.
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i has skype...? lol
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You both have really cool eyes
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