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Mercenary - Planet Classifications (WIP)
Main Planet Classifications -
 - The wasteland classification of planets are planets that have been made inhospitable by human or natural means after a colony has taken root. Events such as war, or experiments gone wrong can result in the planet being made inhospitable.
 -Those destroyed by war often hold high radiation zones where radioactive fuel has been dumped, or are the result of weapons being discharged. The radiation, along with some chemical weaponry have resulted in some species being mutated, making horryfying creations that can cause havoc on those who still live on the planets surface.  
  - Those destroyed by experiments were done unintentionanly, these experiments ranged from terraforming expreiments which lead to unstable conditions, or power projects that destroyed large chunks of the land.
 - The natual means are often caused by lack of resources after colonisation. This could be anything from tree's to the weather. The planets were
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Mark Cruiser V1 back by Wolfclaw114 Mark Cruiser V1 back :iconwolfclaw114:Wolfclaw114 0 0 Vila Family Crest V3 by Wolfclaw114 Vila Family Crest V3 :iconwolfclaw114:Wolfclaw114 1 1 Vila's family crest v1 wip by Wolfclaw114 Vila's family crest v1 wip :iconwolfclaw114:Wolfclaw114 0 0 Vila's family crest WIP by Wolfclaw114 Vila's family crest WIP :iconwolfclaw114:Wolfclaw114 0 0
Mercenary - Types of AI (WIP)
- Ancient
Ancient AI are one of the rarest types of Artificial Intelligence, They were made, thousands of years ago by an unnamed race but are however the strongest type of AI yet created or found. They adapt swiftly to any system or language making them prime AI for many jobs, from general city control to military cruisers. Unlike other AI however, the Ancient AI seems more like a person, more natural than any artificial intelligence out there, it is unknown if they were created, or if they were actual people who chose to become AI. They are often found in ruins of ships buried deep in the ground, or floating in wreckage's in space.
- Shipboard
Shipboard AI's are specifically used when it comes to controlling the functions of a Cruiser or frigate within space. They are advanced AI with high security measures and a learning system so they can adapt to any type of hack that may try to take over or virus that may wish to damage their systems. These AI often display themselves through pro
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Mercenary - Factions WIP
- Black market
- Fist of Ion - Ion was one of the few planets humanity failed, turned into a lifeless wasteland. When war engulfed the planet and turned it to dry rock a portion of the military split off creating a rebel group wanting to avenge their home
- UPDF (United Planetary Defence Force)
- Pirates
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Their favourite treat by Wolfclaw114 Their favourite treat :iconwolfclaw114:Wolfclaw114 7 0 Kelentris Roads and Nations by Wolfclaw114 Kelentris Roads and Nations :iconwolfclaw114:Wolfclaw114 4 0 Engal Aile by Wolfclaw114 Engal Aile :iconwolfclaw114:Wolfclaw114 2 0 Kelentris - Acier Terra WIP by Wolfclaw114 Kelentris - Acier Terra WIP :iconwolfclaw114:Wolfclaw114 1 0 Kelentris. Need help for country or region names by Wolfclaw114 Kelentris. Need help for country or region names :iconwolfclaw114:Wolfclaw114 3 0 Kelentris Map V2 by Wolfclaw114 Kelentris Map V2 :iconwolfclaw114:Wolfclaw114 2 0
The Naga's Child| Chapter 3 - The Accident (WIP)
The years passed and Vila and the child became close, he thought of her as his mother and stayed close to her most of the time, cuddling up to her tail whenever he was scared. It was morning, the sky shined bright lighting up the forest and they were going outside. the child walked alongside Vila as they walked into the opening field near their house. pulling out a knife made from bone and wood she gave it to the child as they had recently started hunting together, the child having seen her consume large prey now and wasn't afraid of it.
"Now remember, when we are done hunting give it back to me, i dont want you getting hurt by it now" she smiled, the child was 9 years old at this point. He nodded at her telling her he understood as he grabbed the knife and put it in a safe holster made from leather that Vila crafted from some of the old boots of the camps she scared off throughout the years.
Seeing that he was ready she started to slither into the tree's, her sight looking around for
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The Naga's Child|Chapter 2 - The Waking Child
The night passed and for hours Vila was gently lying on her front, resting on her coils, her gaze to the side watching the child sleep peacefully in her tails hold, her hands brushed her scales as she stroked her long tail as she waited for him to wake. During the night the child had gotten a hold of Vila's tail end, starting to suck on it as if he wanted milk or as if it was a pacifier, it was a cute sight to watch and Vila could only smile watching the young child, slowly the sucking stopped as the Childs arm stretched out into the air and he rolled onto his back, his other arm firmly holding the plushie which was his only possession other than the clothes on his back. His eyes slowly opened to see the ceiling of the cave, he sat up slowly.
"Mom?" was the first word he spoke that morning, and it hurt to hear since Vila knew he would be disappointed, that his nightmare was real. She sat her upper half up and leaned over him.
"Why hello sleepy head" she said with a motherly smile, want
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The Naga's Child| Chapter 1 - A Worrying Cry
As the stars shined bright and the moon overlooked the earth the night was peaceful and beautiful, the night sky not hindered by the lights of man as it watched over the forest , the light shimmering off the rippling water as hands pulled out of it slowly, pulling out a fish who's scales shined colourfully in the moonlight that brushed its skin. Slowly it was put into a basket beautifully crafted with thatch from the forest that was filled with a collection of fish, exposed to the night sky the scales glowed silver as if they were ghosts but the shining stopped as a lid was softly placed on top, silently not damaging the silence that surrounded it. Picking it up was a woman, their long black hair flowed in the wind and as the star's gazed upon it the tint of purple could be seen at the tips slowly fading into the blackness that surrounded the forest floor. Her eyes were sharp and were a defined purple that slightly glimmered  in the darkness around, her upper half was well fit, so
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Projects - 
- Fantasy 
      - Kelentris, a world of magic and ruins

- Sci fi 
      - The Mercenary, The adventure of a Mercenary finding a hidden species

- Characters
  - Naga characters - Vila
  - Humans - Tred, Mark, Chel, Rena, Nova


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