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Hello, I would like to announcement that I post my full comics - Wolf Brothers on Webtoon and Tapastic. if you love to see update, please subscribing my works and support on my Patreon, okay? Thank you! :w00t:

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Hiya, everyone. I'm here to announce that my new website: Wolf Brothers :dance: Characters (Got spoilers), Comic, Gallery, Animation, Photo, Music, Shop, Contact... (Except I'm still working on Fanarts and Portfolio) I add some old arts that you've never seen it before from my DA gallery, including GiD works :blush:

Anyway, feel free to explore my website and enjoy it =D
Hey, y'all. I don't know how many of you are reading my Wolf Brothers fanfic, The Wolf Girl, but I am in need of some assistance. I'm looking for the best way to get Raine's claustrophobia* out in the open. Some way to reveal it to the boys and to lead up to her explaining why she has it. I had a couple ideas, which I'll list as options in a moment, but I'm also looking for suggestions and feedback on timing the big reveal. Care to help a girl out?

*For those who don't know what this phobia is and you don't feel like looking it up in either Raine's bio or online, claustrophobia is the fear of small, enclosed spaces. I suffer from it personally.

Ideas I had:

1. Raine is training with the boys again when they make the mistake of dog-piling her in a way that greatly restricts movement (in either form).

2. Raine is ambushed by humans in Rolf while in wolf form, leading to movement restriction. (Think about it, there's got to be a few teens being typical jerks in the village). They're discovered by Carlos (or either of the other two) and he finds out that way.

3. The enemy (who I'm also struggling to come up with) makes his/her/its appearance for the first time and the boys discover Raine's weakness that way.

Just tell me which you like better OR you can submit your own idea. I'm afraid I can't really reward you for this beyond using your idea in the story.
Hihi, it's been a year since my script editor buddy Erix19's journal (WB3 Project Idea) -->… =D Anyway, I just update some edit on our group page - rules, folders, new manga books links, animations... (if you already saw them from my DA account)

For new members, Really thank you so much for join our club. :hug: :heart: It was nice to see many fans loves it :blush: Well, I see some leaves from our group, that's okay... :aww: Since you knew i'm very busy as 2 years+ Animator of TV animation company - Korean Anime - Ddung-Dee and Malaysia anime: Rose and Roy: Journey to the Past/Robot World and very slow progress on my personal arts :faint: .... I'll do my best to make WB/WR manga pages or animation when I have free time. You can look at my twitter account (from above) that I always update of my WB/WR works. :w00t:

That's all, (no need comment if you like) and ciao! :wave:
Ello, fans! Founder Erix here! I'm going to start compiling ideas for the planned WB3 manga that should be following on the heels of the current project, WB2. The WB3 project will detail how Carlos gets a girlfriend, since both Travis and Fred have girlfriends. I'm under the impression that Krys may put me in charge of the story, at least partially, so I would like some ideas of what should go on. Like who the enemy is, should Raine and Carlos meet the way I wrote in that long ago contest entry, that sort of stuff. I know that Krys has some ideas herself but I'm not privy to them at the moment since she's busy with both work and WB2. I'm going to take any ideas you guys have and put them into a deviation so I have them for future reference. Not all ideas will be used obviously but it'll nice to see if Krys and I can fit them into the story somehow.

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This is a story about a demon named Khoval, the wolf-man who saved the human race from his own kind and lived as their protector in a small village a long time ago. But there was another village where humans lived had a mysterious case about the missing children, which needed Khoval's help. He couldn't leave his village because some demons would show up and attack again in his absence, so he sends his twin sons, Travis and Carlos, both were half-wolves and half-humans, to take over his place and they were also known as "Wolf Brothers".

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