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Now before anyone gets offended, lemme at least say my side.
If people are allowed to have headcannons of different characters (Straight, Bi, Gay, Lesbian, ect.) involving their sexualities and what not, than so am I. I mean, it's a free country right? (Depending on where you live that is. XD)

Now look, I don't do this normally with gay characters, when it comes to them, I usually just leave em be and never pay them any mind.

But in the case of Soldier-76's sudden reveal that as I've said in a status post and a previous upload. It feels more like it's Pandering for Money, rather than to just throw in a new character who is gay.

Yes, the creator has stated that Soldier-76 is gay, but since when has that stopped people from having their own headcannons?

Since I had the headcannon of Soldier-76 being Straight ever since he first showed up, I'm sticking to it now and forever.

Now I know this headcannon will never actually happen, I can accept that. But that doesn't mean I can't have fun with my headcannon anyway. XD

Hell I now have a funny head cannon that Bastion Identifies as a Coffee Machine.

Deadpool - Hi You can thank Me for that one, managed to hack the big guy's CPU and now he identifies as a coffee machine.

Me: How'd did YOU manage to hack a robot?

Deadpool icon You Dare Assume I'm Stupid!

Me: Oooh Trust me Wade, no one has to assume That. XD

Deadpool - Crying Yer Mean.

Me: Yeah and Your Annoying!

Deadpool - Eyebrows Aww ya know ya love me.

Me: Go away.

Deadpool Pose Come on! Admit It!

Me: (Takes out Anti-Deadpool Frying pan and whacks Wade upside the skull with it leaving a nice pan shaped indent on his head.) That should keep him out for at least a few minutes.

Deadpool - Dizzy Bfakdifhwoeihahdklsdfklwoeiyt2difnaodih3047hdlaljf

Me: 0.o (Looks at the pan.) Huh, must be one of those stronger ones.

On the bright side though, Bastion makes a good cup of coffee...so long as he doesn't have a War Flashback, other wise duck and cover.

One other thing to think of when it comes to these types of headcannons, think of them as Alternate Universes.

Best examples of this would be Colossus from The Ultimate and Main Marvel Universes.

Main Marvel Universe, Universe 616 is Straight, Ultimate Marvel Universe is Gay.

Another example.

Captain Cold from DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Main Arrowverse he was straight (It's believed to be anyway, he did kiss the White Canary and had feelings for her or was developing some for her before his death.) and then his Earth-X version was gay.

So think of my headcannon, Not as an offensive opinion you'd rather see flushed down the toilet after taking a bad shit, but as an alternate universe where someone else can be happy. :D

OR in simple terms and in the words of a wise man.

"I Reject Your Reality and Substitute My Own."

That better? XD

Deadpool - Hi Hi again! BTW Wolfy, you are aware you misspelled Headcanon right?

Me: yes Wade, Yes I am.

Marvel Gif  Deadpool You gonna do anything about it?

Me: Maybe later.

DeadPool clapping icon You do you boo.

Me: (Whacks Wade again with the pan.)

Deadpool - Dizzy Why you do that?

Me: You called Me Boo, that and whacking you is fun. (Whacks him again.)




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The change was completely sudden, yes it did came off as pandering.
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Glad I ain't the only one who thinks so.

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I have no exact problems with lgbt characters, hell I even tend to make some as well but there literally was no indication with Soldier 76. There wasn't any build up, no reference on any partners of his, and honestly if Soldier 76 was really gay than he could have easily been revealed ever since the gane been started like Tracer. I have zero problem with Tracer revealed because it actually felt natural, and they honestly mention her girlfriends, while Soldier on the other hand was definitely a lazy cash grab. But oh well we can't really do anything now, the deed is now done.
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Personally, I feel the reason it's so easy to label establish characters as a sexuality is that creators never have to state that a straight character is in fact straight. Audiences just assume they are because that is the default for a lot of people. Even characters in established relationships with the same/opposite sex can still be bisexual. Shipping headcanons have and always will be a a vast collection of different expressions. A variety to keep things interesting.

Jack being gay doesn't automatically negate possible shipping targets. For example I ship him with Reaper, however I also really like Mercy76 as well.

As for the "pandering" I highly disagree. Representation is not pandering.

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That's very true and well put. ^^ Glad to get some more sensible comments on this stamp.

Eeeh depends on the situation but I suppose it isn't.

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The idea shipping a canonically gay character in a straight pairing is all in fun just as shipping anyone else. I have never, nor will I ever, accuse someone just because that someone likes a gay character with the opposite sex. That's why canon is canon and fanon is fanon.

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You're welcome.


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"I reject your reality and substitute my own."
If we don't like official canon, this is where headcanon comes in.

As for your headcanon, do whatever you wish. I didn't mind Soldier-76's sexual orientation as he is a badass in Overwatch.
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Because we both agree on that saying.
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Wait, reading the description how is making him gay pandering for money? Doesn't make sense
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A lot of people think that them making 76 gay was to take the heat off the Hong Kong controversy that was going on the same time they announced it. 

If it was intentional or not, him being gay is p cool 
WOLFBLADE111's avatar
Attracts a wider audience.
ciyd47's avatar
Does it? I mean I guess I can kinda see it but, if someone played overwatch just because soldier was gay, they wasted money
WOLFBLADE111's avatar
I wouldn't be surprised if that happened.
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I don't care if someone turns a gay character straight.
After all I've turned a few straight characters gay in my fanfics.  I would be a major hypocrite if I complain about the reverse.
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(Just a little advice Click The Reply Button underneath your icon in order to talk to someone properly without having to leave a new comment every single time.)

I see.
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On the other hand , now you know how rabid yaoi fangirls  and gay men feel when the creator turns their favorite characters straight or when their pairing isn't made canon.
WOLFBLADE111's avatar
And that's supposed to make me feel sorry for them? They have every right to write and make their own stories and headcanons.

I have that same right do I not? Or. Does having Rights for Straight people no longer apply to this world of ours.
dfffhtfvhgfd's avatar
I wasn't trying to make u feel sorry for yaoi fans.
I was just pointing out you aren't so different than the yaoi fans

You have the right to make your headcanons just as yaoi fans have their right.

Of course having rights still applies to straight people. Nobody is going to oppress the straights.
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