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Create Your Own Video Game Meme

Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen to another Meme I have created and this time it's for your own video game as the title so clearly says. Anyway if anyone asks yes this was inspired by this one… as you can see there are some undeniable relations to the other only real differences are that this one is bigger and has some extra slots and it should be noted that I'm not trying to steal anything from that one I just made this one here for fun.

Anyway on to the explanations first off you can name this baby what ever you want just put it under the title of the meme and there you go first part done next up.

Primary / Playable Characters.

Aka The Heroes of the game it's pretty obvious as to what goes here just put whichever characters from any genre into the slots and wham there you go oh and before I forget you probably saw the two large slots well those are where you put your main Hero/Villain they can even be your own OC's if you want.

The Maps / Worlds.

Here you can put a total of 6 maps here and they can be any map you want so go nuts!.

DLC content Characters / Maps.

Here you can put a total of 12 characters in the slots and they can be a combination of Heroes & Villains and you also get a total of 2 extra maps so there ya go.

Primary / Playable Villains.

Now this one is a twist for this kinda game you can play both sides Heroes & Villains and in case your wondering why there a whole bunch of slots around the big slot for the villains those are for the boss villains like the ones you would fight at the end of a dungeon and there are also 2 extra DLC villains for those two maps over on the previous slot.

Well I hope that explained everything to you so please go make your own game and have fun oh and when your done be sure to show me what you've created I would like to see so with that I hope you all have an awesome day and see ya guys later. :D :D :D
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No need to ask, just use it as you like and give credit that's all I ask in return. Sheesh.

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So what'd ya make this with photo shop or anything else?

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hm...i could try this as a concept

And then, someone else could make it

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but i am not just using this for Video Games, but rather my Stories in General

Like...Anime-esc Stories

But im not sure how i use DLC in this. Like, OVA?

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I suppose. XD

Mind If I downloaded this please?
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Actually, I have a few questions :
1. Is it okay that I put the heroes/villains less than the slot provided (in this case, I don't put heroes/villains in all slot)?
2. Does the DLC section also included some DLC skins like some games?
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Thanks for the answer, Wolf!
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how do I make it?
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Just copy and paste images into the squares and your good. You'd need something like Photoshop or MS Paint to do it though.
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Three questions.

1. Can it be a crossover video game?
2. Is it optional not to include many villains?
3. Are you allowed to add different species of animals as main characters and different worlds on the maps?
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1: Yes of course.
2: It is optional.
3: Eh sure go for it.
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All three. Yay! Thank you mate.
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