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Uhhh hi

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It's been a while. How're you all? Anyway, I still do art. You can find me on Instagram mainly:

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How long has it been since I updated this? Probably forever.

I'm still alive and kicking. Haven't been drawing much because my tablet pen is shot and I can't quite afford a new one just yet. Graduated college and started working. Doing NaNoWriMo this month. Obsessiong over video games.

All in all, I'm ok :)

Thanks to everyone who still occasionally leaves comments and likes my stuff. Sorry I'm so inactive. You're all awesome <3
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Life Update

2 min read
My life is stressful right now. I want to complain, but then I remember I'm not a pretty pretty princess snowflake and I suck it up, because things could be going a lot worse *knockonwood*. I was feeling really sorry for myself for a while, but then I just got really tired of listening to myself cry about things that were out of my control. At least most of the stress in my life is either secretly good for me, or something I'm capable of handling.

I'm trying to move to a new city all on my lonesome, on pretty much less money than it takes to buy a burrito in some places. This is my first time living on my own, and it's going to be.... interesting. Come fall, I'll be a full time student with one job and looking for another. Art has, sadly, proven to be a bit of a dead end in the revenue area, so sadly it's going to have to take a back seat to, you know, living. Not that I'm quitting, I just want to make it clear for the four or five people that actually might wonder why I've stopped posting things, or why the webcomic is going to be very irregularly updated for a while.

I'm upset about this. I'm already antsy because I haven't been able to draw as much. But hopefully things will work out. I'm going apartment hunting again on Thursday, so if you're so inclined, I'd heartily appreciate any well wishes or crossed fingers you could spare my way, because I'm really hoping I can actually get my own place before the semester starts, otherwise everything's going to get 10 times more stressful and pressurized very quickly.

Diving into life. Time to brace myself. Here goes.
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Simplified prices:
:bulletred: Chibis and sketches starts at $5
:bulletgreen: Lineart and custom adoptables starts at $10
:bulletblue: Grayscale & monochrome lineart starts at $15
:bulletpurple: Color lineart starts at $20

Prices vary upon complexity and type. Examples coming soon (until then, please check out my gallery).
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So I grabbed this from the awesome milqo.

The idea is that I will feature three of my favorite pieces from the galleries of the first 8 people to leave a comment.

The CATCH is that you have to turn around and post the same offer on your journal, and start the list off with ME and three pieces you like from MY gallery. So you actually end up featuring nine.

The idea isn't get get a free feature, but to help spread the art around for everybody involved. It's a great excuse to go gallery diving and maybe discover new art, so it's a lot of fun!

So since I grabbed it from milqo they get the first slot :D

1. :iconmilqo:

Gaia commission - lisa by milqo Prince Piperr by milqo I Wish To Be A Fish. by milqo

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