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Neo with Torchwick's Hat (WIP) by WolfAmongRosesHB Neo with Torchwick's Hat (WIP) :iconwolfamongroseshb:WolfAmongRosesHB 26 12 Vega the Badger Anthro (REQUEST) by WolfAmongRosesHB Vega the Badger Anthro (REQUEST) :iconwolfamongroseshb:WolfAmongRosesHB 9 4 NankaXG-Man (wedding dress scenario) by WolfAmongRosesHB NankaXG-Man (wedding dress scenario) :iconwolfamongroseshb:WolfAmongRosesHB 19 12
Chapter 4: I Choose You... Human?!
H.B's zigzagoon, Rocket, darted through the grass at blinding speeds. The world was open to her now, she'd found herself a trainer who planned to travel across Hoenn and Rocket was excited for the journey ahead of her. So much so, that she'd rushed ahead of her trainer in search of new pokemon friends and had completely forgotten her trainer now existed as she ran cheerfully through the grass of route 103. Rocket was lost in thought as she tended to as she ran about, she wondered about the kinds of pokemon she'd meet. The zigzagoon had spent much of her life running about thinking about all sorts of things, though this habit made other pokemon think she was air-headed.
Living on route 101, No pokemon would actively seek her out to play as many found her constant ramming into rocks and other objects rather strange and didn't want to associate themselves with a pokemon that was weird. Much of Rocket's childhood consisted of her finding other ways to entertain herself through her imaginat
:iconwolfamongroseshb:WolfAmongRosesHB 6 51
Realistic Mr Mime Discord Emote by WolfAmongRosesHB Realistic Mr Mime Discord Emote :iconwolfamongroseshb:WolfAmongRosesHB 14 52 Mercury Black by WolfAmongRosesHB Mercury Black :iconwolfamongroseshb:WolfAmongRosesHB 14 4
Chapter 3: Rocks Aren't for Headbutting!
Brendan had handed her some pokeballs, but to her they felt more like a death sentence. H.B was transfixed on his white curly hair. Wait he doesn't have white hair, that's his hat right? She shook her head, blinked several times and stared at it some more. No, this time it really was his hair. Her attention shifted to the large maroon rose right above his forehead. She must have zoned out because he was now talking to her.
"...And may the odds be never in your favour," he finished as he looked at her seriously, before smacking his red lips together and clicking away in his high heels.
"The heck are you wearing Brendan?!" She yelled after him, but he continued on without looking back at her.
The sound still echoed in her ears as she woke up from her afternoon nap. She groaned as she rolled over in her bed. It hadn't happened like that, she thought as she remembered the odd attire Brendan had been in her dream. He'd been dressed as Effie from the Hunger Games, though fittin
:iconwolfamongroseshb:WolfAmongRosesHB 6 5
Chapter 2: The Nuzlocke Begins...
"Hey Nugget, how about we have a little break?" H.B asked her pokemon partner. "Chiiic!" Nugget the torchic enthusiastically nodded his head. He was more than happy to oblige after a few tiring battles. H.B squatted down in front of Nugget, looking at him thoughtfully before gently poking his beak. He flinched at the touch and took a quick step backwards. She sighed, "You're really jumpy for a pokemon. Is it because you're worried about being in a nuzlocke?" The torchic nodded silently. "You know I won't let anything happen to you right?" She said softly. "Iiic..." Nugget couldn't look his new trainer in her eyes. He settled for focusing his attention on a nearby pebble on the dirt path instead. It wasn't that he didn't want to trust his trainer, but the idea of a nuzlocke terrified him and it frightened him more knowing it's what his trainer wanted. What if he couldn't keep up with the training she put him through? What if he...What if he died?  He didn't know much about his new
:iconwolfamongroseshb:WolfAmongRosesHB 9 8
Chapter 1: Who to Choose?
A brief description before beginning this story:
Originally this was posted almost daily to miiverse as a playthrough of an Alpha Sapphire (AS) nuzlocke that I decided to do after never being able to bother finishing the game. I had a habit of getting bored and then restarting the save file. Doing a nuzlocke, drawing my random thoughts, creating characters for each of the pokemon caught as well as adding in past O.Cs while playing the game seemed like a good idea to keep me interested and motivated to finish the game. Some of it was also based around responses of those who commented, such as which pokemon should I keep on the team, who should I train for a gym or if anyone wanted to give eggs for the purpose of one of the rules I chose to follow (though in the first two instances it rarely occurred unless I couldn't decide myself). So with that in mind, this story is the product of my easily bored mind trying to scrape together what was left of my motivation to actually finish t
:iconwolfamongroseshb:WolfAmongRosesHB 9 15
Chajaw (fakemon) by WolfAmongRosesHB Chajaw (fakemon) :iconwolfamongroseshb:WolfAmongRosesHB 11 11 Kamala Khan (Lineless) by WolfAmongRosesHB Kamala Khan (Lineless) :iconwolfamongroseshb:WolfAmongRosesHB 7 4 Joshcario and Gary (O.C sketch request) by WolfAmongRosesHB Joshcario and Gary (O.C sketch request) :iconwolfamongroseshb:WolfAmongRosesHB 14 3 Flint the Time Detective by WolfAmongRosesHB Flint the Time Detective :iconwolfamongroseshb:WolfAmongRosesHB 9 27 Dabi Sketch (BnHA) by WolfAmongRosesHB Dabi Sketch (BnHA) :iconwolfamongroseshb:WolfAmongRosesHB 28 53 Eraserhead from Boku no Hero Academia (WIP) by WolfAmongRosesHB Eraserhead from Boku no Hero Academia (WIP) :iconwolfamongroseshb:WolfAmongRosesHB 20 7 Tapu Fini Gijinka (concept sketch-WIP) by WolfAmongRosesHB Tapu Fini Gijinka (concept sketch-WIP) :iconwolfamongroseshb:WolfAmongRosesHB 17 10


Cave Lizards by Moondarkspirit Cave Lizards :iconmoondarkspirit:Moondarkspirit 4 0 Happy birthday, H.B! by Moondarkspirit Happy birthday, H.B! :iconmoondarkspirit:Moondarkspirit 5 4 Wall of Wishes by Lidiash Wall of Wishes :iconlidiash:Lidiash 256 35
Give me a chance
The darkest rooms,
And the deafening silence.
This will be my tomb,
Undisturbed forever.
A mystery to everyone,
I could've been someone.
But I got to face the facts.
You turned your back,
When I needed you the most.
If I lack,
Any love towards you.
Remember that cause now I'm gone.
What happened to me,
I used to exist in your eyes.
Someone with worth and dreams,
Can anyone hear my cries.
Watch it rain,
I'll never come again.
This is my reckoning,
You left me on my own.
Underneath the waves,
Watch me twist inside,
My new watery grave.
Where no-one will delve,
Pain though blows,
You inflict yourself.
This wouldn't be possible,
Without the fear.
I hope you remember,
In your dying years.
I could've had a life.
What happened to me,
I used to exist in your eyes.
Someone with worth and dreams,
Can anyone hear my cries.
Watch it rain,
I'll never come again.
This is my reckoning,
You left me on my own.
:icontheemberflamewolf:TheEmberFlameWolf 2 3
Corrin and Marx by RayDango Corrin and Marx :iconraydango:RayDango 436 62
To Be Commissioned Raffle 2019 - Closed!

Raffle To Be Commissioned 2018 Artwork by 3kkio! :icon3kkio:
  Welcome to all DeviantART users who have happened to of stumbled upon this journal entry; I am Souldin of the Grin Brothers and this here is my unique To Be Commissioned raffle for artists.
So what makes this raffle unique? Well in most raffle cases here on DeviantART, the raffle host is an artist who will draw an artwork for the winner of a raffle. This here is more of an opposite case wherein I will commission an artwork from the raffle winning artist, naturally paying them of course and throwing a bit of a tip on top.
That is not the only factor making thi
:iconsould1n:Sould1n 2 67
On to a new year!
So, 2018 comes to an end, as we take our steps in to the start of 2019!
I just really wanted to thank those that have supported me through out this year, no matter how big or small it was, no matter if you have been here for some time, or just started following. It is always appreciated!
So anyways, my 2018...
I honestly can't say much went on. Most of the year was spent working and being exhausted when I was not working. I did get to spend a week in Scotland, which was awesome! I would totally go again!! ^ ^. But yeah... Most of the year was spent in a live to work attitude, and in hindsight, I hate it. It's not worth it. Work to live by all means, but please don't burn yourself out to the point where while you have the money and experience, you have little time to have fun. And that is the attitude I'll be taking in to this year. To live how I want. It's time Lunar had some fun too.
As for art. This year marks one of the largest shifts with things. Adopting the use of an iPad to draw
:iconlunar-kuto:Lunar-Kuto 2 4
Year End Summary and 6 months I've been on DA
Yes, it has been only 6 months. :)

In 6 months I've met many people, and it's weird to realize that some are not even active anymore. But I kept on meeting new people and I can't even compile words to fully express how wonderful all of you are. 
When I started 6 moths ago, I wasn't in a good place artistically and mentally, and of course I had many doubts. As someone who hid own original works for so long and grew attached to it, it was scary to present them to the world. I had an enormous support from my dears : MurzikKateHvostiknorki and Voron, who are my friends and we work together to this day. Still, 6 months back uploading first pieces made me very nervous.
Worst case scenario wasn't one where everybody hated it, but where everybody didn't care.
It wasn't the case. People
:iconlidiash:Lidiash 11 44
2018 Summary
My summary of art 2018.
I made 2 versions
The only Corrins version,because I drawn a lot of her this yearCorrin Kamui Icon Happy :

And the regular one(but Corrin still makes appearance in 5 drawings...Corrin Kamui Icon Silly ):

Personally was a good year.
Thanks everyone!!
Happy 2019!!
:iconraydango:RayDango 11 8
Chainsawed by RayDango Chainsawed :iconraydango:RayDango 295 25 Robin Unleashed by RayDango Robin Unleashed :iconraydango:RayDango 391 23 -The Cloud- by RiEile -The Cloud- :iconrieile:RiEile 243 35 Looking for a trouble by Lidiash Looking for a trouble :iconlidiash:Lidiash 311 54 Dropping in to the new year by Lunar-Kuto Dropping in to the new year :iconlunar-kuto:Lunar-Kuto 19 3 Dropping in by Lunar-Kuto Dropping in :iconlunar-kuto:Lunar-Kuto 5 0 Princess Peach - Summer Dress (Colored Sketch) by chocomiru02 Princess Peach - Summer Dress (Colored Sketch) :iconchocomiru02:chocomiru02 368 5



Absolutely love everything about this piece. Usually I'd point out both the strengths and weaknesses in a piece but honestly I can't fi...

I quite like the colour in this piece as well as the detail you've given to D.Va's outfit to keep it as accurate as possible. She's eas...

Very cute bellossom fan art! Easily recognisable as a bellossom keeping to its original design. I also like how bright and colourful yo...

I've seen a lot of various interpretations of this evolution that never made it into the games, and this is absolutely amazing. It real...



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Artist | Varied
Hey I'm H.B! Here's a few things about me:

- I love anime/manga, gaming and reading so feel free to chat to me anytime about any of those or check out my gallery for fan art of series I enjoy and whatnot n_n
- Some of my favourite things include: FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Pokemon, The Brothers Grimm Fairytales and many more :V
- I mostly draw digital art, but I will occasionally do traditional sketches and some literature

Much appreciated if you use my art for anything to ask first or in the very least credit me, thank you n_n Though on that note, please don't use my O.Cs for anything.

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~Social stuff~
Miiverse: WolfAmongRoses
Twitter: Sweet_Psycho_HB


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