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FNaF:SL - Baby ''sketches''



So yeah fnaf and all that, I wasn't really that much excited about it, but once it came out I got super hyped :D
Baby is my favorite animatronic (suprisingly o.o) I mean I really like her voice, y'know? Also, I'm not really satisfied with what you see here (not like anyone cares) cuz I really think I can do better that that, wich is why I think I'm gonna try drawing her again. Also (again) I'm planning on drawing the rest of Sister Location's animatronics as well, and maaaaaybe I'll draw animatronics from previous games, since I want to see how they will look like now after so much time. I guess you could see, how shitty of an artist I was just a year ago >:I
Also that BB's like: HERE COM DAT BOI

Guess who just realised they've named the picture "FNiaf" :D
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Nobody insults baby