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She Said She's Fine, So It Must Be True
Porcelain wrapped in silken ebony,
Eyes as blue as the adventurous seas,
With lips tainted red like the setting sun,
And hair as dark and long as winter nights.

' I don't know what words I can say ,
Her beauty is the softest of gestures,
Grace adorned with sharp lines and supple curves,
As fluid as a petal in a pond.

' Your tears have a way to talk to me ,
Nothing can ever compare to her voice,
It is a mixture of the first spring rain,
The crashing waves over an embankment,
The caressing silence before a storm.

' They say that you are drowning in the rain ,
A voice that could raise the dead from their graves.
The kind of sound that chills you to the bone,
While it enraptures you with honeyed words.

' Despite the smile that adorns your face ,
She is the precision of perfection,
As soft-spoken as the leaves in the trees,
As flawless as the snow atop mountains.
An unmarred canvas atop an easel.

' I should have seen your pai
:iconwolf-sol:Wolf-Sol 2 0
The Girl by the Window
She could always be found sitting on the sill of a large window tucked away in the corner of her study. It overlooked a canal that bustled with ornate gondolas and beautiful parasols. Her hair would often be in a bun, a hand lazily running through it as she fingered a thick novel or tapped away at a keyboard. Even now as she bit into her usual pastry, a strawberry filled croissant, she was tapping away at her laptop. The soft click-clack of keys could be heard from the register above the gentle murmur of customers. I preferred it over the obnoxious hum of indie pop music.
Today she wore a soft, gray sweater that continuously slipped off one shoulder. For once her hair was down, honeyed locks spiraled around her slim neck in tendrils, but a hand still, on occasion, sifted through her hair. She'd started coming regularly since last spring. It was routine. She was a regular and everyone at the register had her order known by heart, strawberry filled croissant accompanied with a honeyed bl
:iconwolf-sol:Wolf-Sol 5 3
Immersed in dissonance,
Where sound is endless,warped and deteriorated, frayed.
Words are but echoes, no color or eloquence,
Hollow, repetitive, repetitive, repetitive.
My smile is reflective, deceptive,
Tenderness is fabricated, sentiment a delusion,
It is a remnant, cold shadows and harsh edges,
Outdated truths and fragmented promises,
Where my facade is mimicry,
My voice a siren in the storm.
A fraud with shining eyes,
You speak of emotion yet I am barren,
But I can profess, act and laugh.
The embodiment of deceit, falsehoods and shortcomings.
In this dissonance, in this cacophony,
In this obnoxious void, there is only monotony.
A blank canvas dripping white,
Indifferent, passive, detached,
I cannot feel the cold as you feel,
Love, hate, adoration, sorrow,
I cannot feel as you feel,
For these bones are rigid.
:iconwolf-sol:Wolf-Sol 4 3
Postmortem Snippet
Autumn wind brushes against tendrils of obsidian, caresses bleached, swollen skin, blankets over milked eyes. Crisp, hostile wind that scatters leafy skeletons and immerses the alleyway in a deafening cacophony of whispers.October skies burn overhead, the setting sun painting the narrow walls and grimey concrete in dark burgundies and vibrant crimsons. The red light is kept on a leash, fingers of sunlight being drawn back as the day settles into night.
Light that had been witness to the crime was long gone, nearly three hours ago. Artificial lamps and blinding flashes from cameras look upon the death of naked, twenty-eight year old Runa Lara. A pool of blackened blood, dark and rich from age, is caked underneath the corpse in splatters. Its skin is blistered, a sheen of decay painted over paper-white flesh. The corpse’s eyes are rolled back, the whites staring silently to the left wall, and its joints are forced every which way. Fingers are jaggedly pointing in every direction, a
:iconwolf-sol:Wolf-Sol 5 3
Cubone by Wolf-Sol Cubone :iconwolf-sol:Wolf-Sol 5 1 C.D: Gift for CD-DC by Wolf-Sol C.D: Gift for CD-DC :iconwolf-sol:Wolf-Sol 2 6
Once upon a time, I cared about you.
I heard your agony in the form of broken chords,
Saw your pain in the guise of scars,
Felt your skin as it sunk to bone,
Watched your eyes as the sockets became hollow.
I saw you drowning in turmoil,
Caught between the black and the white,
Struggling among the waves.
And when I reached out to you,
You shackled me to anchors.
And when I called to you,
Your agony was a crescendo,
It overpowered me,
Devoured what was left of me,
Until nothing but sound of a dripping faucet,
Nothing but my strangled breath, 
Nothing but the sound of your lies,
Your false claims,
Your false words,
Your false smiles,
Your false love,
Once upon a time, I cared about you.
I cared about your thoughts and your wisdom,
Your smiles and your tears,
Your love and your hatred,
Your good days and your bad days.
Now, I hope you drown in your sorrows and your regrets.
I want to watch you drown in your sea,
I want to hear your vocal chords spasm,
Corrode and wither,
I w
:iconwolf-sol:Wolf-Sol 3 9
With Desire by Wolf-Sol With Desire :iconwolf-sol:Wolf-Sol 2 2 Wanna Play a Game? by Wolf-Sol
Mature content
Wanna Play a Game? :iconwolf-sol:Wolf-Sol 2 0
Mature content
Dead Heart - Tails Doll Short :iconwolf-sol:Wolf-Sol 2 1
Statuesque - Legend of Zelda Short
Years of fighting, years of bloodshed, years of turmoil, and years of loss had made his flesh thick and scarred. Within a measly thirty-two years he had seen the death of family, friends, and enemies alike. His muscles were firm, corded, and well developed and his blade had aged, been scuffed, and stained. His face was sharper than ever, his lips thin with the constant heat of combat.
Thirty-two years and already he had seen much more than the sages themselves. His sapphire eyes were never as bright as they had been during his "innocent stage." Innocence… he had left that long ago. Yet it was to be expected for he was a hero; nevertheless, he denied such formalities and appealing praise.
He was no hero, just a statue—a shell of hero.
Every time he removed the blade from its scabbard, every time he added to his victims, and every time he looked into the eyes of the innocent children that dreamed to be him he grew cold. He grew distant. Even now, the queen of Hyrule ba
:iconwolf-sol:Wolf-Sol 9 9
Rust - Bunnie Rabbot Short
What is it? This premonition that the ground beneath her feet will cave in, that the world itself will devour her. A feeling so thick and vulgar that it drains the very color from her eyes, rips
the spine and sinews of shape around her until only one thing remains? It is something that demands attention. It burns through prosthetic veins, eats away at amputated nerves, and pushes her down to the point where there is nothing but the abyss beneath. What is it, this feeling? This great emotion that suffocates her, drowns her in an ocean so great and so wide.
Shh, mon amour . . .
It is a weight against her shoulders. It is the bile in her throat. It is the agonizing throb of her imitating heart, a pain that forces her to grasp her chest; quell the wild beat, calm the untameable push and pull.
It will be all right.
She falls to the floor, metallic knees thudding against the wood, and heaves. The cry is ripped from her forcefully, ears flopping back as she reels back and scream
:iconwolf-sol:Wolf-Sol 5 2
No Excuse
That is enough. There is no going back.
Your actions are vile, your heart expired.
You have no excuse. Every word is deaf, irrational,
Inaudible and wordless.
You are miserable to be around,
Your presence is heavy,
Your gaze cold and judgemental.
You are manipulative,
You are destructive.
Your shadow darkens a room,
Your smile darkness the day.
A reflection of selfishness,
The remnants of something ugly,
Not a hero, but a villain.
You are monstrous.
You are conscience,
Sound and harsh, a crippled reality,
A tidal wave, an omen,
You bring out the worst in everything.
A canvas blotted with black, you are hollow,
With an icy heart, and lungs filled to the brim,
Throat burning in denial, tongue coated in defense.
You are a lonely, decrepit thing,
With a venomous opinion,
Unworthy of a name.
You are a lonely, decrepit thing,
You have no excuse.
:iconwolf-sol:Wolf-Sol 6 5
Obscurum 06 - Dark Legend of Zelda Fanfiction
Link lifted his shield up to his chest, its face splattered with blood. There was still the desire to slam the shield over and over on the Hyrulean soldier, but he refrained. Not because he felt guilt, but more or less because he found no need to after the eleventh blow. The soldier, Colin, had been dead by the fourth hit. For a moment Link mused how fun it would have been if Colin had remained in his armor. It would have offered more of a challenge; however, blood was blood. His murderous urges were silent, for now.
He dropped the shield, its face clattered to the floor near the corpse's feet. Without a second glance to his latest victim he turned to reach for his blade on the floor. It too was stained with blood, but he didn't fret over wiping its blackened surface. Instead he found himself marveling at the sight.
Red eyes lifted from the blade and over to the door, "I'm busy." He spoke harshly, his positive act having been damaged by the sudden turn of events. It didn't both
:iconwolf-sol:Wolf-Sol 3 6
Ava Marie
How many souls was it now? Was it 982, or was it 982,345,234,945? Either way, it wasn’t like he kept count of the dead that he sent, and if he did it wasn’t like he did it consciously. It was his job after all—to collect souls and send them to their final judgment—and it was something that needed to be done otherwise the world would fall into utter chaos. However, it didn’t mean that his job was easy from the get-go when he did do his job (there were times when he liked to slack off on collecting). It especially made things difficult when someone wanted to die. Such a want was uncalled for in children, but a girl who went by the name of Ava Marie desired just that.
Now Ava Marie was nothing special. In fact, she was mundanely ordinary; however, it was her smile that gained her individuality. You must understand that her smile did not show until she fell ill. A girl shy of her tenth birthday, Ava Marie was diagnosed with brain cancer. It was thanks to the f
:iconwolf-sol:Wolf-Sol 4 5
Crimson Winters
Winter was always abrupt when she came to Yukon, Canada, but when she did, she left the world blanketed in a silent wonderland of white. Towers of endless evergreen encased in glittering white, the winter breeze doing little to rouse the thick coat of ice and snow that clung to the pine needles. Glacial castles of mountaintops dotted the gray horizon, peaks barely pushing into the morning fog. Waves upon waves of snow flooded and devoured the ground. White puffs, like fluffy cotton balls, lazily invaded the vast White Horse forest. November had been a month of eternal, serene white where the only break of silence was from the snow fall. The wonderland’s white landscape almost seemed as if it were a photograph frozen in time.
Then there was red. An obtrusive, macabre color that darkened the November snow until it was black. It tainted the white, discoloring and melting it until it was grayed slush. The towers of evergreen were splattered with the color, the ice and snow falling fr
:iconwolf-sol:Wolf-Sol 4 2


Moonlight by LeaRicchan Moonlight :iconlearicchan:LeaRicchan 136 21 Mech Pilot - Scifi character and mecha design by TSABER Mech Pilot - Scifi character and mecha design :icontsaber:TSABER 171 2 blessed by moon by Rakimou blessed by moon :iconrakimou:Rakimou 15 0 Yuna by szarancza-a Yuna :iconszarancza-a:szarancza-a 25 0 Cherry by Chevitary Cherry :iconchevitary:Chevitary 37 4
I don't know how to
not be in love, but I've learned
how to be quiet.
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 114 22
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I speak English, but am learning Korean when I have the spare time.
With programming languages, I can read and code in up to 6 languages so far.
I am a nerdy, soulless swine.
It's a pleasure to meet you!


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