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I'm still tryin to get more stuff uploaded here but i wanted to let you all know that some of my moving plans have changed! And some of you may be interested to know that once I move i'd like to invest in a scanner and get a patreon started. On this patreon i'd like to scan everything from all my sketchbooks and have them available in digital pdfs for viewing. I have giant heavy boxes of sketches that never see the light of day so i figure its probably a good thing haha
having a patreon wont stop me from uploading things i already upload, itll just have me uploading high res versions and stuff i wouldnt usually upload bc i feel its insignificant. but yall might like it! just doodles i do on a daily basis. I'd like to do like a monthly sketch raffle too which would be neat.

If you want to see more from me, I am on Tumblr, Twitter and FurAffinity.
Tumblr Twitter FurAffinity

This fund is now less about a goal and more about support! While I am moving out of state to Washington, the funds here are to support me in general, as well as helping with moving expenses. Your donations help me eat, keep the utilities going in my household, take care of my rats, and pay for gas to get to work. Your support will always be appreciated and will not go unnoticed!
For every donation over $10 I will do a sketch of anything you like! (Well, almost anything. We'll discuss it! Contact me at or or )
If you want a direct service, you can contact me on any of my websites and we can discuss a commission and I will be open for them at all times. (patience required as I do have a retail job) keroaart.tumblr.comcommissions click here to see my examples and prices!
Please do not feel obligated to donate much if anything if you do support me, but i appreciate the thought and the gesture of anything! If you cannot support, i completely understand and thank you for even reading my cry for help.
God bless you guys and I hope together we can make life a little easier for me, my pets, and my roommates.
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  • Reading: my own shitty fanfics
  • Watching: my rats be jerks to each other
  • Playing: Fallout: New Vegas
  • Eating: probably smth with potatoes
  • Drinking: booze
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July 2, 2018


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