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Joker and EDI GF style

EDI and Joker in the Gravity Falls style

because i can
and it was fun
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Though I hate the actual show this is based on, I'd pay to watch this every morning.
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whats wrong with gravity falls?
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wow joker looks like a lumber jack
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Caught a clip of Gravity Falls a few days back, and I must say this matches perfectly. Can't wait for more art!
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I just got Mass Effect 2 and I love it so much! Joker, u so funny.
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Yeah, synthetics aren't really much for first impressions...unlike THIS GUY!
*falls off wheelchair*
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that style is awesome very newspaper comic like
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Hah. Hilarious choice of style here. Different from the usual stuff, but it works. Nice job.
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o-o hologram type computer must be mine hahaha
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I love how EDI acts like a smart ass to Joker.
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That looks neat!
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Why don't you kids put some blindfolds on and get in my car!
I've never actually watch that show, but somehow I knew this was drawn in that show's style.
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Dat show
Me gusta mucho :D
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