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Random Favourites

THE HAMMER IS MY PENIS by MooseyDoom THE HAMMER IS MY PENIS :iconmooseydoom:MooseyDoom 4 5
GaTeD: Part 1
Part 1: To White Forest Again
Alyx Vance and Gordon Freeman had just left the auto shop which repaired their car and installed their radar. They recently finished collecting ammo and guns from scattered caches and had killed many zombies in doing so. Currently, they were headed toward a tunnel but before it was a rather peculiar sight. Two young girls, in the middle of the road, were walking at a rather leisurely pace. As the two drove closer to the girls, they turned around and waved happily.
One girl had short, dark purple hair that reached just past her chin but was shorter in the back.  She wore a grey, black and white, V-neck shirt and dark grey jeans. The girl beside her had German-blonde hair with lighter blonde highlights in it. She wore a grey striped shirt and blue jean shorts with a pair of rainbow shoes.
Gordon drove the car up next to the girls, allowing Alyx to speak with them.
"Where are you headed?" she asked.
"Uh, to White Forest?" the purple haired gir
:iconiluv-garysmith-bully:iluv-garysmith-bully 0 0
DUMBLYDORE by ChemicalAlia DUMBLYDORE :iconchemicalalia:ChemicalAlia 137 48 Raz by herman-the-handyman Raz :iconherman-the-handyman:herman-the-handyman 39 19 TF2- Engy's new hat by Mariannefosho TF2- Engy's new hat :iconmariannefosho:Mariannefosho 13 8 Me by GalooGameLady Me :icongaloogamelady:GalooGameLady 9 18 You May Say I'm A Dreamer... by Cadillac-Blood You May Say I'm A Dreamer... :iconcadillac-blood:Cadillac-Blood 338 127 Tf2 SCraaaps by monkeyoo Tf2 SCraaaps :iconmonkeyoo:monkeyoo 100 21 Winged Wolf by Psychopomp16 Winged Wolf :iconpsychopomp16:Psychopomp16 75 24 Oblivion: Justice Prevails by TheMinttu
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Oblivion: Justice Prevails :icontheminttu:TheMinttu 3,543 829
Oblivion: Battle for Bruma by TheMinttu Oblivion: Battle for Bruma :icontheminttu:TheMinttu 1,874 328 Oblivion: Character Creation by TheMinttu Oblivion: Character Creation :icontheminttu:TheMinttu 4,073 910 BIOSHOCK Doooodles by monkeyoo BIOSHOCK Doooodles :iconmonkeyoo:monkeyoo 569 79
GaTeD: Intro Thinger
Julie and Kaela stepped forward into a small, white, circular room. Behind them, the door automatically slid shut. Before them, a section of the wall pulled upward into itself and revealed a large screen. The background of the screen was a dark blue grid and the writing on it was a light green. At the top of the screen it read, 'Step One: Select Game'.
"You wanna do it?" Kaela asked.
"Sure," replied Julie taking a step forward. She reached upward and tapped the H out of the alphabet below the step number. Suddenly, below the alphabet, a list of video game names appeared all starting with the letter H. "Episode Two, right?" Kaela nodded. "You're sure?"
"Yup, I'll do 'Follow Freeman' on my birthday. Then I'll get to see Barney."
Julie turned back to the screen and scrolled down the page to the Half-Life Series. She tapped it and out of the next list she selected Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Now the screen said, 'Step Two: Select Level/Chapter'. A list of levels appeared on the screen wi
:iconiluv-garysmith-bully:iluv-garysmith-bully 1 9
ITS LIKE TOP GUN GONE WRONG by MooseyDoom ITS LIKE TOP GUN GONE WRONG :iconmooseydoom:MooseyDoom 10 15


Yo I realize I like never upload here but lately it's been hard to get on my pc between 40 hour work weeks and playing the Spyro remake haha
commissions are currently closed and I'll probably make a journal when that changes. I have been accepting a couple of commissions from close friends but thats about it for now. I have been posting mostly to twitter and tumblr lately so you can check out my stuff there if you miss me (provided anyone reads this and hasn't already moved on to those platforms haha)

Anyway! I made my move to Washington! I'm doing very well here and I'm a lot happier than I was in California. I never thought I'd get here and felt like I was gonna be trapped there forever, but I actually did it :heart: so I'm in a good place emotionally. Once the holidays blow over I'm sure I'll be back to my usual shenanigans. maybe. possibly.

If you want to see more from me, I am on Tumblr, Twitter and FurAffinity.
Tumblr Twitter FurAffinity
  • Listening to: Shitty EDM
  • Reading: my own shitty fanfics
  • Watching: Kitchen Nightmares probably
  • Playing: Spyro: The Reignited Trilogy
  • Eating: Bizza
  • Drinking: booze


Wolf-Shadow77's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Likes: Drawing, 3D animation, 3D texturing, furries, second life, bideo game, robots, idk man i like lots of stuff

Dislikes: anime, capitalism, nazis and shitty people

I've been on DeviantART for a billion years and have gone from being a shitty 7th grader to the person I am now. Who I am now is kinda for you to decide cuz not everyone has the same opinions. I'm an East Washington artist who works in retail so much that I hardly get any art fully finished. So if I happen to upload something, that means I really like it lmao. Some people feel intimidated by me because of page views or follower count but honestly? we're all just fuckin people so hmu if you want because its not like i'm gonna bite your head off because you tried to talk to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Current Residence: Rand McNally
Favorite genre of music: EDM because im a furry
Operating System: Windows 10, unfortunately
Favourite character: GLaDOS, Orange & Blue, Claptrap, Garrus Vakarian, Ratchet, Yes Man and others that im sure wont surprise you

I'm also on Tumblr; its mostly reblogs but I post art sometimes.
I'm also on Twitter! I tend to post here a lot more often so if you're looking for insignificant sketches there you go
FurAffinity because who is honestly surprised



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