Advent is currently Running Every Day and to Spare you All With Updating this Journal Daily at the end of Advent I'll just post everything so that you can all look at it to see what prizes were given out. Remember you must have made the posts between 12AM and 11:59PM Hunting Time and consist of a least one 3-5 sentence paragraph. If 3 posts are found with the bare minimum one must be done to make up for it. I hope everyone is enjoying Advent!

Also if you are having trouble submitting art or something please tell me so I can fix it xD I'm starting to have problems keeping up with submitting everyone elses works in here and I do want them here too! =3

***To Submit Art Work Or Favorites to WM Group go to the picture you would like to submit and look down the right side until you see a little area called "Featured In"  In that little box there will be  + submit to group.

The Christmas Picture Also Will Soon Be Underway Be Sure to check hunting and Find My Thread To Let Me Know you Are active and present and would like to be in.  Its going to be made a bit differently only 12-15 characters if that and these characters are picked based on how active you have been in the past few months.  The Active people need a little something special you know ;) But that doesn't mean I won't try to put everyone in if given the time to do it! So please put your description up or at least give me a shout of some kind saying I have a picture cause I drew it or something like that.***

Well Umm Thats All I Hope You All Have A Great Christmas!

Flaming Rose
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