Hello WM! I'll try to update this a bit more lol But Happy Easter for all who celebrate and, for most of us, happy Spring Break!

Currently we have a RP Contest going on and here are the prizes!!

5 posts - 1 common blessing.

10 posts - 1 common blessing.

15 posts - 1 uncommon blessing and 1 common blessing..

20 posts - 1 hard to get blessing.

25 posts - One of the following blessings: Ioai OR Nonoviparium OR Ijáï-Mïrrïoïr-Ijáï OR Tillona OR Life.

35 posts - 1 hard to get blessing, 1 common blessing and 1 uncommon blessing.

45 posts - One of the following: Blue Back Dragon OR Blue Flat-Winged Dolphin Gryphon OR Unicorn OR Smokey Grey OR Red Winged Dragon.

Please remember to make sure that posts are of proper length and that all links go on our RP post Record board.  Remember all posts must be checked before you can claim your prizes! And for those who are new to our RP post contests remember to check out the board first for the rules and the post length requirement.  

Hope Everyone is doing well!!! Happy Rping all!!

FR  Out!
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