Hope Everyone is having a good beginning of school year! And Happy Halloween to all of our WM players! The holidays are fast approaching and the war is still going on! Feel free to ask me for details on how to get involved in the war =D

If anyone has yet to see the rule change it's posted on Hunting! The best way to stay away from possibly interfering with that rule is just keeping things realistic and staying as fair as possible in battle! Simplicity sometimes is better than over complicated posts, especially with battle threads!

I originally planned to put more here but I forget half of it now because my brain is being spaztastic today.  So probably expect another update later!

~Flaming Rose
Wolf Mountain's 11th Birthday is fast approaching and with that always means Death, Blessings, Mythicals and Fun! But most importantly Death! hahaha just thought I would throw that out there lol September 23rd is the date all the madness begins (Best part is that it is Friday and then we have the weekend xDD woot!)

Also be on the lookout on the boards, something major is on the way on Wolf Mountain and its best effect will occur if everyone is involved =3 Look around for posts to see how you can get your characters involved if some aren't already!

Well that's all for now!

~FR Out!
This is the next blessing Day on our Calender don't miss it! The more people there the funner the day is! That's All! Hope everyone is having a lovely Summer!

-FR Out!
There are a lot of people in the group now and a lot of you submit works regularly.  I can't keep up submitting them for you when I see them so please submit them yourself xD It's not hard just go to the deviation you want to submit scroll down looking on the right side of your screen and you will see a little "+" sign and next to it will say submit to group.  Just submit it to featured art and I'll sort it all in blocks when I have time =3

Also if anyone else (who does not play on WM) does work for you you can submit it to the favorites =3 its the same way but when you bring up submit to group on the top of the selection screen you will see "Submit to group favorites" =D

Oh and Don't forget about the blessing day on the 25th of April! <3

~FR Out!
From February 12 12:00 AM Hunting Time - February 18 11:59 PM Hunting Time

There is a RP and Art contest going on right now. If you are interested in joining in look on our Contests Page. As always please make sure to read the rules carefully as failure to comply may leave you short posts or being disqualified if it's an art event.

Hope you all will do your best posts and have lots of fun! Have a happy Valentine's Day!!!

Flaming Rose