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Tomorrow marks 12 years of successful, constant running of our beloved site Wolf Mountain!!! I feel so lucky to have just found it on a search engine wwayyyyy back when I was 12 years old. Geeze, I had no idea when I was obsessively reading the rules (and I still have them printed out and bound along with the blessing book xD) and then debating and debating about what to name Flaming Rose that I would be around for so long!!

I owe a big thank you to WM (and especially WSS) for giving me MANY wonderful Friends and fun times!!! And many more to come!

So! A question to all of you!  How did you guys come across WM? And also if you want leave your wish lists here for WM Birthday =3 Who knows maybe you will get it ;D

You all enjoy WM Birthday now! Behave yourselves!

~Flaming Rose
Hello WM! I'll try to update this a bit more lol But Happy Easter for all who celebrate and, for most of us, happy Spring Break!

Currently we have a RP Contest going on and here are the prizes!!

5 posts - 1 common blessing.

10 posts - 1 common blessing.

15 posts - 1 uncommon blessing and 1 common blessing..

20 posts - 1 hard to get blessing.

25 posts - One of the following blessings: Ioai OR Nonoviparium OR Ijáï-Mïrrïoïr-Ijáï OR Tillona OR Life.

35 posts - 1 hard to get blessing, 1 common blessing and 1 uncommon blessing.

45 posts - One of the following: Blue Back Dragon OR Blue Flat-Winged Dolphin Gryphon OR Unicorn OR Smokey Grey OR Red Winged Dragon.

Please remember to make sure that posts are of proper length and that all links go on our RP post Record board.  Remember all posts must be checked before you can claim your prizes! And for those who are new to our RP post contests remember to check out the board first for the rules and the post length requirement.  

Hope Everyone is doing well!!! Happy Rping all!!

FR  Out!
Hope Everyone Is Doing Splendid on this Fine Christmas Day! Don't forget we have lots of Celebrating to do yet on WM and try to snag yourself a few more gifts for the holidays for your characters! Tis the Season after all for Death and Blessings after all!

Again Merry Christmas!!

~<3 FR
***Edit*** A few of us have already dropped back and I don't think I will have time to do mine either.  Because of this I'm just going to keep this idea around for next year and hopefully hope to this around US Thanksgiving next year  =3 Sorry all who were interested! Feel free to still draw gifts though! Tis the Season! and Merry X-mas!!!!

Okay I hope this is long Enough but I'm going to give an a few days for anyone who wants to to jump in, Saturday I will Note everyone who they will be drawing their gift for (names will be put in and drawn from a hat).

What I need in the mean time is for everyone wanting to join is the character of yours you would like to see drawn for you.  If you could please note or comment here with a reference or very good description of the character. =3 Please don't make it your most crazy difficult character to draw or mythicals as they are a bit difficult to draw and we don't have a lot of time since I got to this a bit late.  

Here are the people so far involved:

Please have the pictures submitted for your Secret Santa by at the latest Chirstmas day =3 These pictures don't have BG's though it would be nice =3 but should be more than a sketch and it cannot be a pre-made lineart by you or someone else naturally xD Have fun! I will edit this list as it will hopefully will grow.  Oh and if for any reason you have to drop out please let me know and I will figure something out hopefully.  ^^'
How many People would be interested in participating in a secret Santa if Wolf Mountain did one this year? I know I was a little late on the jump in but if you guys tell me quickly (and I want at least 6 people doing it if I go through with it) Just let me know then hopefully I can set it up fast enough to get it so you guys have time to draw it before Christmas xD

Let me know ASAP either reply here or on my Dev Page/Note etc xDD

~FR Out!