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Spoke to a person on YouTube about this after showing me a video of art scammers. Recommended I should do this.

In 2015 I made a commission to :iconomnoproxyl337: after reading his journal about his dire situation for money, relating to the situation he was in I decided to commission him 100$ to help. I waited patiently because I was understanding of his situation in financial issues, a year passed and I asked for a WIP, said he was still working on it, I waited patiently despite him submitting other art. Another year passed and still there was nothing, not even the promised WIP. I lost interest in the commission and asked for him tot change it which he said he didn't mind. It was two years later (literally) and still nothing, I lost hope and knew he wasn't going to hold his end of the deal. Why? I don't know, I decided to check his F.A. account and saw he was posting a lot, even other peoples commissions, mine nowhere to be fond in the gallery. Coming to the conclusion that I was conned or scammed if you want to put it that way I knew I wasn't getting what I paid for. And because he explained in notes of not having a job for 7 years I knew I wasn't going to get my money back at all.

Noted him one last time telling him that it has been to long and to forget it. But what still baffles me is why he decided not to do it at all?

I trusted you and you cut me deep Omnoproxyl337, you cut me pretty deep dude, really deep.

A person who dealt with the same fate with an artist said all she could do was put up a warning journal and posted it in a certain group to warn people that they may not get what they paid for. So that's what I'm doing now, this isn't a slander on Omnoproxyl337, this is just a warning that you may pay and not get anything at all. So be cautious of this artist, don't make the same mistake I made in being to trusting because of their art and situation. I'd really hate to hear someone else lose their money.
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I've decided to try and take commissions to who ever is interested.

Sketches such as Red action by Wolf-fang4     Luna by Wolf-fang4 will be only 5$

Colored sketches with single characters such as Lady Rassiel by Wolf-fang4  Santa Muerte roja by Wolf-fang4Santa Muerte verde by Wolf-fang4 will be 10$

If anyone is interested note me.
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