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Published: July 9, 2014
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Wolf-Chalk said the following:

The ground was sinking beneath her paws, mud swallowing the slender wolf up. Clotted in dirt and grime from the violent storm, Judith panicked, glancing around at the endless expanse of darkness that stretched in every direction. Her knees were practically glued and she couldn't move.

Panting anxiously, she thrashed and threw her body in every direction possible, only to find herself sinking further and further into the mud pit. I don't want to die! Not like this! It was ironic, when just a few days earlier she'd been contemplating throwing herself down a cliff, spirit and will breaking apart.

The rain fell down faster and faster, pelting her back like rocks being thrown. She wondered if it was hailing, Judith shivering as she curled her lip. Thunder clapped overhead, booming and sending a vibration throughout her body and soul. She could smell water and horror continued to dawn on her that a river was probably swollen, getting ready to burst and flood the forest.

It's not fair! I'm not ready! She lurched herself violently, Judith determined to not drown to death here. Exhausted and drained, she looked at her trapped legs. Swallowing thickly, it dawned on her she would need to take drastic measures to escape.

Bending her body, Judith worked on dislocating parts of her legs, heaving until she heard a very sickening snap of a foreleg. Helplessly, Judith managed to drag that leg out and place it weakly on the cliff above her. Forcing weight onto it, Judith continued to pull herself up, crying out when finally she was on what resembled dry land.

Falling on her belly and nursing a potentially dislocated or broken leg, she perked her ears helplessly at the roar of the river nearby. Grim, she just lay her head down, drained. It's over Judy, you can't get away from this. Just pray you leave this world quickly I guess... She winced at these thoughts.

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz was in the forest nearby. The rain had come on suddenly, violently. He loved the rain, but felt that this was no ordinary storm... it would be bad. He needed to get away from the river. He turned and headed uphill. That was the safest place during a flood. Thunder boomed around him and the rain fell on the muddy ground. Second thunderstorm this week! It was that time of year, he supposed.

Suddenly, a sound pricked his ears.... a cry? He froze and looked over his shoulder. He couldn't see anything from here, but he could have sworn he had heard it. Well, what's the harm in checking? He thought. He was not afraid of any storm. He turned and began to trot down the hill, glancing around him as he looked for the source of the cry.

The ground below his feet was beginning to get quite muddy, and he could already hear the deafening roar of the swollen river. He ruffled his thick pelt. It was getting pretty bad out here.. perhaps he should just turn back. It was then that he looked over and saw a familiar pelt laying on the ground by a large expanse of mud. He peered closer. "Judith?" he murmured in confusion. A clap of thunder snapped him out of it. He needed to see if she was okay!

He raced toward her, feeling his paws sink into the mud at the weight of his heavy body. He slowed down soon, in fear of getting stuck in the mud around him. "Judith!" he called over the rain as he approached her. Her legs were covered in mud. He slowed to a stop as he was near. "This is no place for a nap, don't you see? That river is already overflowing!" he snarled. His voice was not angry, though, more urgent and quite impatient. He would not have thought of her such a careless wolf. Of course, he didn't know she was injured yet.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Her ears were ringing loudly, the thunder roaring overhead wasn't helping either. Wincing, she burrowed her head in her paws in discontent, feeling very tired and cold. She could feel herself drifting off despite the dire situation, the muddy wolf letting the darkness swallow her up...

...uith! She jerked her head up in a startled fashion, eyes hazy as she found Alcatraz standing over her. Judith was too tired. She didn't care that the river was overflowing now, it had to be far away. Yea, it sounded far away to her drained senses.

"Too tired," she complained quietly, limp against the ground. A voice inside her growled at this. You fool! Get up or you will die here! "A-and my leg..." she added, nodding to the twisted joint.

She looked at him with a half-lidded gaze. "You can still get to high ground though," she uttered calmly, voice shaking a touch from the cold her body suffered. She was delirious.

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz looked at her irritably. "what's wrong with you?" he snapped, then saw her twisted leg. His sand-baked yellow eyes widened. "What on earth did you do?" he snarled in frustration. She truly was in trouble... his mind raced on what to do. She did not even look like she was entirely conscious.

He snorted angrily. He knew he could not just leave her. Well... she was a thin, probably light wolf... and he was the strongest wolf he knew! Perhaps he could carry her? Her perked his ears toward the thundering of the river as it swelled more and more. They were running out of time.

He used a large fore paw to lift her chest slightly off the ground, then he nosed his muzzle under her. With a strong and smooth movement of his body, he slid his head and shoulders under and up, using his front leg to keep her steady as he tried to situate her on his broad back and shoulders.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith just looked at him blankly, her face lacking any reaction to his panic. "Your ears are funny," she remarked, utterly deadpanned before she gave a groan of pain. "G-got caught in mud pit... dislocated leg in order to... break free," she managed to explain.

When he began to lift her up, Judith yelped, "Leg! Leg!" That seemed to bring her back to the dire place called their reality. Her body trembled from the cold and her eyes were wide and dilated.

"My... ears...?" Alcatraz glared at her, offended. How dare she say something like that to him as he is trying to rescue her! He had perfectly fine ears... some of the best ears around, he was sure. He pushed away his anger... she was not in the best place right now. She probably didn't mean it... He listened to her explanation and nodded. At least she had not drowned in the mud... now that was a terrible fate.

"Shut up!" he snapped, although he said it more out of fear than actually trying to be mean. He didn't like hurting her, but surely she would rather this than perish to the rapidly approaching water. "Better your leg than your life." He rolled his shoulders to try and arrange her so she would be firmly on his back, letting her front paws drape over his broad shoulders and her head rest on the thick ruff of his neck.

She was light, but still, her entire weight on him was not easy to move with. Another clap of thunder sent him off, though, going at a rapid walk, trying to move as smoothly as possible. He twisted his neck to say to her "Hold on, Judith... I'll bring us to safety." He would not move any faster unless he was sure she was hanging on tightly, but out of the corner of his eyes he was the water rapidly beginning to flow over the mud pit and over the spot they had just been. He felt fear flurry in his chest. He needed to get moving to higher ground or else they would both drown!

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith just gave an indigent growl in response, though it quickly faded into a miserable moan. As she was adjusted on Alcatraz's broad back, she could feel her ears burn in some humiliation. Though, she was grateful for his assistance despite seeming to slip in and out of consciousness from a tired and cold body.

She drifted off for a short moment, relaxing into the darkness of her subconscious where it was comfortable and numb...

...only for her male companion's voice to pull her back from the nice, peaceful slumber. She gave a sound that was something of a whimper and a grumble. It was hard to just determine what she was saying, since she felt like her mouth were frozen shut and tongue heavy as a sausage.

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz flattened his ears in alarm at her bleary response. There was something seriously wrong with her. But all he could do is try and get them to safety. He would find out what was wrong with her later.

With a sinking feeling of dread, he felt water begin to flow around his paws. He glanced behind him, seeing the water flowing steadily toward the two wolves. "I hope you are holding on!" he said as he broke into a run. He tried to run as smoothly as possible, his strides low and even. He just hoped that she was holding tight. Water splashed around his paws, rapidly getting deeper and slowing him down as he ran. He let out a snarl. He would not die here!

He looked around frantically for an escape, but he had already passed the way he had came without even noticing in his panic. Now, although there was an uphill section beside them, it was mostly rocks and cliffs that would require jumping and climbing... not something he could do without sending Judith flying off his back. So he ran along the base of the hill, his pale eyes searching for a slope that did not have rocks and cliffs.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith was blissfully unaware of their little predicament, the female slipping back and forth into the realm of consciousness. Everything was hazy around her, as she was suffering from a low amount of bodily warmth. She'd been exposed to the furious elements of the storm for too long.

Water was flowing all around them like a hunting animal, weaving between Alcatraz's mighty paws. Judith blinked slowly, something telling her this wasn't right. Something was horribly wrong but Judith just couldn't seem to grasp the concept of what that was. Gasping, it came back to her and her teeth chattered.

The higher ground Alcatraz was trying to reach seemed to be taunting them in the shadows, knowing the two wolves wouldn't be able to scale it fast enough without sacrificing one of them. Her vision blurred but Judith made out a series of broken branches.

"T-take those," Judith stuttered sternly. "B-board up t-the way. W-will buy us more t-time!"

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz slowed, looking at the branches, then at Judith over his shoulder. "I'm not a beaver!" he protested, but looking behind him at the water made him reconsider. He took the branches and arranged them between the cliff walls and a nearby tree. Rapidly, getting more and more tired with the she-wolf on his back, he transferred the branches and piled them up as tightly as possible. It was working a bit. The water was seeping through the branches, but it was collecting on the other side of the branches while the side they were on remained more shallow.

Alcatraz looked at the slope beside them. It was steep and rocky, yes, but he had another idea of how to get up. And it would have to be here, where the water was rising less rapidly due to their dam. "Time to go up." he said, tilted his body to let her slide off him and into the water below. He didn't let her sit long, afraid she would drown. He picked her up by her scruff and dragged her toward the cliff. And then, one paw at a time, he began to climb.

It was extremely strenuous, dragging the she-wolf with just his shoulder muscles while his legs lifted both of their weight against gravity as they climbed, but he knew that he needed to do this if they both were to survive.

He weaved around the bulging cliffs of the slope, going for the more climbable rocks. It was about twenty feet to the top. Would they be safe there? He could not imagine they wouldn't be...

He was less than half when he needed his first break. He dragged her up against a cliff and crouched on the rocky slope, panting as he held her against that cliff to prevent her from passing out and falling or whatever she may do in her state.

He felt water lap as his dragging tail and looked below him. The water had burst through the branch barrier and surged around the bottom of the cliff, sending waves splashing up at them. Hopefully they would be okay now, though, especially if they kept moving. How far can it rise, after all?

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith had practically spaced out during most of their troublesome journey up the cliffs to higher ground. She felt so cold and grungy, her toes numb. She attempted to lick warmth into them, furiously smoothing the frozen flesh with her tongue. Judith made a face of discontent, shivering before she made out Alcatraz's form pressing her against the cliff wall.

It dawned on her that he had just saved her life. Teeth chattering and still delirious from the cold, she breathed shakily, "Y-you risk your t-tail too much for other w-wolves, however, I s-should be t-thanking you for such a stupid and o-outrageous feat o-of honor."

There Judith went with the big vocabulary as usual, her eyes struggling to remain alert and focused.

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz shrugged his broad shoulder at her as she thanked him. "I can't let innocents die if I can do something about it." he said gruffly. He looked back down at the swirling water. he had never seen such a flood! They had to keep moving. He grabbed her scruff again and continued slowly moving up the rocks. He mostly backed his way up the cliffs, then pulled her up after him like a leopard dragging a particularly large kill into a tree. he had to be very careful, though.... the rocks were quite slippery when wet. But he was excruciatingly careful, since he knew that one slip could mean death for one or both of them.

He finally reached the top of the slope, dragging her after him, and
crouched, panting on the ground. He didn't lay there long, though. He looked around... they needed to find shelter of some sort. He looked at the pale female. "Hey, you alright?" he asked urgently, nudging her with a paw as he looked around for a place to go now. He needed to get her out of the rain.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith had to bite back a retort that she wasn't innocent and took the response with something of a blank stare. She could feel them moving again and this time the lithe wolf attempted to move her paws in sync to make the trek easier for Alcatraz. Though, it was draining her of the little energy she had. Resisting to pant from exertion, she chewed at her bottom lip, shaky.

When they stopped for another break, Judith tried raising her body up, not wanting to be a burden to the fellow loner. Gasping as she forced weight upon her dislocated leg, she hung her head, shaking immensely. She'd been caught in that mud pit and rain for some hours, exposed to the cold.

"I-I'll manage," she told him as firmly as she could. "I just... need to c-catch my bearings... That's all."

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz was relieved to hear her answer him reasonably. "Good." he growled, then peered at a small tunnel of rock jutting from the ground nearby. An old wolf den perhaps? That would do. It was several dozen yards away, though. He looked at Judith. "Can you walk? Or... limp? We need to get to that cave." he said. He could carry her again if she couldn't.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith followed his eyes to the remains of an old densite. At his question if she could walk, she took a moment to think over this dubious question. She didn't really know if she could, however, her striving will for her own independence caused her to hobble forward.

"Of course I can," Judith said, masking her pain behind a drawn out sigh. "I've... I've dealt with worse."

By the time she reached the entrance she wanted to curl up and cry. Though, she hid it as she crawled her way inside, investigating cautiously. It appeared safe and felt warmer than out in that horrid storm. She dropped on her belly, trembling all over as she tried licking life into her toes, her shoulders and anywhere else she could reach that felt it lacked blood movement.

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz watched her doubtfully as she got to her paws. He stuck by her side as she stumbled to the cave, ready to help if he could. His muscles were sore as he sat down in the cave, welcoming the warmth and dryness of the inside.

He looked at Judith as she tried to lick her paws. She looked shivering and miserable. "Here, let me help you warm up." he said, licking her fur the wrong was as Nora had done to him after their river ordeal. This would help dry her fur as well. "How are you feeling?" he asked between licks.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith was so focused on trying to lick the warmth into her frozen body that she jerked her head in surprise when Alcatraz started to help wash the cold from her fur. She smacked their muzzles together painfully and she pulled back with a little arf.

"Ah, sorry about that," she apologized, embarrassed as she drew her lips into a straight line.

At his inquiry, she looked thoughtful despite the tremors wracking through her lithe form. She resembled a drowned and dirty rat rather than a wolf. "I'm alright I would suppose," she said, managing to keep her teeth from chattering like a woodpecker on wood. "Though, I feel so cold its as if I am on fire."

Her eyes narrowed and she heaved a sigh. "Well, being on fire and like a fire aren't precise descriptions I would hypothesis." It was obvious where her missing tail and fur upon her head had been from.

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz drew back sharply as their muzzles smacked. He shook his head to clear it and curled his lip back irritably until she apologized. Then he relaxed and grunted, accepting her apology and going back to licking. He was awful short tempered at the moment, but he was not angry with her. Just the situation.

He listened to her and flicked his ears, not really understanding what she was talking about. "Well, you'll warm up soon now that we are out of the rain." he said, licking her fur the wrong way again.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith felt awkward at the nice gesture of him trying to warm her fur up. She worked on washing her numb toes, suppressing the urge to just hog the rest of Alcatraz's body heat.

Though, she doubted that would benefit either of them since she was so utterly frozen and he looked rather pooped as is. "I suppose I will," she agreed, managing a calm nod despite the stiffness in her neck.

She listened to the thunder outside and scowled. "This storm dares to breach when I'm on a important mission, the nerve of it all." She bared her teeth, shivering. "I planned o-on g-going all n-night!"

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz continued licking her, his pale yellow eyes fixed on her as she spoke angrily of her interrupted plans. "Why? Where were you in such a hurry to go? You don't even know where to find your mother." he pointed out mildly between licks.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith just gave him something of a glare despite how drained she was from the whole flood rescue ordeal. "It is still no excuse for me to slack off and not get to where I should be going," she rebutted, turning her eyes toward the cave entrance. "Especially now with this storm, I should be relocating my leg and scouting for her."

She eyed her still rather crooked leg, the joint having been forcibly snapped by the she-wolf. "Speaking of which," she added. "I will need you to help me put it back into place. Its fairly simple, and then I could go search for her."

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz had never met someone so focused. "You call a major flash flood and almost losing your life slacking off?" he grumbled. "It's fine. No one is going anywhere in this weather. It's best to just wait it out." he told her, his voice firm.

He looked at her in alarm when she said she needed his help. "W-what?" he said, his face flushing, not that it would be noticeable beneath his dark coat. Healing and injuries were not his thing at all... in fact poor Alcatraz was actually quite squeamish! He regathered himself quickly, not wanting to embarrass himself. He tried to seem cool about it. "Tell me what to do." he said solemnly.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith simply fiddled with her dislocated leg, skillfully grabbing it between her jaws as she scoffed at his statement. "Then what would you call it, Alcatraz?" She inquired, arching a brow, face calm.

"Now, if you're done droning on about the simplistics of our situation, I'll need you to grab my leg. Teeth, preferably," she said. "I already angled it for you, just yank it as hard as you can. The snap will declare if its fallen into place."

Judith paused. "Did you get all that?"

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz looked at her evenly. "I would call it a hold up. It's not your fault that happened, and it was not at all caused by lack of effort on your part. It was out of your paws. Therefore, not slacking off." he explained flatly.

Alcatraz stared at her a moment, clearly quite unwilling. Finally he stepped forward and grabbed her leg very gently in her jaws. "As... as hard as I can?" he mumbled, the discomfort and anxiety clear in his voice. How could he just yank it as hard as he could? What if he ripped it right off! Alcatraz thought quite highly of his strength.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith didn't seem very convinced with his words, however was nice enough to humor him with a small grunt in response. When he grabbed her leg, she fought off a wince at the sharp sting that rocketed up the joint.

"Yes, as hard as you can," she affirmed, still keeping a calm tone. Judith took to looking at the cave wall suddenly, knowing it would distract her from the intense pain that was soon to come.

She managed a grim smirk. "I'm a big girl Alcatraz, you're a big boy. Its not going to be that bad. Think of it as snapping a leg off a caribou carcass. Very simple, I assure you."

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz looked at her doubtfully as he held her leg as carefully as he could in his jaws. "Well... alright." She asked for it, was the last thing he thought before he just went for it. Throwing in all his strength, he jerked his head back sharply. If this didn't pop it back then nothing would!

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith visibly tensed when she felt him begin to pull at her leg, apprehensive. When it did finally happen, she had to bite at her lower lip until it bled. Taking a sharp breath, she could feel and hear the nasty pop! as the bone went back into place.

"T-that's enough," she told him, sounding shaky from the shock. However, she forced it back, wearing a calm face. "Now I should be able to wait it out... unfortunately," she sighed.

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz let go as he heard the pop, his yellow eyes wide. To his relief, it seemed that everything had gone fine. He ruffled his fur, as if it had been no big deal, but inwardly he was really happy he had succeeded. He would have felt awful if he had caused her leg even more damaged. Alcatraz nodded. "Good... so you'll be okay now?" he asked quietly, revealing how unsure he truly was about his medical technique.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

"Yes, I will be," Judith assured him, turning her eyes and slender face toward the male. She flexed the leg, testing it with a mild wince. "Dislocations usually take a short while to mend, I think this is the first time I could say it was fixed perfectly."

She paused. "I'd assume," she added, as was her usual behavior. "I should also thank you for saving my life, even if it was a stupid thing to do with the storm being so violent. Seems I will need to repay the debt once I finish my duty. Hopefully once the storm clears I can leave to continue the search."

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

She's had dislocations before? Alcatraz winced at the very thought! He had never been injured like that.... but his thick layer of muscle protected most of his bones anyway. Judith was slender and lithe, so it would be more likely to happen to her.

Alcatraz shrugged, "Eh, it's not a problem." he said casually. "I would have done it for anyone. I can't watch a wolf die if there is anything I can do about it." he said. Would he actually have done it for anyone? Well... yeah, he supposed he would have. Even Hyena, the wolf he probably disliked the most. But he was happier to save Judith than he would be to save most other wolves.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

The lithe bitch gave her foreleg a careful lick before raising her eyes back toward Alcatraz. She perked her ears to show she was paying attention, even if the look on her face, as usual, was pretty aloof.

She gave something of a small smile before shaking her head. "Brave words for someone to stand by," Judith mused, arching her brows ever so slightly. "Not many would share such an honor," she added.

I don't know if I would interfere in such a case, at least not for a total stranger. She supposed Alcatraz wasn't much of a stranger anymore and she suddenly looked very amused.

"I seem to have misjudged my words earlier." There was a snort to the words, as if she were struggling to refrain from laughter. "Perhaps it wasn't so unrealistic to cross paths more than once. My, how I am living in irony."

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz smiled at her praise, his ego boosting a bit. Yes, he was a rather brave wolf. But it was his confidence that made him so. If he were less sure of himself he would most likely be much less eager to interfere. Inwardly he was a bit insecure, always wanting to prove himself and show others what he is capable of. He would never admit that, though. He was not even aware of this deep seeded insecurity. He just thought that he was generous.

Alcatraz smirked at her note. "Well, I hope it is a good kind of irony." he said. He had never expected to see her again, but he did not mind this meeting with her now that they were safe.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith just gave something of a merry hum. "Oh I can assure you, hero, it is a good sort," she assured, chuckling.

The storm outside raged and the peachy female turned to observe it from the entry way. Lightning flashed that was promptly followed by a booming clap of thunder. "Though, its a shame its not on a more joyous occasion," she remarked.

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Hero. Alcatraz liked the sounds of that. He smiled, rolling his large shoulders as he repositioned himself, looking outside the den at the pouring rain. "Yes.... it is a shame." he agreed, although he could not think of any joyous occasion that would have brought them together. But Alcatraz wasn't having that bad a time. Yes, he was sore and exhausted, but he was very content right now. He had done something very good for someone else, and doing such things always made him feel clean.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith was trying to decide how she would be able to travel again once the storm cleared up. Even though her leg had been relocated correctly, she wasn't sure if could go very far and still be able to provide for herself.

We'll decide when it comes, Judy. Bum leg or not, you've gone days with such a thing many times. It won't be a big issue for you. She nodded mentally to herself before glancing at Alcatraz out of the corner of her eye.

She felt like being nosy. "Where were you off to by the way to be caught like this?"

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz didn't look at her as she asked the question, his yellow eyes fixed distantly on the rain. He shrugged his broad shoulders. "To the northeast. See what there is to see up there." he said. He didn't have many set plans or any missions like Judith. He just wanted to explore the world and find its most beautiful secrets. For such a masculine wolf, nothing made Alcatraz happier than a beautiful view. The reason for that, although he is not consciously aware of it, is a deeply buried memory from his childhood of his best friend. She loved beautiful sights, and she would always drag him along to see what the forest had to offer. She had been killed upon the slaughter of over half his old pack when they were pups, but he subconsciously sought out the most beautiful places to honor her memory. Searching for such places made him feel at home.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith turned to look at Alcatraz fully, cocking her head slightly. "Just because?" She inquired, surprise evident in her voice.

If that was the case she was a little bit taken aback. She didn't really know what a life without complete order and planning was, and so the notion of such a thing was utterly flabbergasting to her. Yet, it was fascinating too.

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz turned to look at her and his ears lowered slightly. She looked shocked at his answer.... he supposed it was unusual. "Er... yes. Just because." he said flatly, turning away again to look at the storm. He was a little self conscious with the way she looked at him as if she could not believe it. He didn't know any other reason... he liked the beauty of the world, and thought it very important for a wolf to see and experience all those sights to see.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith continued to look at him with a fascinated expression, her head tipping like a curious pup learning a new trick.

"Well, I hope you find what you are looking for there." She licked her lips. "Still odd, I've never heard of traveling unless it was for necessities, never just for entertainment."

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz glanced at her sideways. "It is a necessity. For me." he said simply. For him it was necessary for his happiness, which was as essential as anything else in his life. It gave him a purpose and a way to clear his mind and feel comfortable and content and feel the closeness of his childhood friend. Besides, the journey always proved to be interesting as well. He didn't mind his life one bit.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

She wanted to prod further, as she was curious but she didn't press any deeper. He had respected her privacy and so she would respect his. Turning away from him she returned her eyes to the cave entrance, just letting herself listen to the mighty rain and claps of thunder.

Judith gave a sigh, the wolf mindlessly letting herself lean against Alcatraz's broad shoulder. He felt like a large wall beside her and it was strangely reassuring.

"I hope this storm clears soon," she mumbled, giving a pout. "It feels wrong to be cooped up when I should be out there and you should be going to your destination in the north."

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz was happy she dropped the subject. He never knew how to explain his lifestyle to others. It was simple to him, but once he tried to explain himself, everything seemed to get complicated.

He blinked, stiffening a bit as she leaned against him. Was she still feeling okay? He didn't mind, though. Her warm body heat was welcome against his broad side. "Yes, hopefully." Although he was really in no hurry, he knew that Judith would want to be on her way. "Where are you headed after this?" he asked her. He didn't think she knew where her mother was. Did she have a hunch?

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

At his question, her face twisted up in a thoughtful manner. Wrinkling her nose, Judith just twisted her head around so her chin and neck rested upon Alcatraz's chest. She looked at him, aloof.

"Everywhere," was her simplistic yet complex response.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

"If it doesn't, too bad. I cannot afford any delay," Judith replied, serious as she raised her head up, turning to look at the cave entrance once again. "I can easily travel with three legs."

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

"True." Alcatraz said, glancing sideways at her as she stared out into the storm. "I hear if you stare at it long enough, you can scare the rain away." he said dryly, putting his head on his paws.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith shot him a glare. "To think I was beginning to enjoy your company," she remarked, lightly growling at his sarcasm.

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

"Oh, relax. It was a joke." he grumbled irritably. His voice got less irritable as he continued, his pale yellow eyes gazing out into the rain. "Just, slow down for once... Enjoy that fresh rain smell and the soothing drum of the water on the ground." he let out a small sigh. It didn't sound like a happy sigh, but it was content. He had always liked the rain, especially pouring rain like this. And now that he was recovered from the stress of their ordeal, he was beginning to enjoy it again.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith just looked very confused, the bitch wolf cocking her head as she looked down at him. She supposed this was part of the whole 'travel because it is a necessity' thing Alcatraz spoke of earlier.

However, it still didn't help that she wasn't good at relaxing. She was so used to overworking herself, keeping every sense and movement sharp as a dagger that she forgot how to do such a thing.

"I..." She frowned, embarrassed. "I don't think... I know how." She furrowed her brow, Judith generally curious. "Teach me?"

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz gave her a critical look. "Teach you?" He didn't know how to do that. How do you teach someone to calm down? Especially someone to hopelessly determined like Judith. He supposed he ought to try, or else how would this she-wolf ever be happy?

"Well, first you have to accept the fact that sometimes in life things happen, and you end up somewhere you don't want to be, and there is nothing you can do about it." he sat up on his haunches, "For example, you don't want to be here. You want to be out there, " he signaled with his paw to the pouring rain outside, "But you can't be out there because it's dangerous, and you're injured and exhausted." his voice was blunt and his pale yellow eyes were fixed on Judith. "Now, you could be frustrated and upset that things didn't turn out your way. But what's that going to do, hm? Nothing. Except for drive you crazy." he looked away from her, curling his tail around his side. "But there is another option. You could accept that unexpected things happen, and just lay down and enjoy." he looked back at her, "And guess what that's going to do? Nothing. Except for not drive you crazy... maybe even calm you down." His tail tip thumped against the ground as he concluded his little lesson. "So, we have two options. Both do nothing for the situation, except that one makes you miserable and one keeps you sane. Since we have complete freedom of choice in the matter, which would you prefer?" he lifted a paw toward her, signaling for her respond with her preference.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

"Yes," she affirmed, sounding as serious as can be. She narrowed her eyes, insulted by his critical tone. "If I am to be delayed, I want to be able to learn something from this experience," she added, huffing.

"Now, tell me how," Judith demanded.

When he tried 'teaching' her about relaxing, Judith just stared blankly. "Both sound rather lazy to me," she bemused, cocking her head and arching her eyebrows with a very confused frown. "How does one get anything done just... doing something yet still doing nothing."

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz tried again. "You get stuff done when you can get stuff done. But while you can't get stuff done, you don't get hung up on the fact that you can't get stuff done." he explained. He had a feeling that this was hopeless. At least with him as the teacher. He was not the most social wolf to talk to, never mind be able to teach anything!

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith cocked her head again to the other side as if her brain were imploding. She really was trying to figure out just what Alcatraz was trying to explain but it was unfortunate Judith was just too logical of a wolf.

"I... guess it makes sense," she attempted to humor him, though in reality she was so lost.

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz looked at her doubtfully. But he nodded anyway. "Good. Now try it." he cleared his throat and went on, "Doesn't the rain smell nice, Judith?"

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith let herself look down at Alcatraz, the wolf nibbling at her bottom lip, equally as doubtful as her temporary companion. However, she was going to give it a try, since she didn't want to back away from something she never attempted.

Turning her head to look at the cave mouth, she wrinkled her nose, breathing in the smells. She could smell the mud and fresh summer grass, and obviously water. It felt cool but Judith didn't want to feel cool so soon again after spending hours in that nasty storm.

"I suppose," she murmured in agreement, nodding slowly. "Its an acquired taste I think," Judith added, referring to the storm's plethora of scents. "The mud scent I could do without, then I could confirm the rain is a lovely smell."

Suddenly, she blanked and looked horribly embarrassed. Wait. I wasn't relaxing like he said! Judy, you stupid infernal animal! Going against a lecture is downright naughty!

"I-I mean is...! Ah, ah it smells lovely, like um... wet grass and more uh... wet grass..." She stuttered lamely, eyes wide.

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz watched her as she made her valiant attempt. He didn't mind mud smells, but he supposed that since he liked the rain it sort of was an acquired smell. Especially for someone who was probably not so fond of the rain at the moment. After all, it had almost killed her.

But she seemed shocked at her answer, stammering to correct herself and remain positive. Alcatraz smirked. "That's right. Wet grass." he said in amusement. It was of course two different things to say something and actually believe what you were saying, but everyone had to start somewhere. "And the sound. Is it not relaxing?" he asked, referring to the pattering of the rain on the roof of the den and against the leaves of the trees around them. Alcatraz was not entirely aware that other wolves had senses of beautiful and comfort much different than his, so he could not imagine a wolf not finding the sound of rain enjoyable.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith's ears were on fire, burning with a unseen flush as she curled her lip uncomfortably. She didn't like his little smirk, since she knew he could see passed her and stare at the awkward girl she really was.

"Stop looking at me like that!" Judith demanded, alarmed and lowering her head to hide from his amused look. She muffled her face near his paws and chest, the fur along her spine bristling a flustered manner.

As he asked about the sounds next, she was tempted to keel him over with a blow to the wind pipe. Lifting her eyes to look at his chin, she scowled.

"You're really milking this, aren't you?" She inquired before huffing. Judith guessed it sounded nice but her ears were still flooded with water as is! However, she did try to come up with a decent answer to sate her male companion.

"It sounds..." Judith picked apart her brain for an appropriate response. She always seemed to try and use big vocabulary, even if it wasn't necessary at all. "I-it sounds like... like... ah, rain! No wait I didn't mean that!"

She threw her paws up in frustration, groaning, "You know what? Just knock me out! I don't see this relaxing thing working out willingly unless someone politely bashes my lights out."

Judith pouted, and that sealed the deal to her possibly very comedic reaction ever.

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz snorted as she hid from him in his thick chest fur. "You are not safe from me there, I assure you." he said dryly, trying to not look or sound so amused. He nodded at her. "Yes... it is rain, true." he said. But he figured he must just not be a good teacher, and Judith was not very easily relaxed. That combination made the endeavor hopeless. So he gave up. "Just forget it. You've been through enough today. Just... rest so you can be ready for when the storm passes." he said. Rest... did she know how to rest at least?

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith gave him a nod of agreement despite her flustered face. "Sleeping would be wise after this ordeal, I would conquer," she said, voice low before she lay her head upon her paws.

She planned on waking early, as her internal clock always did. She would leave then without a farewell, since Judith wasn't good at goodbyes. Judith closed her eyes tightly, breathing deeply.

Even if everything's flooded, I can't stop. Perhaps I will simply go once Alcatraz appears to be sleeping. Judith could go with this plan but for once, she was so tired. She wanted to sleep and yet, she was still too restless and scared for her mother to do such a thing.

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz dipped his head curtly. "Good. You need sleep after such a day. Get that leg healing faster." he said. He would probably sleep too... he was exhausted as well. And beyond that, who would attack them in a place like this? No one would be out in this storm. He curled his tail around him as the pale she-wolf struggled to sleep at his side. He put his own head on his paws, letting out a deep sigh. He could feel his eyelids getting heavy, but he could also tell from Judith's breathing that she was not yet asleep. Perhaps having trouble resting her troubled mind? He stifled a yawn. "If I fall asleep, can I trust you to not do anything stupid?" he grumbled to her. But stupid he meant going out while this storm was still going on and the flooding was still a possibility. He didn't want to fall asleep just to wake up and find her drowned in the flooded river nearby.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith's eyes remained shut but she gave him something of a sigh to show she acknowledged his words. She could feel his body rumble beside her from his strong voice, the female peeking an eye open to glance at him to see Alcatraz beginning to settle down.

His words made her uncomfortable, since Judith wasn't too good at keeping a promise. Her word easily bended when it was necessary and even though she respected Alcatraz for saving her life and being tolerant of the situation, she wasn't sure she could lay down an oath.

So, she did what she always did. She lied. "Of course you can," she told him in a murmur, chin on her paws. Its for your own good, Alcatraz. I'm bad luck. "I'll still be here..." She averted her eyes, frowning.

Wildfire-Tama said the following:

Alcatraz chose to trust her. He was getting too tired to be suspicious. He closed his eyes. "Hmph. Good." he murmured, his breathing steadying. "Just... wake me if something happens, or if the storm ends," he grumbled, his voice dying out slightly as he fell into a deep sleep only moments after he got the words out.

Wolf-Chalk said the following:

Judith remained awake despite the exhaustion tugging at her eyelids. She listened to Alcatraz's breathing and once it was slow and heavy she chose to sit up carefully. She braced her weight upon her leg, testing it. She felt it protest with a prominent sting but Judith couldn't afford to waste precious hours.

Her mother could be trapped somewhere, cold and soaked to the skin... She pinned her ears as she turned an eye to the sleeping form of Alcatraz. She would be breaking her word as usual and it made her hesitant to leave. This is why she couldn't get close to other wolves, she would only chain them along and break the bonds because of her journey.

However, these few wolves were opening her eyes a bit but Judith still had a long way to go before she could accept such a life style. "I thank you, Alcatraz," she whispered to him, knowing he wouldn't be able to hear her. "You made it so I can live to see another day... but I can't afford to stay here. I will bring you misfortune and this is where we will part forever."

She remembered leaving Taz in a similar fashion months back rather vaguely. Limping to the mouth of the cave, she cast one last look to his sleeping body and left to face the storm alone.

Alone was something Judith was always was to be...


The flooding event RP between Judith and Alcatraz :D Alcatraz - Loner by Wildfire-Tama and .:Ever Guilt-Ridden Daughter:. DotW Judith/Judy by Wolf-Chalk :D I really enjoy these two together, they seem cool :iconiloveitplz: Also, inspired by Tama's animation of these two cuties here: Teach Me by Wildfire-Tama
Again, tried to make it look like a screen shot from a movie or something, played around with dynamic shadows on Alcatraz :D
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Is there a story before this?
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The RP is the story if that's what you mean :nod:
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I love it sooo much!!! <3 <3 Alcatraz looks so fierce and epic! I LOVE him in your style! :D Thank you <3 And I will reply to our role play tomorrow :) Gaahh I love this! <3
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