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A Reflection of Time
I slowly hear it,
the churning ticking of my clock.
Blearily the days fly by,
wearily my eyes become dry
from staring all day long at the ceiling,
and fairing all these years without complaining.
I admit I can't stay long,
to hear the churning ticking of my clock.
And by each resounding strike the mock tell-tale heart
doth lie to me of wasted minutes in which
I stay ultimately routed in this very spot
only to lay, to cast aside these unfinished dreams of mine.
I go insane just hearing that agonizing,
that churning ticking of my clock.
Every day I let out a cry to see it all dwindle,
and by night I sigh from the sheer exhaustion
that comes with this love, loathing and hate
as out the window, like a dove, time flies.
:iconwolf-apparition:Wolf-Apparition 1 5
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World turning for the better
Does the world turn for the better?
Does the world ever stop for one person? One moment, frozen forever in time?
Whisper on a breath; forgotten lore of history. One can hear the ancient tales of the earth through the memoirs of the passed on spirits.
Golden silence.
Lives of millions of people; distorted images playing out amongst shards of glass. CRASH! A shattered mirror bouncing our reflections back at us. Time moves on, yet images don't last.
Marionettes, mere puppets and avatars of ourselves, dancing to the chaotic rhythm of life. Never slowing down in a frenzied pace: an idiosyncrasy forever embedded into the race of humanity.
The unbridled 'humanity' in humans is long gone. Tearing apart forests, singing the earth and uprooting the plants. Digging into the soil with metal claws, ripping and up heaving. Towering spires of artificial creation looming over reality. Blood of the innocent creatures, beings thriving in their niche on earth long before the development of humans, splash
:iconwolf-apparition:Wolf-Apparition 0 8
A loving Father's Day wish by Wolf-Apparition A loving Father's Day wish :iconwolf-apparition:Wolf-Apparition 2 8 Justin Law: MLP Custom by Wolf-Apparition Justin Law: MLP Custom :iconwolf-apparition:Wolf-Apparition 69 75
Metal Horses
Metal Horses
Ages ago, hooves of bestial beauty
pounded upon the soil of old.
O'er time hooves of a different kind
grind against the black rock still new.
Glistening hides, splashed with rain,
sparkling sweet and dashed with debris.
Curving bodies, sculptured lovingly by greater hands,
sturdy frames and bulky power.
Stampeding down a lone stretch of rock
Nose to end in a crawling trot.
Rhythmic movements, roaring souls,
crashing through the concrete forest.
Metal trees and dizzying spires
of cataclysmic steel and stone.
The one of age renders useless this land,
poisoning our mother's breath with each belching puff.
Pouring ebony milk down to feed its sensational greed,
to tear apart our dying land.
Now listen child, and you may hear,
the bleating call of nature's wild.
An untamed spirit, racing on,
their flickering ghosts reflecting in our clouded eyes.
But, alas, my child,
Oh, it pains me so!
That many can not hear,
for their
:iconwolf-apparition:Wolf-Apparition 0 5

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So I did my first art trade ever with someone. I'm going to be sculpting a MLP 3rd Gen custom of their character, and :icontwighat: drew a lovely picture of my pony, Flower Child. A while ago, my friend :iconraikousou: went and doodled her. She was the first person to draw out a design for the pony.

I might make this art trade thing a constant trademark with me. If all goes well with this first one, I may open up requests from time to time, during the year. Whenever my schedule allows for it, at least, and knowing how my hours are at work (currently), I'll have plenty of time.

On a side note, seems like I'll be taking a trip to Comicon this year, so if anyone is going, let me know!


The stranger behind you, healing you
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am the one known as Cuddly Medic, or Coodles, around the net. If you come across one of those names, or variations of them, that's me. Surprising, no?

This is a DA you really shouldn't follow, because it rarely updates and usually is nothing but GMod pictures, Pony customs and other sculpted things. But to those who have followed me, and will follow me, thank you for doing so! I do appreciate the company.

If you have a question, please, drop a line.



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shaneharuno Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
happy b-day 
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Hey, remember me? Does Almazy-chan possibly help to ring a bell? ^^;
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Hey love! I heard about your trade! I hope it goes well! Miss ya, send me some mail sometime! ^^

Jen. K
Wolf-Apparition Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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ACTUALLY... zie has informed me "you are a liar" because "you are not dumb, or awkward, or doopy." And besides, you can't be like me. I'm birdbrained and goofy, and awkward and weird. Yup, I do that too! ...funds permitting, of course, HEH. Gotta love the good ol' economy these days! Ahhh, blue birds <3 I love birds in general, but those are darling!
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Weh!! WEEH!! Zie is such an amazing friend. I bet zie neglects to tell you about how I'm a dumb and all awkward and doopy and shaz all the time. It's kindof funny though, because you and I are the same way about making people happy. I just absolutely love making people smile and I'll just dote on my friends all the time for no reason other than the fact that their squeals and wiggles make me feel so good inside. My ponysona's cutiemark is a bluebird of happiness for that reason ;3!!

Thank you so much again, it just means.. wow, it means so much to me. I'm really looking forward to drawing your OC too.
Wolf-Apparition Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
AWWWW!! I just love to make people happy, I really do. Ask Adri. Heh. Zie can tell you how I am. And that is an ADORABLE Ponysona! Adrian's let me see some of your work here and there, whenever I hang with hir, and I gotta say I admire and love your style.
TwigHat Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't know how to express my feels... so have a picture of my ponysona visually expressing my feels.

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Same place but I have a feeling it's going to be a disaster.
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