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Okay, so as I made a journal in the past that I moved to Georgia. Along with that I mentioned that I will be going to college there. I applied to an University here and went to the orientation made a friend, got to know around the campus, then I went back to Louisiana for some paperwork and everything changed. As I've said in some journal before I am a Native American, and my tribe can offer grants if you have a disability, which I also have because of neurofibromatosis and scoliosis, which I read my medical records that it's technically referred to as double curved scoliosis, in some of the reports the doctor would also use the word "major" but it was constantly used. 
So I was hoping to get some money through them to help pay for the college here in Georgia. Well they couldn't because they are restricted to only help with in 12 Parishes and Georgia is a whole other state. They did however tell me that they could cover 100% of tuition and board if I went to a college in Louisiana. 

So you wanna know what I did? (or at least going to do? ) Go to college in Louisiana. Yup. I mean come on "student loans" or "free tuition"?? I think I made the smarter choice here. 

Also I don't think I ever mentioned what I was going to major in. Before I decide to go to college in Louisiana I had picked a major for Georgia, and that major was Psychology. Believe that or not but it was. I kinda let others influence me with the choice however. My family wanted me to get a job where I could help people because they've told me I give really good advice, I talk in a way thats not demeaning, I have a way with children and they wanted me to go into a career that deals with that. 

You may think that I still will be in that major well, you're wrong. As I had filled out the application for the Louisiana college, I had looked through all the majors that they offered. And one of them happened to be Digital Art. And I saw that and was just like, "yes. I must do this' and so I am now majoring in a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Art's - Digital Art. The college that was on Georgia didn't​ offer anything close to that. 

Everything happens for a reason, sometimes God takes you places so you can learn, sometimes it's just one thing, and then he moves you again to the place you need to be. Life is like a river, you have to follow the current, sometimes it gets rough and you have to fight to keep a float but don't fight to go backwards.

I believe that I was meant to come to Georgia to find out I was supposed to be in Louisiana. That sounds really crazy but the process of getting into the college here in Georgia was extremely stressful. I mean the people lost my transcripts and it was hard to get a hold of them to fix it. I did have a few bumps for the college in Louisiana but that wasn't their fault it was electronics that were at fault. I'm still going to be hella busy though so you guys still may not see me too much. I will have Tuesdays off though so hopefully guys if I draw anything they'll be posted on those days. 

This was super long I'm sorry. But I just wanted to talk about everything that happened. 
Going to be M.I.A. starting August 15. 
I might post here and there but it will be rare. 
To keep in touch, to my friends, feel free to note me. I have telegram and discord that I can give :3
    Hey guy! So I was really debating when I was going to make this journal or if I even should. So I have a few things I wanted to talk about. One, I briefly talked about this with my sister-in-law and she was for it, was also going to bring it up to a friend but they were busy. The other is just I'll be going to school soon and won't be as active.
    I'll be in school full time. I been dealing with a lot of trouble getting everything together for that. One, somehow...somehow they lost my transcripts and so I had to call my old school board to get them to send more after they literally put them in the mail box I get a call back from the University saying they just put it under the wrong name. You know how on Federal documents the put your name as "Last name, First name Middle name" well apparently for some reason they didn't put that comma on my paper and so they ended up putting my last name as my first name...with that happening I don't know what sort of University I'll be going to but I will put that aside and overlook it. Also the fact I'll be paying an outrageous amount because I'm technically out-of-state, around 10,700 dollars, per semester. Maybe, with a lot of paperwork, I'll be able to pay instate, which is only 3,500 dollars. Really big deference. Don't even get me started on all those extra fees.    
    Okay, so for that other thing I wanted to mention. Bare with me here I put in some thinking and I am really sure about it. I am going to change my name, on here. Yeah I just feel like I need something new. I will be getting core soon and plan to do so, possibly soon after. What I haven't decided though is to what I will change it to. I was thinking about using my name but some lawyer people already have that so that's a total bust there. I will feel sorta weird of not going by Wolf Prime because I been having that name since I first started, well sorta anyway; when I first joined it was "theawesomewolfprime" but that was really long and I changed it to just "Wolf--Prime". So 5 years on here I been having that name, well technically 6 counting when I made my YouTube channel I used that name. I don't know why I used it or where I got the idea of it. It just came to me but reason I wan't to change it is because well of Transformers. Their fandom is the reason, really. There have been people who made them into wolves and so because of Optimums Prime became "Wolf Prime" and well I want to have, I guess, a brand that is me. After the change, anyone is still free to call me Wolf Prime if they like but I been really thinking about this. I just hope with whatever I do want isn't already taken cause I mean it is 2018 and so it'll be a lot harder to pick a username. Unless I move everything over to my photography account but I don't really think so about that. 
    I think that is all, just wanted to keep y'all up to date. 
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Holy freaking cheesecake!!! Oh my goodness!! I can't even put into words how much I loved this movie!! Watch it like, it just amazing!! 
Well hello there. Yeah remember when I said I might be moving to Georgia?? Well it's happening!!! By midnight, Central Time, I'll be on my way. My friends are really sad about it but I'm sure they'll come around to me being over there. 

Okay for the random thoughts part. If you follow me on Twitter you got to see I went to a concert :D and not just any concert but Jesse McCartney! It was super fun and I got to be in the front row! A friend of mine and I went, we got to the line super early is how we got pretty good spots. Side tangent time: while we were waiting the people came out to sale the rest of the VIP passes. Well my friend decides to buy himself one. And leaves me waiting by myself. I was super mad and frustrated with him. Like he actually invited me along and he leaves me waiting, like what the heck. But besides that the concert was fun. There was a person in front of me that gave me a slice of pizza which was really nice of her. And while in the concert there was a woman beside me on my right that bought me a water. And it was bottled so it had to expensive. Darn NOLA with it's prices lol. 

Oh and another thing we did was an escape room!! It was way hard and we didn't win but it sure was fun. I'd say we came close. I figured out some of the puzzles so I'm happy I did at least that. 

As I've said before I love a cappella. And Peter Hollens is such an amazing singer, I just love his voice. And I saw that MatPat was featured in this so like had to watch it. Because he's like my all time favorite YouTuber. Cause he seems so genuine and he is amazing, he's funny, I could go on but I'll stop and if you don't agree then that's.... fine...its whatever. he's wife's like really really cool too but yeah she's not in this vid but like she has to be my second favorite YouTuber... 

Oh also I don't watch Game of Thrones. Yeah but give me a break I don't really watch any tv, haven't for like years now. I mean sometimes if I'm at someone else's place but I don't go out of my way to watch TV. 
Music for me is very, I just really like all kinds of music. Well some more than others, but I literally like at least one song from every genre. But anyway one of the ones I really like is a cappella. I love, love love it!! Recently found this group, like seriously just now cause I was watching 'Random Acts' on YouTube and they were on one video and I literally fell in love with their singing so like yeah. And I love this cover Melody and thought to share. 

So I'm back home in my hometown for a while. And so for the past two days I was over at one of my best friend's house. Cause we both were off for them days. We had a pretty good time watching movies and playing video games, you know the normal​ stuff. 

But yesterday we decided to do something adventurous. Canoeing. Firstly, it was extremely windy, I don't recommend going canoeing on a windy day. The waves were pretty bad too, there was a tree out in the middle of the water which we paddled to. And it was a really good ways away. But because we were about to go against the wind and current we started to panic which is never good to do in a canoe. But we stopped, prayed and then it totally was smooth sailing from there. We went canoeing on a river just to be clear. 

Although it was very tiring we had an amazing time. 
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Facts about Radioactive
R by Wolf--Prime

1. He is a very silly boy 
2. He loves helping others even though everyone he meets isn't very nice to him
3. He is the only survivor of the harsh chemicals that were injected into him or so he thinks *wink wink*
4. He has abnormally strong strength
5. He's favorite color is aquamarine 
6. He is afraid of people, cause they are the ones that did this to him 
7. The black markings on him are whats left of his natural fur color
8. He enjoys looking at starry skies. 

Now time to find 8 vict...I mean other people to tag ^^;
may not be 8
:iconv-enusian: with Dúeth
:iconcakeccartoons66: your main oc... I couldn't find the name
:iconnegritapower: Ikki
:iconglitchedcosmos:  Snow
:iconj-the-breathmint: Amber
yeahhhh I'm gonna be lazy and leave it at that >w< 
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GUYYYYYSSSSS. So my friend called me at like maybe 7. And I brought up that I wanted to dye my hair. And he said "me too, let's do it!" And so he drove 2 hrs to me and we got our hair dyed together. 

I'm so in love with my new hair! 😍 
And my friend's doesn't look bad either. We dyed each other's hair. 
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This song is everything. Hits me right in the feels. 
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    So I have been sick since February 18th. Just now getting over it. Hopefully tomorrow would be my last sick day.
I haven't been posting much due to that and other things. The other things have just been emotional issues. Its been rough you guys. But I recently got two new sketch books, some colored pencils, markers and a few liner pens; so I'm going to work on a few traditional stuff, but been in a slump so not sure when I'll work on anything. I have a few ideas but nothing turns out. 
    I guess that's it. 

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In possibly 2-3 years I will be flying out to Australia. 
Like I've always wanted to visit there, but other than that I never had a legit reason, but now I do. ^w^
Y'all ready for this news? 

My friend is getting married!! He had messaged me the other day and told me. The wedding itself won't happen until possibly 2020. I've been knowing this guy for like 7 years now he's engaged, its just crazy how fast time flies by. 

Hopefully I could be able to get there for it anyway. Tickets are like so expensive. 
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   I want to learn to play piano. Mainly because I just love the sound the piano makes and I watched this one awesome anime, it's called Your Lie in April check it out if you have Netflix cause its on there. Make sure to have a box of tissues, if you do. 
Now I won't be able to start right away which is sad, cause I really want to learn the instrument. But in the mean time I could continue to learn to read sheet music, which I already know the basics for because of Fine Arts. We did WAY more stuff with music than the other stuff, and I did already learn some basic songs on piano. 
    I took Fine Arts in my 11th grade year, and that was the year our school gotten IPads, and we were able to download a piano app and we used that. Going back, one of our assignments was to I guess "translate" sheet music, which was really fun, and I still have it so I mean, I have one song I can learn to play easier. I really think I can do it, and it'll be awesome to just play. 
    I did try and learn guitar one time and I did learn the basic notes and I did teach myself how to play "Hey there Delilah" which was a pretty good achievement for myself I think. But my hands didn't feel comfortable around the neck of the guitar. So I sorta stopped, which is sad but I still have my guitar and all my books I bought along side it. I tried to learn guitar in my freshman year so its been practically 5 years ago now. Oh I also had an after school program where we learned to play guitar as well but that was in 7th grade. I also played the drums, the teacher said I did good for a beginner. The only thing about that was it was nearing the end of the year so we had to stop the after school program, so I didn't get to continue learning either instrument. But fun fact I was the only one to get to play the drums ^w^

    But yeahhh I want to play the piano now so may buy one some time in the near future. And if I get good may post covers on my YouTube. ^w^ 
    I also want to get back into magic, I already know a few tricks so knowing more would be fun.
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No not accounts, too lazy to make a new email to do so. But in real life. My brother and them are "kidnapping" or as friend of mine said adultnapping. I'll be moving or possibly just staying for a while with them, going back and forth between Georgia and Louisiana. Those are gonna be tiring trips. 

This is totally off topic about what I was going to write but I was on the phone with this friend and he was making fun of me cause of my accent ;n; he said I said balloon weird and he also was making fun that I say y'all. Hmph, I don't make fun of how he says garage with his Australian accent. It is pretty funny though to be honest. If only he had a dA, I'd tag him >w< 
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It was 3 this morning, and I was sleeping and then all of a sudden I hear popping sounds. Then flashes of red and green. Then there was a golden hue out side. I was panicked. And so I gotten up, then I hear my older cousin run out her room screaming "get the kids" like five or four times. Then my cousin's boyfriend runs outside yells to me that the house was on fire I try to remain calm and all but everything was just going through my head like, "what caused this" "how did this happen" "do I need to waste time to grab at least my phone?" But luckily it was just this old sign that is in the front yard that cought on fire. If my cousin's​ boyfriend didn't turn off the breakers to the house it would have cought on fire too. Because the power to run the sign is connected to the house. I'm so glad everyone was okay and glad that the house is still standing. 

This totally beats that 18 wheeler story.. ;n; I just wish these things would stop, my heart can't take all these  traumatic events..
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So yeah its like 12:48 and my best friend video calls me, its fine I wasn't trying to sleep or anything. Actually really I wasn't sleeping, I usually stay up this late >w< 
I guess he figured that....

Oh my random thoughts.
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Whats the point of anything? Why do I even try? 
Sometimes these questions just repeat over and over and over and over inside my head and honestly I know its only been 10 days so far but I really haven't been having the best year quite yet. I feel like everyday just gets a little worse, I'm okay though. Holding up has gotten easier, just wish life would.