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Wolbashi - unit

By wolbashi
Creator: Juan Lopez Figueroa :iconfiguer:

Diagramist: me (Wolbashi)

After long time we did it I draw it, Figuer published it in spanish convention book, and now I'm publishing it here. So have a nice folds ;) Diagram was tested by lot of origamist so it won't make any difficulties :) this diagram is full compatible ;) I won't ask any questions because everyting is written or drawn :P

Some sample works:

[link] by :iconfiguer:
[link] by :iconszataniasta:
[link] by :iconlonely--soldier:
[link] by me ;)
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© 2008 - 2021 wolbashi
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Wow...This is way too complicated for me. But I really do like it.
wolbashi's avatar
that's not SO complicated, just give it a try ;)
Sjach's avatar
I will...eventually...
flufdrax's avatar
Such a nifty model. thank you for posting the diagram here.
wolbashi's avatar
you're welcome :)
OfCabbagesAndKings's avatar
wow, I'm definitely going to try this as soon as I finish this comment, it's so nice to find more interesting origami than the same old paper cranes that I find in all the origami books where live.

Thank you for posting this :)
wolbashi's avatar
hehe :D I'm glad you love it :) and don't hesistate to try it :)
EienBlue25's avatar
wow, you're amazing :clap: :giggle:
I love it
wolbashi's avatar
Heh I've just diagrammed it :) I'm glad you like "Me-unit" ;) I hope you'll try is ASAP :)
EienBlue25's avatar
:D oh, okay, I'll try it :giggle:
MuggleHater's avatar
That was a good job with the drawings. It looked very neatly drawn. Now i kind of want to try this out, but i am supposed to be studying for my final exams tomorrow.
wolbashi's avatar
well so study for exams and try this diagram after exams :) I'm after every final exams so my parents allow me to fold everytnig :D last time they're encouraging me to fold something new :D
MuggleHater's avatar
I could do that i suppose. Folding is so much more fun though.
wolbashi's avatar
Yes, you're right :hug:
Sushiman0001's avatar
Can't wait to try it out.
wolbashi's avatar
so, don't hesistate :)
Figuer's avatar
:thanks: Thank you very much for drawings these diagrams.
Possibly, I would have never had diagrammed this model without your work and effort.
Now, I (we) can share this model with everybody.
Bravo for you, Marta.
And congratulations, because this is your first diagram published in an origami book :hug:
Thanks again :smooch:
wolbashi's avatar
No problem :D It was pleasure for me drawing "me" ;)
Figuer's avatar
You are right. It is a self-portrait. But you should have submited it to the "traditional art-drawings-selfportrait" cathegorie, isntead of "resources-tutorials". It is only my humble opinion, of course =)
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