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The Trail

Evening experiments after a long week of freelance work! Hope you dig it!

For work in progress images and more follow me on my Instagram  and Facebook Thanks! Love you guys! Hug
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This is truly epic! I found it through a music video as well, that credited you as the artist and even included this link. It is really good work, I love the lighting..!

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Man I commented on this after I faved it and my original comment was silly-short. I was checking out a music video that used this picture for a cover and came back for it. Anyways the picture is really great, I especially love the glowing runes on the blade, very neat touch. :)

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I was looking for this for ages! Need it for my wallpaper. It's Witcher inspired? Love it!

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Your Art is Superb, Thank You For allowing this Art to be Downloaded For free.

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it beautifull Image, my Respect

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Wow really nice female armor!

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I'm loving this great digital painting. The mood, lighting, and details are perfect. It definitely looks like a still from a movie\ t.v. show; the very suspenseful moment just before the action kicks off. :thumbsup:
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Incredible work!
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Awesome! What language are the runes in, and what do they mean?
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Huge Witcher Fan here!  LOVE this image!  I don't see a mention of media - but guessing by the ever so slight glimmer come off the blade, I'm going to guess digital?  LMK!

Excellent work on the runes, the detail on the hip armor, and masterful control of values!  niceeee!  (not actually trying to critique, just pointing out my favorite parts :D)
I like how this picture tells a lot about the Situation, whiteout showing much of it.



A young Woman is standing firmly; her view is focussed at what is coming towards her. She does not panic, and she does not boast, but she is totally focussed on the fight. As if she is experienced in combat.


The Way she holds her sword, and the blood on it of course, tell us, that she is doing well. The Way the blood is spread over the blade indicates, that at least three, more likely four, hostile fighters died fighting her.


Her Hair is kind of dishevelled, and she has some blood on her face and armour, so the Fight seems to be running for a while now.

But is the blood on her Eyes from her enemies, or her own? We can't know for sure. But let's look at the sword again. There is blood just above her guard, but not all the way up to the tip, as if she stabbed someone. The blood just above the guard, and on her face, highly point out, that the one who is responsible of the blood on her face, whether it is her or his own, came very close to her, before our heroine killed him.

She is completely focussed to her front, which means there are no hostile fighters threatening to surround her.

From what I see, I hope we will see her in future works, because she will come out of this on top.

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Kinda want I wanted Ciri to be like (I know it isn't Ciri but wish she was like this) but amazing work!
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Apart from being so beautifully painted, what I love about this one so much is the way you've perfectly captured this moment... the steady anticipation, maybe a little fear... the way the light softly highlights her and her sword as she steels herself for what's to come. Just an amazing job!
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Excellent.  Nice to see an impressive looking female warrior that's not wearing Bikini Armor.
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:O Absolutely beautiful! Amazing piece. 
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Very cool concept! I even thought about creating a cosplay by its motive HeartоHeart 
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Wow this looks awesoem!! I would like to cosplay it as an alternative Ciri version :) do you have more detailed pictures or is this the only picture??
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Good to know I'm not the only one that thought that XD
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Insanely good! I feel sorry for whatever she’s about to take down.
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