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Streets of Sandvik

By WojtekFus
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Personal piece done in between jobs. Focusing on workflow efficiency Fear the katana! 

For work in progress images and more follow me on my Instagram  and Facebook Thanks! Love you guys! Hug 
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the colors are so beautiful !! 

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I've been to the real Sandvik, it's far from that beautiful :D
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Amazing work,love this light.
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I'm in the process of writing a book. I was wondering if I could use this as a concept art for one of my locations?
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Truly amazing..
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I think this is similar to what I feel Whiterun SHOULD look like- sorry don't know Sandvik yet :) (looks almost like Dragons Reach on the hill :) This is great thank you you gave me a cool idea see ya-
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Oh my god! I cannot believe how could you see so many details. The sun illuminating partly, the dirt, that background, even the sun reflecting from that animal shaped ship-head on the left. Absolutely one of the most detailed and breath-taking artworks I've ever seen. Amazing job mate, seriously.
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Your picture was used for /r/promptofday for writers.  This is short story I came up with.  Hope you like it! youtu.be/niKQ5ceFaVw
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Love the lighting effects!
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Love the lights (and lighting) in this.
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Sandvik ... ... ...

Witcher? Skyrim? Something else? ^^
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This piece really captures the early morning mood and creates a very fitting atmosphere for the setting. The contrast of the warm and cold lights is great. Congratulations!
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I was hesitating to post because I wanted to say that this piece striked me as fascinating but perusing through your other work I was a bit taken aback. Both because I am not particularly fond of fan art (and SWs even less so)  and because I found them of a much lower quality. And honestly, I hate commenting negatively on what has been often long and hard work, and the shared expression of oneself.
And I was about to relent and close the tab when I read your comment. I generally do not, as not to be influenced by collateral perceptions.
So, to make and awkward and longer than necessary post short: Bravo! Very nicely done. The atmosphere, the setting, the lighting: everything is perfect. Keep finding time in between jobs! And thank you very much for sharing.
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This looks amazing plus I live in Le Havre in a part of the town named Sanvic which comes from the Old Norse "Sandvik" meaning "sandy bay"!
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Amazing work Wojtek, Headbang! 
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Oo for some reason this gives me really strong vibes to those old RPGs like Baldur's gate or even the newer ones like Divinity and Pillars of Eternity, i don't know why might just be me, but it makes me feel like going on an adventure ! =) 
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How do you achieve this motion picture style?
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