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Quick Sketch - Lightsaber Execution

Quick and sloppy photo-based sketch for Super Speedpainting Funtimes group. 50 mins.

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If you are interested in PRINT, I have my own print shop! You can get the print of this artwork, signed, with a free shipping worldwide!
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this is stunning work but quick sketch my ass

you know what a goddamn sketch is...

like 1 minute of sketching is a sketch.

this right here be rendered fit to frame type art, you could hang this one on a wall, nothing sketchy here

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This is so amazing! Her nose reminds me of Camila Cabello, not important, just something that surprised me xD
G0d-0f-N00b's avatar
Imagining a scene where the big bad was hit with the ultimate attack. Heroes be like 'is the baddy gone?' and out of the smoke the baddy with body burnt like that said, 'now ur just pissing me off.' 
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Wouah it's beautiful work ! 
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Is that Erza Scarlet?
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Groovy! love the lava outfit!
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Looks pretty mean to me! Great job!
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Super cool I hope for more 
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Thank Sheepy for showing me this fabulous picture! 
This should have been the new incarnation of the dark side in star wars VII
This looks like the child of Deathwing(World of Warcraft) in the Star Wars Universe. Absolutely love it.
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SuicideSheeep and the Force brought me here! 
You can almost feel her disdain for whatever has caught her attention.
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unbelievable Wow! 
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Had to think about Erza Scarlet from FT while seeing this
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