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Manor Lords - Keyart

I had a privilage to work on the keyart for my friend's upcoming Medieval RTS game that he is solo developing: Manor Lords. If you played strategies like Age of Empires/Stronghold make sure to check out the trailer. It's incredible what was already built by just one person, from assets, coding, map design, unit tech, and the overall vision for the game etc. Can't wait to play it! Wishlist on Steam:
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I love the concept, especially those little details like the muddy street. I can say I have never been this mesmerised by a puddle in my life :D

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Added to the wishlist

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That was so wonderful! you do such a great job well

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Ahhh! This is so stunning! The details make it look so realistic! Good luck to your friend!

man this is so detailed and beautiful!

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What a breath of fresh air this is. This picture takes me away to that place.

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What an amazing landscape :) Fantastic :)

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Excellent work bro!!
I love this kind of digital art, can you help me to grow up?
I'm new here but i have many works to upload.
Tnx and again, very good work!!
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Sometimes you see artists explaining why a composition, lighting and focal points work, and sometimes you see a piece of artwork that explains itself; this one is apart of the latter. I didn't even notice many of the flowers until I zoomed in and panned around.

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Excellent work!

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Wow! Amazing! Love that the knight is in the shadow.

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Pretty amazing and epic composition.

And thanks for posting it here ;)

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Is that a barbed wire fence?

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Good point! Wire would be way too expensive to use for fences.

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amazing work! love the story in your art

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