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Another exploration piece after work.

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Negotiations have begun my Queen

whoa man when those Periods kick in am I right?Oops! 
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Wow. This is really great.
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So creative and attractive

omg fucking love this one it's like a dark, cosmic, sexy dream
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oh yea, suicide sheep used this image
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why do the girls always have to be half naked or in there underwear?
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Thats amazing😊😊😊!!
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Looks bizarre and fascinating and with a bit of sexy thrown in, that's surely some of the best ingredients for great art. I really enjoy wondering what's going on here...
love love love love 
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omg, amazingggggg
I love this piece. Puts me in the mind of someone who is hesitating when it comes to leaving, because she doesn't know if what she'll find is better or worse than what she's leaving behind. Well done!
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Inside of H.A.L.
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Fantastic, Impressive, Wonderful, and Superb Artwork!!!:) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) =P (Razz) Wink/Razz :o (Eek) Meow :3 ;) (Wink) Clap La la la la Nod Giggle :happybounce: I think I've fainted. Fear Psychotic Crying Happy cry (Tears of joy) OMG Shocked omfg Worship OMG! I can't contain my excitement! w00t! Woohooooo! Singing B-) (Cool) Popcorn #1 :eager: by darkmoon3636 OMG MOAR POEMS! :squee: Judge Winner +favlove deviantART DeviantArt I love deviantART! deviantART 
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Soooo cooooool
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Pure awesomeness.
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Liked everything about it! Nice job!
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Amazing mood! Congrats!
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And I thought my office was a horrible place to work…


Anyway, I love the combination of horror and mystery that this presents, and I'm impressed by how much her apprehension shows from just her body language (though maybe my eyes peeked at her reflection before I realized). Though I suppose it could be more hopeful than anything, as the spotlight is on her and the elevator seems to be saying "No way to go but up." Then again, perhaps it just reached bottom and she's waiting for the doors to open and reveal whatever new horror it has brought upon her. Either way, it's a lot to think about while enjoying the wonderfully eerie and awe-inspiring mood.
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