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Homework for 3rd week's CGMA Matte Painting Class that turned into a Star Wars fanart. Learning a lot!
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Your Art is Superb, Thank You For allowing this Art to be Downloaded For free.

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Nice job guy !

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Is this a painting or 3d art?
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this is beyond words
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Great art. Just came to say that I don't know what's up with this photo but it's a great wallpaper. I have it like 6 months and it's really weird cos no matter how much I like photo for my desktop wallpaper It always turns out not to be suitable for background like always. This one... idk I can see all my icons, it's not falling right in my eyes, it isn't noticeable, it's not making me look at it but every time I see it It's relaxing and awesome just as the firs time I saw it. I mean that's the "right" kind of background we need to have. Lol probably the longest comment I ever wrote about desktop wallpaper
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Simply <3 it. That cruiser is epic looking!
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You. Did. This? :O
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great work with the dust layers, really adds depth
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Wow beautiful scale. I love the intricacy.
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Just wow. Awesome work!
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*in process of learning how to art digitally, sees this, throws everything away and walks out the door*
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Love it, huge fan of the art and the movies...and since no one else took it, I'll say it.  those are definitely the droids we are looking for.
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spectacular work...
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that... is one BIG star destroyer...
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 That's...pretty normal for a Star Destroyer. Even when they're small, they're still pretty big.
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You have talent. This is absolutely incredible.
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I am just blown away by the detail in this awesome scene! Clap 
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