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Dream in Red + VIDEO

Study of Steven Meisels amazing photograph! 

Process video:…

For more follow me here:
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merci beaucoup

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I love the angles and the warmth. Great piece. :) 
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Sweeeeet, kinda like watching the sunset on top of an Egyptian pyramid, not that i know what's that like but...
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oh my god, that's simply amazing!!!O_o
tak proste a za razem tak fantastyczne :) MEGA!!!
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I love your painting style!
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WOW, is this gorgeous! I LOVE the colors and all the expression. 
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Looks like Buffy! :D
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 So touching work~:)
make me think of
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You are a very talented artist, that's why I can not fathom why you wouldn't credit Steven Meisels work.
He shot this exact picture for VOGUE, Julia Stegner being the model. [url]pleasurephoto.files.wordpress.…
I bet you would want to be acknowledged for your work if someone else was going to do a (very good looking) replica.
Please be fair and credit the original artist. What do you have to lose? As we can see in your great gallery, you are a gifted painter, you have nothing to conceal.
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I don't know if he added it in the description after you said this, but he clearly says it was a study of Steven Meisel's photo in the description.
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I know, good thing. It was after my rant.
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Ah I see, it's good that you had that rant then, haha. 
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That link is broken man.
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I know, I messed up the link and can't fix it, just delete [/url] at the end and it'll work
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Wow wow wow, that's gorgeous. You're really selling an incredible temperature shift in the figure. Beautiful work. Are you on tumblr? I'd love to share this with folks if you don't mind.
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God My Oh!!!
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So simple, yet so spellbinding! Well done!
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Stunning angles and color scheme!
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