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"Well, if it isn't you, Doomsday," Frio said, his voice showing his sheer in-character hatred for the most well-known villain in the world. In actuality, it was the daycare assistant going along with the young isomara's roleplaying games. He genuinely had nothing against Levi, and if anything, it seemed like playing with the shy isomara seemed to help build his confidence. Levi - Er, Doomsday - was dressed in a villain outfit consisting of a black mask to hide his identity. With his sharp ram horns and tail spikes, however, he actually did seem a bit intimidating. Frio had to catch himself for a moment because sometimes he'd see those sharp glares from Levi and think, if even for a moment, that he really was becoming Doomsday, his alter ego. "I told you, you're never getting Bifro from me!" Frio squeaked, puffing up his fluffy chest triumphantly. "Oh, I-I'm not here f-f-for Bifro," The villain announced, his voice deep and powerful despite the obvious lisp. "Then what are you after?" Frio demanded. "You think that I was going to stop at your goom, Frio? I'm not stopping until I take over all of the islands," Doomsday announced, his eyes growing dangerous through his face mask. This was another one of those genuine moments when Frio couldn't tell if they were still playing or if Levi was just that strongly in-character. "As if I would let you do that!" Frio responded, "I'll find a way to stop you." He stopped, realizing something. "You know, between the hours that I'm not working for Carmen..." Frio added. Levi's eyes went wide. What was this guy going on about "And I did need to run some errands for Hasha and Darwin... Oh, maybe you need a better arch nemesis, really," Frio admitted, rubbing his head. Levi stopped, clear confusion showing on his face. "Frio!" He complained. The isomara's ramblings had pulled him out of the roleplaying universe. "Oh, sorry! I really am so busy, you know?" Frio said, giving a bit of a lighthearted chuckle. He just now realized that he had ended up inadvertently ruining the atmosphere of the whole serious villain speech episode. 
Words: 359
Isomara: 234 - Levi049 - Frio {NPC}
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