Doomsday's Blepper-Stealing Shenanigans! (Part 2)

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"A-A-Alright!" Doomsday said, standing up proudly. "I w-want that blepper, and I-I-I'm gonna fight y-you for it!" Frio stood strong, ready to take the hits. "I'm not going to give up so easily!" He said, winking to ensure that Levi wasn't actually intimidated by this. They had to build up the shy isomara's confidence bit by bit. Levi smacked a paw, turned into a fist, into his other palm, for a brief moment, as though he was still deciding what to do. Frio waited a bit, blinking. "T-Take this!" Doomsday said, throwing out his fist. It softly hit Frio on the shoulder, causing him to reel back. "I've been hurt!" He said, grabbing at his shoulder with his paw. His face fell for a moment, but his eyes glanced back from under the shadows of his hair. Doomsday, realizing that he was, in fact, winning, and pretty easily so, went for a more bolt strategy. He lowered his head, crouching down onto all fours. "What's that? A secret move?" Frio asked, startled. "Th-That's right!" Doomsday announced, charging forwards. He bolted after Frio, who was hit in the fluff of his chest by the headbutt. "Holy cow, you're strong!" Frio said, cheering him on. Frio took the blow, but then dizzily hopped off to the side, holding his head. "D-D-Do you need m-more where that came f-from?" Doomsday said proudly, standing over his defeated enemy. "Noo, noo!" Frio called out, "You've done enough! I surrender." Doomsday seemed more self-assured than ever, given that he had just gotten his first win against another isomara. "You did great, by the way," Frio said, breaking character once more. "D-Do you really think so?" Levi asked, pulling up the tip of his black eye mask to see the daycare keeper more carefully. "Yeah! That was your first fight ever, right?" Frio asked, blinking. Levi slowly nodded, looking down at the fist that he had punched Frio with. The daycare keeper obviously wasn't actually too hurt. Frio couldn't help but smile, thinking about how this might have been helping Levi be less timid in the future.
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… training in Fight
… training in Fight
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(This is adorable)

200+: 10
Training: 2
Small Companion: 3

Total = 15 ss
Levi gains +5 to fight; Frio gains +3 to fight