Doomsday's Blepper-Stealing Shenanigans! (Part 1)

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234 - Levi by IsomaraIndex 049 - Frio {NPC} by IsomaraIndex

Levi crashed through the bushes, donning a mask and a cape. "Noooo!" Frio said, faking his absolute horror. It was obvious that this was some kind of roleplaying game that the two were playing. "The mastermind Doomsday has found me!" The daycare keeper cried, "Whatever will I do?" Doomsday pulled up a growl deep from his throat, standing tall and towering over the much smaller isomara. "N-N-Now you'll hand y-your blepper over to me," the intimidating isomara said proudly, puffing up his chest. Behind Frio, upon a log, sat a blue creature with a curly tail, having a very similar, matching appearance to the daycare keeper himself. "No! Anything but that, Doomsday!" Frio said, shaking his head. He stood up, triumphantly. "I won't let you take Bifro without a fight!" He said, pulling all of his confidence up from his chest. Levi - Er, Doomsday's - Eyes went wide, as though he had not been expecting this. He broke out of character for a moment. "A-A-A fight?" He whimpered, clearly implying that this was not part of the original plan. Frio shrugged his shoulders, not thinking this was too much to ask. "I mean, you're some kind of great supervillain, right?" He pointed out, confused. "B-But I don't w-wanna... Hurt anyone," Levi corrected. "It's just a play fight!" Frio said, smiling big. Levi didn't want to ruin the mood of the game that they were playing. But he'd never play-fought before, so he was a bit worried... Then again, if he was going to be some kind of villain, he did have to learn how to not only pretend fight, but to real fight. Levi didn't know that he had the constitution to be able to do it. "Hey, it's okay!" Frio said, patting him on the shoulder with a big ol' grin on his face. "It's just a little fight, and I'll make sure you win, right?" Levi nodded, feeling a bit better about this. Cracking his neck with one paw, he stood up, re-donning his mask and his Doomsday persona once more and preparing to fight Frio one on one.
Words: 350
… training in Fight
… training in Fight
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(This is adorable)

200+: 10
Training: 2
Small Companion: 3

Total = 15 ss
Levi gains +5 to fight; Frio gains +3 to fight