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BONK Atomic Punch Label Printer
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Published: April 27, 2009
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Galen and I have been slowly working on this for a while.

We wanted a clean, vector version of the bonk label, but we couldn't agree on a size. So he threw this little program together which will generate a label in just about any size.

For this to print properly, you need to set your printer to landscape. Otherwise it'll be too short.

4/28/2009: Updated the file to fix some problems with the fonts.

4/29/2009: Fixed a bug that caused label generation to not work properly when printing two labels of the same color in a row.

11/16/2009: added soda and beer can sizes. Not 100% if the beer can will work with all brands, I think they're pretty much the same size but I don't really drink beer.

05/22/200: CRIT-A-COLA, baby! It's almost a week later than I said it'd be up, but Galen and I work on completely opposite schedules, so it's almost impossible to get anything coordinated. Changed some of the interface and the About information as well.

I'd recomend not downloading the file, and favoriting/bookmarking this page, since we're updating it regularly. Also, if you run into any problems, post here or e-mail Galen. E-mail is probably your best bet, though, since he's the tech guy here.
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JamieDERPBOIII1121's avatar
It's pretty good but can you add The Coca-Cola Mini can size? It's fine if you say no. I'm just asking if you can do it or not.
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JamieDERPBOIII1121's avatar

I also want ya to add the Festive Bonk.

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Archimedes-the-dove's avatar
Archimedes-the-dove|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks! Used it for decoration.
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Froggyman145's avatar
Froggyman145|Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much! Really helped my cosplay!
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cooperhund's avatar
cant drink redbull without bonk label now
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FunShadow's avatar
I know its a year late, but could you maybe include some fanmade Bonk! labels? Maybe, invis Bonk!, Prototype Punch and Mini Mann?
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V4peNation's avatar
What is the best method for attaching it to the can?
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Elite-James's avatar
The BLU version is printing way to small, even though I have the correct dimensions.
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NerdyGamerTV1's avatar
Sorry, but I do not get what the BOINK! you mean about "overlap" :| (Blank Stare) 
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DestinyDraws's avatar
DestinyDraws|Hobbyist General Artist
A year late, I know, but "overlap" is like...extra label space. It's there to make sure the label isn't too short, or has an awkward seam even if it's the right length. With overlap, you can also make the label into a removable tube and reuse it instead of permanently attaching it to the can.
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DizzySpins's avatar
DizzySpins|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for Sharing this. I'll be using it for my kids costume. You Rock!
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Beginneratart's avatar
Beginneratart|Hobbyist General Artist
I'll definitely use this for Halloween. Thanks a bunch!
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EpicMario99's avatar
"BOINK!" made me laugh a LOT harder than it should have.

A LOT harder.

Also, this is great! Thanks a lot!
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The3Warriors's avatar
The3Warriors|Hobbyist General Artist
Didn't work for me It only turned out bLACK
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someonewantscartoons's avatar
someonewantscartoons|Hobbyist General Artist
You have to print it out in color
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Sherlock-Scout's avatar
Worked Great! Thank you so much!
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Shrewbiez's avatar
Shrewbiez|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is pretty sweet
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Keroro22's avatar
Suggestion, why not add the festive bonk labels?
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CyborgDragonGuy|Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, this helps a lot!
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CaesarShock|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dude this is Amazing!! :D
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WaffleMan749's avatar
How do i put the paper on to the soda can? Its really hard because the can is wet after putting it in the fridge. 
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JustWannaSay|Student Digital Artist
You can buy the bonk drink on: www.amazon.co.uk/Team-Fortress…
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linkpwnsall's avatar
Best cans, if you just want regular pop:

RED: Dr. Pepper
BLU: Pepsi
Crit-A-Cola: Faygo Grape/other brand of grape soda
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brandonblue9's avatar
stuff to make the drink itself:

BLU:                                                               RED:
1 red bull energy drink                                  1 red bull energy drink
1 5-hour energy drink                                   1 5-hour energy drink
the green half of war heads double drops   the red half of war heads double drops
green pop rocks (watermelon)                     red pop rocks (straw berry)

                                   :)   then just stir them after string drink and enjoy! :)
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