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Free Rain/Night Hybrid Headshot Base by Pomegranate-RainWing
Free Ice/NightWing Headshot Base by Pomegranate-RainWing
Free to Use RainWing/NightWing Hybrid Base by Pomegranate-RainWing
Free to Use SeaWing/MudWing Hybrid Base by Pomegranate-RainWing
For Sale
Wof adoptables Open by CrookedtoothCypress
WoF Auction - Sanwing / Icewing by TheEnchantedInk26
Wof adopts (3/7 open) by Stormwingstar
WoF adoptables #1 (CLOSED) by DawnDragonscale
Two or More Dragon Hybrids in Picture
Glass Blown Ice and Sky Egg by TheDryIceDragon
Total Eclipse by DesertBloomBeasts
leave out all the rest WoF OC PMV by Bai-ZeWarrior
crush on rush by Bai-ZeWarrior
Sandwing Mudwing
Heatray Fullbody by Flare-Draws
Tephra Ref Sheet by WhimsicalGhosts
.:P:. 'Cause That's What Young Love is all About by Darkumbreon92
.:P:. Got Some Sunshine in my Pocket by Darkumbreon92
Nightwing Mudwing
Volcano by OPAALE
Gravedigger by Wawelian
Rockslide by Foxtail74
WoF: Night/Mud Hybrid Adopt Fullbody (Closed) by WinterFrostDragon
Seawing Mudwing
Walleye by Caactushugger
Moss by SamthePan
Gatcha! Result for CataclysmicFire by AvalancheOfPusheens
Everglade headshot by StarsTempestuous
Icewing Mudwing
Underground Caverns by Vegasyote
Hedgehog by Wisp--of--Smoke
chvbbyboba Ice/Mud Custom Design by IceOfWaterflock
Moosey by chvbbyboba
Skywing Mudwing
Cliff Headshot. by PanDeSalvado
It Will Be Okay by xTheDragonRebornx
Mahogany by xTheDragonRebornx
Rosewood reference by Caactushugger
Rainwing Mudwing
[Design trade] Frog solider by Caactushugger
WOF Next gen Marsh Lilly by ScorpionNinjaGirl
Design Contest Entry  by xXShadowFang99Xx
:C: Bad Karma by BeetleTheSilkWing
Nightwing Sandwing
Sidewinder ref by ausgoth
Seawing Sandwing
Suave by Wawelian
Icewing Sandwing
Of tundra and desert by SnowyMoonlight
Skywing Sandwing
Khamsin Headshot | Wings of Fire OC by Owibyx
Rainwing Sandwing
Ray Cheeb Pagedoll WIP by Umbresol
Rainwing Nightwing
If he knew by zagiir
Seawing Nightwing
Cichlidae by zagiir
Icewing Nightwing
Updated Fiercecry Ref by dawnsdarkness
Skywing Nightwing
Blood Moon :Official Ref: by BeetleTheSilkWing
Icewing Seawing
White on White by zagiir
Skywing Seawing
Cloud by DiamondtheBeta
Rainwing Seawing
Cotinga (AF) by xXShadowFang99Xx
Skywing Icewing
Snow meets Sky: Crevasse by SnowyMoonlight
Rainwing Icewing
WoF Icewing/Rainwing hybrid OC - Sleet by TheEnchantedInk26
Rainwing Skywing
dawn pride by OPAALE
SilkWing HiveWing
flying in the sun by Wisp--of--Smoke
SilkWing LeafWing
silenced by Wawelian
HiveWing LeafWing
Pantala Dragons Pyrrhia Dragons
DT ~ Goldenaster by Glowstone-Glows
Three or More Way Hybrids
AUCTION SB 1 pt - Black and gold koi Hybrid - OPEN by WolfiiWiingz
AllWings - All Tribes
Main Wof Ocs (not Sonas) by I-gasps3





Please feel free to entry your Wings of Fire OC Hybrid
We don't judge on art style or talent, its all about the idea of your character and the cool possibilities there are of hybrids and crossbreeds of Wings of Fire dragon breeds :)

2. Be kind to others, I do not want fighting.
3. Please enter your picture in the CORRECT folder, each folder is named for each kind of Hybrid in Wings of Fire.
4. If you want to sell an OC Hybrid, put it in the For Sale folder.
5. NO NON-HYBRID BREEDS PICTURES. Kinda defeats the purpose of this group. Only exceptions are if the picture involves a Hybrid or Crossbreed.

But remember HAVE FUN

Baby Aurora by xTheDragonRebornx - The one and only xTheDragonRebornx

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AnzuNite Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2018
Could someone possibly send me an invite? :0
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U may excuse me, I submitted Cloud in the wrong folder, now how do I get it out???
Toxic-Flow Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Scroll down on the deviantation's page, press the pencil beside the group icon, click 'Remove from Group' then resubmit to the correct folder.
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Oh, ok! Thx!
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hmm maybe we should put in the new tribes 
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Hey, so I have a two headed IceWing SkyWing hybrid and I was wondering which founder to put it in.  Will it be "Two or More Dragon Hybrids in Picture" or "SkyWing IceWing"
Toxic-Flow Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Either way it would go into SkyWing IceWing since in reality even though its a two headed, with two brains, its kind of the same dragon body-wise, two or more dragon hybrids would be more if you had two (or more) completely separate ocs. 

Hope this helps :) 
karch2 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It does, thank you!
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