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F2U | Simple NightWing Base | Wings of Fire by Owibyx
F2U | Simple IceWing Base | Wings of Fire by Owibyx
F2U | Simple RainWing Base | Wings of Fire by Owibyx
F2U | Simple SkyWing Base | Wings of Fire by Owibyx
For Sale
Skywing/Silkwing adopt [Closed] by ClTRlNE
Some Randomly Generated Mudwing Adopts (Open!) by jillybean711
Hold On! (7/7 open) by WinglessHope
Complex Minds (7/7 OPEN) by WinglessHope
Two or More Dragon Hybrids in Picture
Missed You Guys by xTheDragonRebornx
Hivewing Hybrid Adopts OPEN 1/3 by Lemon-Enthusiast
You and Me by Kelina10
Wings of Fire Tribes Body Shape and Size Study by xTheDragonRebornx
Sandwing Mudwing
WoF Adopt Challenge [3/25] (3 CLOSED, 1 OPEN) by ShardTheIceNight
The Taste Of Defeat Is Oh So Sweet by QueenOfDragonFire
High Noon by TrulySerenity
ChUnGUs Headshot by TheChaosApex
Nightwing Mudwing
Nirav CM by JuliaSketches
Rlly Lazy Doodles Im Tired Aaaa by VividOrange
Moonlit Woods by VividOrange
Needlepoint (owed) by Sandfire12
Seawing Mudwing
Ocean Man by BASTlON
Cookiecutter by jillybean711
christen by risenwaters
Dagonfly Pride! by Delmare-The-Hybrid
Icewing Mudwing
Nunatak Commission by GDTrekkie
Razorclaw (AT) by TheBluebellFlame
Firery Snow by VividOrange
nunatak pride ych by TheFrostyPhoenix
Skywing Mudwing
lift by ClTRlNE
uwu by VividOrange
One Who rules sunset skies [AF] by Glassiiee
Hodgins by QueenSkara
Rainwing Mudwing
i wanna ride my bicycle by WarriorCatFan53
do it for her by risenwaters
Terra by StarscapeNightWing
sun king [p] by saturnscales
Nightwing Sandwing
[OLD] Jolene MAP!!! by timeblitz
Seawing Sandwing
Seahorse Ref by VividOrange
Icewing Sandwing
Glare by LeDoodles
Skywing Sandwing
(AT): Ch-Ch-Ch Cherrybomb by Werew0lf-Gimmick
Rainwing Sandwing
Poppy Reference [REDRAW] by TheChaosApex
Rainwing Nightwing
Heart Eyes At The Stalls by timeblitz
Seawing Nightwing
Dark Side of the Moon by Eclipsed-Sky
Icewing Nightwing
DSL Arguments by zagiir
Skywing Nightwing
Forest by ClTRlNE
Icewing Seawing

Mature Content

But I am the Queen by Herakidpatrol
Skywing Seawing
Maybe it's the way you're dressed by ShardTheIceNight
Rainwing Seawing
(COM): Rainy Sea by Werew0lf-Gimmick
Skywing Icewing
How Long Should We Let It Go by hereway
Rainwing Icewing
Frozen Flower by Egoius
Rainwing Skywing
Apophis (Gift) by Lovable-Peril
SilkWing HiveWing
Palette Adopt 20 by VividOrange
SilkWing LeafWing
Setting A Fire by Ardent-Skies
HiveWing LeafWing
Fleck (Art Fight) by GDTrekkie
Pantala Dragons Pyrrhia Dragons
Rebirth Reference by TheChaosApex
Three or More Way Hybrids
I'm not scared anymore by AwesomeAmber-669
AllWings - All Tribes
Zhangye Landform (CLOSED) by Silentfire99





Please feel free to entry your Wings of Fire OC Hybrid
We don't judge on art style or talent, its all about the idea of your character and the cool possibilities there are of hybrids and crossbreeds of Wings of Fire dragon breeds :)

2. Be kind to others, I do not want fighting.
3. Please enter your picture in the CORRECT folder, each folder is named for each kind of Hybrid in Wings of Fire.
4. If you want to sell an OC Hybrid, put it in the For Sale folder.
5. NO NON-HYBRID BREEDS PICTURES. Kinda defeats the purpose of this group. Only exceptions are if the picture involves a Hybrid or Crossbreed.

But remember HAVE FUN

Baby Aurora by xTheDragonRebornx - The one and only xTheDragonRebornx
The Winners are
Third Place with missingecho - WoF-Hybrid Icon Contest Entry by missingecho
Second Place with zagiir - Wof-hybrids by zagiir
First Place with LaPurrm - [CE] WoF-Hybrids Icon by LaPurrm

Thank you everyone for joining, I loved all the entries so for your work I will be giving you my headshot templates for a show of thanks :3


I think it's time to get a new icon banner thing for this group :)

Even though TsunamiHolmes icon is still brilliant, amazing, and I love it to death, we need a new one with the all the new tribes too.

So I am hosting a contest for it :)

---What the banner icon needs---

1 - Must be 100x50 pixel in size. It cannot be 1 pixel bigger or smaller. Must be less than 30kB or exactly 30kb since this is the size limit for a group icon.

2 - Needs to be animated.

3 - Must involve all of the tribes.

---How to Enter---
When you are done with the entry please tag xTheDragonRebornx in the description.
If you don't do this I won't be notified of the entry and I wouldn't know that you entered.
Once I see your entry I will put it in this journal in the entry section. If you don't see your entry there please note me.


First place - 1000 points, a headshot, and my WoF master template set, which includes my headshot templates and full body templates sets - 2018 Wings of Fire All Tribes Templates Download by xTheDragonRebornx WoF 2018 All Tribes Headshot Template Download by xTheDragonRebornx

Second place - 500 points, a headshot, and my WoF fullbody template set - 2018 Wings of Fire All Tribes Templates Download by xTheDragonRebornx

Third place - 250 points, a headshot, and my WoF headshot template set - WoF 2018 All Tribes Headshot Template Download by xTheDragonRebornx

Due date - October 1st 2018 at 12:00 pm Pacific time


:thumb764188622: WOF FOREVER [CE] by TriangleSeagull Wings of fire hybrid (CE) by Fluffers-Fly WoF-Hybrid Icon Contest entry (What am I doing) by TheEnchantedInk26 Wof-hybrids by zagiir WoF Hybrids Icon by VeneLaPommeDePin WoF-Hybrid Icon Contest Entry by missingecho [CE] WoF-Hybrids Icon by LaPurrm WoF Banner Contest by Snowleopard-draws
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