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Voravalles - Lun

By Woestijn
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So I actually wanted to make another character for this group
Which I actually did.

★ Basic Information ★

Name: Lun
Age: 32
Height: 6'1 - 185CM
Species: Human
Appearance: A grim looking male with a pony tale and too much time to waste
Faction: Survivor
Residence: Dead Woods

★ Personal Information ★

-Long walks




Predicting the Future: Being an Oracle this man of course ,can see the future. He looks into the camera with wide eyes and does a "That's so Raven" zoom with a quick gasp coming after it. Yes he can totally see the future.
Indeed I have said that before.


Health: This man has barely any white blood cells left to defend the virusses and pesky bacteria. He's 90% of the time sick and snottery , sneezing and weeping in agony over his newfound illness. Why he's staying in such an obviously imappropriate location is also beyond me

Apart from his poor immune system he's a weakling , he has no bulky arms and his pecs aren't flying out left and right. He is far from being called powerful and therefore avoids trouble.

He has no arms:, Yes indeed my ladies and gents ,he has no arms to lift or drag. Everything he does is with his very clean feet ,be it from sipping tea to flying a kite he can do it with his two trusty feet. 

Goals: Shhh :iconitisamysteryplz:

Quiet - Observant - Weakhearted - Mellow - Awkward - Level-headed
Lun is a very quiet man , taking his time to just take in his surroundings and spending his life peacefully in an obviously dangerous place. He is weakhearted , mellow and not quick to judge. All he really wants is peace , he's generally awkward around living creatures trying to slide away from conversation whenever he feels like it. He has his own pace and can been seen as a level headed guy.
...then again if you can predict the future that is a given


★ Misc. Information ★

-He's blind
-He has no arms
-He sometimes fishes in woodly swamps...with his feet
-He sleeps upside down 
-Even if he can predict the future he still manages to slam against everything
-You may call him a weirdo

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Iiwi's avatar
He's so lovely! and I like his personality~
Oh my gosh.

-Squeals at his age-

I like the glow effect and everything
He does look creepy but you just want to get near him.

Yey for being observant:heart:
Woestijn's avatar
I love old men yesyes
Iiwi's avatar
Old men for the win:heart: lol
Kuronai's avatar
Echo: WHO IS THIS CUTIE!? :iconbuenoplz:
AND HOW DO I GET A PIECE OF HIM!? :icongetsomeplz:
Woestijn's avatar

Lun: It is I , Lun and you are?!

ghostlyBuuu's avatar

Love the glow effect, gives off a soft and just a tiny bit creepy feeling. To me, anyway XD

Nice character design, hope to RP with you soon uvu

Woestijn's avatar
It's a little eerie.
Even if the weirdo is everything but eerie.
And yes ouo I hope so too
ghostlyBuuu's avatar
Who knows; he might be going through a phase 
:iconkiligplz: Got skype~? 
Woestijn's avatar
yes my skype is woestijnbloempje ;u;
Yekrutslover's avatar
:iconheplz: Wow, what a beaut. His personality? His appearance? His no arms? I am enchanted :iconlazeflirtplz:
Woestijn's avatar
it's the painted toenails that give off that enchanted vibe
Yekrutslover's avatar
The real question here is how does he paint his toenails if he has no arms? Mysterioooouuus
Woestijn's avatar
With his other foot :iconicwhatyoudidthereplz:
Yekrutslover's avatar
/swoons so enchanting
Woestijn's avatar
I know he's very very very enchanting :iconzangiefheheplz:
Kimidoll's avatar
Luuuuun :iconmingflailplz:
Why you so hhhhh
I like his ability :iconlazeplz:
Why he has no arms :iconamgplz:
weiirdo :iconheplz:
Woestijn's avatar
He's one of those idiots who stands waving his non existant arms in the background.
SwiftIllusion's avatar
Super beautiful art/design, and Incredible character description, crazy interesting character :D. Hope you're having fun in the group ^^.
Woestijn's avatar
bishi-beast's avatar
omg i want to meet
Woestijn's avatar
Yes let's meet :iconbuenoplz:
bishi-beast's avatar

I can't remember if I asked you, but do you have Skype :iconhideplz:
Woestijn's avatar
Ah of course :iconoohmisterplz:
My skype is  Woestijnbloempje
bishi-beast's avatar
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