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Vor-Joke outfits

Let's have some fun this beat is sick.
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick.

Joker = mine
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This is so adorawesome!
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Daren: Damn you're pretty flat.
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omg no ajgawjgpaj

Joker: So are you :iconohyouplz:
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Daren: I'm suppose to be. I'm not a chick. 
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Joker: So you are saying girls have to have big breasts? *smirks*
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Daren: what? No. What has the world come to? A man can't make a comment about a woman being flat chested without being accused of false presumptions? *he over acted a "why god" pose raising his arms to the sky as he knelt. He stayed this way for a second with complete silence before dropping his hands into his lap and looking back at Joker* Nah. In fact, I hold the opposite view. Women with big boobs just look like a joke. Especially when they try to run. *he chuckled to himself* oh. I never caught your name. 
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Joker: A little surprised by the sudden fall she looked down for a moment a cocked eyebrow towards the man in his knees.
Over dramatizing on her early tease. Once his act was over she crouched down as well,her head tilted while she stared him in the eyes.
"Nah , women with big boobs can be fun~ " she stated with a grin  "So are women with small boobs and men with no boobs~ " 
she quickly snickered afterwards , reaching her heavily silver and gold braceleted arm towards the man. " It's Joker , how about you?
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Daren: *he smirked at a memory and mumbled to himself* oh yes they are. *reaching out, he took her hand and placed a princely peck on her knuckles, though it looked more like he did the action out of habit and not in a flirtatious way.* Daren. Nice to meet you. 
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Joker: "Nice that you agree with that" she snickered lightly.
Looking with a growing grin at the small peck on her knuckles,her gaze softening for a moment.
"Daren huh, you sure are a charmer~ " she mentioned before helping him up on his feet again.
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i would be so happy if you designed clothes proffecionally
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pftt would be too much work for sure
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yeah but i really wanna wear the clothes you make in your drawings! =3= (i really love you!)
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Aw ; u ;
well idk man
I don't think my designs will ever be available
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mabye not, that that would be fun, huh?! you so creative 0u0
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dat suit :icondatassplz: work it Joker~
I find all her outfits amazingly adorable on her. why is she so awesome?
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Idk :iconimsotiredplz:
and yish suited joker mhmm
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They all look SO GOOOOOD @~@!!
And your pattern/icon designs look as awesome as ever :D
Also that weapon OH MY GOODNESS @=@ EPIC! Full of badassery :D.
Love all of this :D
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Ahaha thank you ; u ;
Also I have some time to design this week.
What kind of theme and handhelds would you like?
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OOOOH :D!!! Awesome x3!!
If possible a samurai-esque design?
With weapon handhelds, a fantasy style long and short samurai sword.
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Joker :iconlazyweepplz:
Y U SO PRETTY :iconyunoguyplz:
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Maybe she's born with it.
Maybe it's mabyline
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