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Nexus City - Puce


Okay so this group really seemed interesting and a good excuse to draw more of this character.
Which I created a few weeks ago and really need to place somewhere.
Now let's see.

Name: Puce
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Creature: Magical Catboy +*+*+++
Eye colour: Yellow
Hair colour:Puce (see what I did there?)
Orientation: Demisexual
Job: Classified Hobo
District: Tartaros


Agillity: He's very Agile to the point of making high jumps and landing happily on both feet. With great speed,reflexes,endurance and balance like any other cat. Next to that he has some good flexiblillty. Using it to occassionally sleep with a leg in his neck or like the great pretzel he really is.
He uses his more cat like abillities mostly for running and jumping around rooftops and such. Very die hard parkour.

Magic: He's a *+ magical *+* catboy of course. Though his magic isn't all too great. You see, his limbs are slowly rotting. Making his hands and feet quite dangerous to the touch. As they can suck the very life out of whatever they touch.  Next to that he can do small scaled magic that no one has any use for like splash water on people and make small energy balls and pretend they are christmas lights.


[ Adventurous //  Curious // Bold // Energetic // Charming // Emotional ]

Puce is what you can call a jumping ball of energetic vigor. Seeking adventure wherever he goes ,
as his curious eyes lock on to the next interesting thing all too quickly.
He's wild ,loose and acts untamed. With a fast tongue and charming eyes to go with it.
Asking questions left and right, and shoving his nose everywhere.
He can be a bit tact-less ,blunt and overemotional at times but his heart is at the right place.
Not to mention that most logic is lost on him as he relies strongly on emotions rather than
his average to top brain.
He's almost never grumpy and whatever hurtful things he spouts are usually not on purpose.
Sadly his tongue moves faster than his brains and leaves him with bold decisions like a loose cannon ready to shoot.


His past is a mystery to him. Leaving him curious to who he really is.
Not remembering any anmesia or trauma that could've caused his lack of memory.
All he knows is the name of the city and his district.
His name was made up to make a gag about the word "puss" and he's been living his days quite peacefully.
Searching left and right for adventure ,while trying to survive every day.
Since he doesn't have a house he hops around in search for a place to eat and sleep.
And is never really seen on one place. You can find him mostly jumping around the roofs.
Or sitting in the sunlight on a warm day. 
Even if he likes talking to people, you rarely see him interacting with anyone in the city.
Atleast if his interest isn't sparked.
That might have to do with his touch being half way fatal.

 Likes / Dislikes:

+ Sunny days
+ Milk
+ Adventure
+ Rock and Roll
+ Fish
+ Shelters
+ Small animals
+ Heights
- Ringing noises
- Thunder
- bugs
- Rain
- Chocolate

 Additional Info's:

- His rotting limbs aren't really the biggest deal in the world. Yes of course they are rotting. But with the magical power he has he's preventing the process.
If anything they'll rot off after he's dead.
- It stinks a little though, which kinda annoys him at times. leaving him to search for masking odours
- He's very skilled in using his tail, make of that what you want to make of it
- He has a small case of hay fever, sneezing quite some in the spring months
- He hides his feet and hands most of the time since he doesn't want to scare people
- His feet and hands are pretty dark in colour and show light glowing veins
- His blood is blue, how cool is that
- He's very proud of the "cat lands on both paws every time" thing
- He's scared of thunder, somehow the noise scares the living day light out of him.
- His eyes glow pretty brightly like wtf he's a walking traffic light
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Skunkyfly's avatar
wuaaaahhhhh <3 this is so cuteeeeeeeeeee Love 
Woestijn's avatar

Ahaha late reply is late :iconsweatsnervouslyplz:
Thank you~
yours is adorable too ehehe
Skunkyfly's avatar
awwwwwwww you are welcome senpaiiii~~~~ <333
hope we can do RP next timeeeee~~~~
Woestijn's avatar

yeah that'd be nice
I'm extremely busy these days though
so one day
one day for sure
Skunkyfly's avatar
awwww,,,, don't too push your self senpai (Q ^ Q).
remember to keep your health (sorry bad English ;;v;;)
yeeppp,, we will wait for that day ^^ //sit on the corner on your gallery *slap
Kovyx's avatar
omg Puce and Kovie would be best friends seriously XD ya wanna rp?
Woestijn's avatar

I'm sorry i'm a little busy atm to really rp, I might have time later in june or something
///sobs forever
Kovyx's avatar
Calyp-so's avatar
what a cutie seriously *v*
i love his clothes so much and your coloring style is just HNNNG 
amazing OTL 
Welcome to the group
and i hope we are able to rp ovo//
Woestijn's avatar

Ahh! :iconuguufaceplz:
Thank you! ~ <3
And yes I hope so too! ;u;
Iiwi's avatar
I feel I am missing something with the "puce" thing lol.
BUT, he's really adorable I want to snuggle him times a thousand.
Nothing beats an old fashioned magical cat boy~:heart:

I hope you have tons of fun in Nexus Cityy, I know some friends that are joining it.
He likes milk, oh my gosh v.v I want to give him a bowl of milk and keep him but I guess that's kidnapping huh?

Lawl I didn't know being a hobo counted as a job.
I like the pose though keep

Keep up the good work woeeeeee baby~:heart:
Woestijn's avatar

it's just a pun on "puss "
Also it's the colour of his hair, atleast I thought that would be it.

Please do not catnap him :Y
He's a professional hobo.
Iiwi's avatar
Oh okay!
Oh woe your so silly.

I won't >w>;

Professional Hobo~
pompon-chan's avatar
WOW this is so cool 
omg * A *
Woestijn's avatar
MikoPudding's avatar
Awww, he's so adorable! ;D
I really like how you painted him, the coloring looks so soft and cute <3
Is it possible you got inspiration for him from Aoba from DRAMAtical Murder? 
He looks similiar to my App, too~ xD
Woestijn's avatar

Hm no I didn't get inspired by Aoba. c;
Just made a hoodie for him to go with the pose.
He has a different design by far.

They don't really LOOK the same.
Their personallity seems a like though.
But Puce isn't very introvert or "lazy" 
or likes stuffed animals and shit.
so I guess it's alright =w=; 

And thank you~
MikoPudding's avatar
Ooooooh, I just thought their shoes were similar xD
Now that I compare them more, you're right. > _ <
Woestijn's avatar

Aoba has white shoes.
Really ugly ones.
Puce has boots, like just regular looking boots with glowing edges.…
retro :icondatassplz:

And ye, nice character btw~ c;
I'm sure they differ more in a way :iconshrugsplz:
MikoPudding's avatar
Hahaha ugly white shoes! xD
I'm not sure why I made the connection between the two now O.o 
And tyvm ! ;D
mei-senpaii's avatar
OHMYGOD :iconlaze2plz:

This is so amazing <3
Woestijn's avatar

Why thank you c8
mei-senpaii's avatar
you're oh so very welcome :iconlaze2plz:
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