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I thought let's update my DA after a year or two of just...quietly checking it now and then.
Hell I've been more active on Neopets than on Deviantart lately,
so really let's just knock out a journal here to tell you guys what I've been up to.

As some of you might know I'm still in school, my last year of it soon to be graduating.
And as some of you might also know that I'm an Animation student. Who's graduating project is a painstaking
gutwrenching blood sweat ,and tears animation. Meaning I've spent the first half of previous year being in complete agony
about a burn out on my graduation, and the second half of the year being in complete agony because I have to finish the damm animation.
Also I finished persona 5 in between those two so that's 120 hours wasted on good ol' mind numbing fun.

Anyway i'm now actually DONE with my animation, which is indeed unbelievable I know. In which after I actually took a long long break 3-4 weeks to just lay down and sleep, play pokemon ultra moon and just...try to regain my strength. It was mentally exhausting to go through the whole last 2 weeks of my animation. But well now that it's done, I want to change a few small things and then post it up for everyone to see. If I fix my thesis I'll finally be graduating which is great since then I can actually boast about my vast knowledge of animation with a degree to back me up.

I thought maybe you guys like to know a bit about my 4th year film, It's about an old man living between the clouds and stars, he catches and fixes stars that fall down. These stars being our hopes and dreams and ambitions that we might have forgotten or worry about on a daily basis. He tries to help us go through with it or nudges us in the right direction. Because hell I need that sometimes, especially when i'm making a horribly long animation. Anyway It's a small story about his work with somethings going wrong and things getting to much for him.

For more behind the scenes and concept art I have a blog where you can read about my PAIN AND SORROW, and also see some drawings I did for my final film, I'm still half working on it but well you know. 



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Kimidoll Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2017
Akamine89 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2017
how have you been ^_^ 
rake-nopo Featured By Owner Edited Jul 15, 2017   Digital Artist
hi woe, idk if you still remember me? (i hope you are q,q), I'm the guy you called "bam" in Iscribble back then (real username was djawaman21 though) 8B

ever-gorgeous cute art by the way

...sorry if this is so sudden lol 8'B
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Alejandro4LG Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2017
DUDE omfg it's been so long! we used to draw on iscribble together! how are you??
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tweakytrinket Featured By Owner May 3, 2017
Woe do you have a Facebook I can follow you on?  I like to still see your art but I'm not on DA anymore.  :c
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