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Plastiq Gtk3 (Gtk2 version + mutter|metacity themes included)
Dark Theme, uses unico engine
Please, please report any bugs.

This theme needs to be placed in /usr/share/themes to work properly
placing it under ~/.themes/ will cause ugly gradients.

There's no new packages on the ppa yet!, sorry but I didn't have much time to repack… in a few days will be updated
Add ppa:worg/themes to your sources, install
by typing this on a terminal:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install plastiq-gtk-theme

and enjoy :D

Available on AUR

What's new:
Gnome 3.4 ready!
New tabs
Inset text on menus and toolbars
Reduced roundness on widgets
New mutter theme
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Is there a way to turn off the dimming when a window looses focus?
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As I've answered already on gnome-look:
Yes, edit gtk-widgets.css file inside gtk-3.0 folder and remove any block with :backdrop in front of a class.
If you've worked before with css or c lang it's pretty easy
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so the terminal line is : apt-get install plastiq
but why don't I locate the package ?
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sorry for replying too late, but te command is
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install plastiq-gtk-theme
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thx .. I have sorted it out . Looking forward to your next works ..
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I have added the ppa and updated ..
My favorite theme.

I tried a lot - but always came back to plastiq.
I installed it via ppa today and I'm looking forward to future updates.

Softwarecenter is themed and looking great (Ubuntu 11.10, Gnome 3.2.1).

Thanks very much for your work!!!
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I'm glad that you like!
finally I managed to get time to set up the god darn ppa, so ubuntu users don't suffer anymore of an ugly softwarecenter, any suggestion|improvement are welcome
thanks for using it!
Hey woerg,

I would like to have portions of nautilus transparent -- the menu and the main window, for example.
Which lines in the .css would I have to tweak to "alpha" nautilus?

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sorry for replying so late, as far as I know there's no way to make transparent the UI using the unico engine (on gtk3 obviously) on gtk2 murrine allows setting RGBA on some apps, but the apps need to be patched or at least support it.

If you are using Unity, you can configure compiz to set the menu transparent following this guide
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This theme is awesome and I love it. But the ubuntu software center remains unthemed and text in it is unreadable because its white text on a white background.
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Try installing [link] first, and then download again the theme and extract under /usr/share/themes, sorry I haven't had much time to pack a deb file
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BTW thnaks 4 the fave
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