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Andrew - A Mega Man Zero Fanfic Excerpt
The opposite of life isn't underground; it's under water.
It was a realization that jolted into Andrew's head the moment his body smashed into the icy water and speared down into the dark depths.  Above him was the world he knew, easily excitable, waves that never stopped dancing, the clouds that never stopped moving, the thick slap of seawater against reef and the mad pitching of the vessel he worked on, the Judith Prosperity.
But under the ocean, the world was a silent, chilly tomb where nothing would be hurried. The Finger of Time rarely penetrated the milimetre-thick barrier that separated water and sky.  
I see you.  Oh, don't tell me you've gone unconscious already.
The ocean lived by its own rules which were based heavily on the principle of Finders Keepers.  Sailors thrown overboard could count on a watery grave.  Andrew grimly recalled a song that said lakes didn't easily give up their dead as he propelled himself towards the young sailor -- a human -- whose
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Cosplay: San from Princess Mononoke (Wolf Butt) by woekitten Cosplay: San from Princess Mononoke (Wolf Butt) :iconwoekitten:woekitten 2 1 Cosplay: San from Princess Mononoke (HUG MEEE) by woekitten Cosplay: San from Princess Mononoke (HUG MEEE) :iconwoekitten:woekitten 3 2
Band -- A TTYW Add-On Story
My name's Jake. I shouldn't be so free with my title, but probably doesn't matter. My worst enemy already knows who I am, where I live, my favourite food, and what time I take a piss in the morning. I don't think I have much time left, honestly, and I'd like to get this all down before the bad stuff starts.
I'm not "confessing my sins" or anything like that. I don't know if there's a God, but if there is, I don't think a secret confession on paper would fly with him. I was born in the land of sin and piety. I wasted enough of my youth making up confessions for big-eared Priests to lick their lips over. I'm writing this down for other reasons. For one thing, my brain's getting more scrambled by the day, and I'm having a hard time keeping everything straight.
Creeping insanity? Alzheimer's? I wish. It's him, muddling in my head like his personal sandbox. I just want to get things on paper before I forget them, and it's important I don't.
See, I can't be su
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Holy hell, lookit what I did
The towel Hailey had given Jamie was stiff and rough with overuse, so Jamie was drying her arms with toilet paper when she joined the council in the dining alcove.  The dragon-boy trailed her like a gosling.
        "Sit Jamie, sit," Hailey's uncle said cheerfully.  Jamie parked herself at the last empty chair remaining at the small table, shuddering a little as she swallowed a cough.  Greasy grey smoke from cheap cigarettes filled the room like haze and drifted lazily up to the low-hanging lamp dangling above the table.  The dragon-boy stood beside Jamie and breathed deeply of the poisoned air with his eyes closed and his chin lifted a little.
        "Smoke, anyone?" Hailey's meaty uncle passed around a carton.
        "Hey, sure." Sens reached for a cigarette and leaned over to accept the light Hailey gave him before she lit
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Mature content
A Debt :iconwoekitten:woekitten 1 2
I was the one who had to deliver the news to her.
I took her to a restaurant. I knew it would be easier that way.
"I don't believe you," she says, but she toys with her fork. Its handle bounces up and down, clacking on the table like a telegraph.
I'm blunt. "When he needs someone, he's not choosy."
Her face is pudgy, and her breath struggles through her slightly-opened mouth. She lifts her eyes, raccoon-ringed with heavy mascara. "No. We had a wonderful night. We talked for ages."
I open my menu again, glance at the same pictures of hot chicken sandwiches and hamburgers, then close it. Our waitress starts towards us and then stops, commanded by this voodoo magic.
"How much do you really remember?" I ask.
"He..." she rubs again at the side of her neck. Her memory is frozen stiff. She talks slowly as it thaws. "He took me to a movie. We went out for a drink, then back to my place."
She trails off, and her breathing seems to carry over the background clinks and murmurs of the resta
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I hate your dog by woekitten I hate your dog :iconwoekitten:woekitten 1 10 Smokes and Guns Weekly by woekitten Smokes and Guns Weekly :iconwoekitten:woekitten 0 1 ANSI Dragon by woekitten ANSI Dragon :iconwoekitten:woekitten 1 10 Megaman By Timmy, Age 8 by woekitten Megaman By Timmy, Age 8 :iconwoekitten:woekitten 1 7
"Leap" was pretty sure that others of his kind were few and far between.  He had a feeling that if there were any others like him in the immediate area, he would be able to sense them and vice versa.  However, as near as he could tell, only humans lived in the village where he worked.  He was the only were-dolphin.
Leap didn't know where he came from or why he had the power to change into a dolphin at will.  All he knew was his own name, and that it was a smart idea to keep his shape-shifting identity to himself.  There weren't too many places in the world that were friendly towards were-beings of any sort.  Shapeshifters were often referred to as devils, demons, monsters, nightmares, and other such pleasant creatures.  They were the cause of the world's problems and deterioration, according to the humans.  They were the ones who had brought on the mysterious "Chaos" all those years ago that had reduced the
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Shit also deserves boobs by woekitten
Mature content
Shit also deserves boobs :iconwoekitten:woekitten 7 5
Because shit deserves a home by woekitten Because shit deserves a home :iconwoekitten:woekitten 0 9 X and Zero, Nuts and Gum by woekitten X and Zero, Nuts and Gum :iconwoekitten:woekitten 74 26 Saint of Killers by woekitten Saint of Killers :iconwoekitten:woekitten 6 2

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Red Draco
Current Residence: Toronto
Favourite genre of music: Whitey brand, evidently.
MP3 player of choice: iPod. Everything else dies.
Personal Quote: "You're all fired from school, and your homework is to eat bleach and die."
It took me a little longer than I'd have liked, but here's Trip Through Your Wires 38. I--I hope you like it! *Anime blush*

Someday I'll figure out what's text editor has against the emdash. 
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Hope the day treats you nice, you ol' blazing fang you. May the years pass ever slowly, and the fire in your belly forever rage.
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I'm doing okay :D. Hope you two are doing well too!
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