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Join Us can everybody who loves vampires and werewolves from World of darkness ^_^

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1. Please Add only your own works, NO STEALING!
2. ONLY WoD related stuff, no Twilight, Underworld or other vampires...(These will never be aprooved)
3. Don't insult other members or you will be deleted, there is never good reason to be mean

:bulletred: RULES
:bulletred:when you post your oc's it would be nice that you tell Us something about them so add their character and other things you find interesting :)






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Devious Folder
Meeting Rosenthal (Part 1)Cornelius arrived at 'Kashtan' ten minutes early. He was taken aback by his surroundings. It was like stepping right into someone’s living room rather than an establishment open to the public. Paintings and photography alike lined the walls, their polished metal frames catching the warm gaslight. Velvet curtains of a deep forest green colour reached down to the floor, able to shut out the city outside of the street side window.The Cafe and restaurant was almost empty. A bearded man cleaning a coffee maker behind the bar. A few people that could be heard roaming around in the back. Most of the chairs were already put up on the tables. All the guests had already left for the night. Normally Cornelius would not have entered or even gone out this late. But he was meeting someone.The sound of his cane hitting the parquet followed him, as he traveled through the room. The Barista stopped his task and switched his attention to the late-night visitor.“Good Evening. I am looking for Jakob Rosenthal. I received a letter of invitation.”The man behind the counter hung the towel he held over the sink tap while he quickly inspected the stranger in front of him.“Well how about that...” A smirk scurried across his face before he continued.“Do you want me to tell Mr. Rosenthal something?”“You can tell him that I have arrived.” Suspicion made the words sound harsher than they needed to. The Barista, however, did not seem to register the tone underlying the guest’s words.“I will forward your message. In the meantime, why don’t you take a seat Sir? We prepared one just for this occasion. A waitress will be with you shortly.”“I don’t think that will be necessary.” “Oh no-“ The man said as he walked to the service door. “-the boss would insist.”And with that, Cornelius was alone.Slowly he approached the nearby table right by the window. Painfully aware of his balance he pulled back one of the cherry wood chairs and careful in any little motion that lowered his thin body onto it. After a short sigh of frustration, he rested the cane by the window frame. Carefully he picked out just the right words, to from the best possible sentences. He was going to do this right.“Hello, can I get you anything?”Cornelius turned as the soft voice addressed him. A young brunette stood beside him; a shining tray held against her chest. Quickly he raised his eyes. “Oh no, not jet. I am waiting for someone. A water maybe.” “One water, coming right up.” The waitress smiled warmly at him, as she took note, turned on her heels and slowly walked to the back.Her patent shoes did not make a sound as she left his side. Her dress seemed peculiar: Puffed sleeves and wide at the bottom. It must have been part of the tradition. A feature of a culture that evaded him.As he waited, Cornelius eyes were inadvertently drawn towards the clock.22:0122:0522:0722:1122:1322:14His water was empty.What was taking him so long?Maybe he missed the train.Or he had an accident.Maybe he forgot.Or maybe, this was nothing more than a ruse.Someone was playing tricks on him.What a malicious prank.Why did he even come here?A letter, out of the blue, to his private address, from a person he never even heard of before. A fan of his work no less; Promising support. Stupid.A plate was put in front of him.“I did not order this.”“I know.” The young waitress said, as she sat down on the chair across from him."You look like you need it."

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