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Join Us can everybody who loves vampires and werewolves from World of darkness ^_^

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Alicia Clan malkavian by VictoriaRusso
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Bloodlines only
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Kindred Fanfic
Enasius Child (Varia Story)(Triggerwarning: Sexual Misconduct)Galasyn stood motionless, their rigid joints rivaled only by the marble statues surrounding them. But their attention rested exclusively on one. A single step away, a muted tarp covered the larger-than-life statue. Through the open-faced wall, the moonlight illuminating the studio was accompanied by an autumn breeze. Quietly, they looked up at it, rotating the hammer in their hands. They had made their choice, returned to this bittersweet place and the covered the facsimile. But in a fatal mistake, their glance brushed over its form; the lines the sheet formed and followed them up to its head. And just like that, all efforts in collecting their strength to raise the instrument needed to commit the deed, were rendered futile. As the heavy tool pulled their limp arm to the floor, they burst into tears.She was heard before she could be seen; her steps clearly audible on the stone slabs. The rhythmic tapping entering the room made them uneasy, but was far from enough to pull against the weight driving their head downwards. In the corner of their red tinted eyesight, the figures delicate feet were approaching, stepping with every bit of the little weight the slim body had to offer, as if each one of them was a tiny leap. Her upper body angling itself at the hip to slip into sight and reveal herself, the bopping black locks of her tilted head, caressing her shoulder. With heavy eyelids, she inspected the broken one’s figure, the goal of eventually meeting their gaze guiding hers. When she had reached her destination, her lips parted, to address them with sincerity.“What is it, that makes you cry?”Galasyn turned their head to escape the strangers’ eyes. After a deep breath, the first in a long while, their strained voice mustered to release a barely whispered answer. “Does it matter?” “Of course it does!” the girl said with an audible smile as she stepped closer. Her hand reached around the averted face, softly following the path of the red tear rolling down their cheek, before closing around the chin and redirecting their face back to her own.“I want to make it stop.”“Because he told you to.” They uttered this sentence without any malice to their tone. It was no more than a silent fact placed in the conversation. “That’s why I should do it, not why I am.” The girl said her face approaching theirs. Through a deep layer of incomprehension, she added:“Are you not flattered? He has taken a special interest in you! A lot of trust is needed to gift someone your blood.”She felt Galasyns teeth clenching though their skin.“How do you know-“They stopped themselves from finishing the sentence, when the girl placed her tilted head on their shoulder and her body so close to theirs, they could feel her cold flesh through the silk. Her hand had made its way up, stroking over their hair.“I am Varia. From the moment I was reborn I was at his side. I know of his desires better than anyone. We are two of a kind.”Galasyn shivered. It took a while trapped in her touch to recollect their voice.“Please stop.”“What? You will have to speak up boy. I can’t understand a thing.” Galasyn squirmed, shrugging their shoulder to shake off the unwanted visitor.“Let go of me!”Varia lifted herself from the young fledgling. Her features, far from being shocked, were widened with glee. Her tone on the over hand, bared witness to deep bewilderment. “Can you blame me? I had no choice in the matter if I wish to understand a word you are saying!”Galasyn was shaken by a mixture of shock and disbelieve as the young girl trodded around in between their works of art, without a care in the world. In passing, she traced her hands along the sides of the statues. Her path slowed down, circling around a vine-clad statue of Bacchus.„You carry a heavy weight on your heart. From where you are standing, you can see only loss. Where is more than one side to it. You need to keep moving. I lost food, drink and sunshine. But I celebrate what I was left with. And I gained so much more that people told me was impossible.”Galasyn voice had an unexpected sting to it as they hissed back: “Good for you.”Seemingly content with their reaction, Varia fully turns her attention to the statue. Leaning onto Baccus like a lovestruck Nymph, caressing the hand presenting the marble chalice towards Galasyn. With softened voice, but loud enough to carry throughout the atelier, she speaks into the god’s ear.“Immortality… Some call this a curse, can you believe it? They reject it. I consider it rather freeing. And the power… That alone would be enough for some. But powers only appeal lies in the ability to live after your own volition. Anything less, immortal as you might be, makes you nothing but a slave.”Her hands trace back, stocking along the god’s arms to his luscious locks. Her face and body, while still in contact with the cold stone, where turned to face Galasyn; her amber eyes firmly locking with theirs in a jolt.“So…What is it you want?”Flustered by the attention suddenly shifting back to them, Galasyn spat out an answer.“I want to go back.”“Why?”They rolled their head to and fro, suddenly snapping into place staring into an empty corner of the dark workspace, Galasyn answered sternly. “Everything changed. I got nothing left.”“Well, that’s why he has send me right?” The change was palpable. Galasyn had fallen completely silent again. They quickly hid their distorting lips by turning their face back towards the ground. They turned, stepping back to set their tools down. Varia rose her head from its rest on the god’s shoulder. “Why do you shy away from Enasius?”“I don’t…” Their voice was faint and shaking.Varia separated from the chiseled figure and moved closer to the sunken one on the other side of the room. Each step echoing, fanning the flames eating away at the fledgling.“Was he not good to you?”“He killed me.”“Yet you stand before me… Do you think he acted out of malice?” Varia was left in silence. She closed in further. “He did not seek to kill you. He did not want you to die. He wanted you to become. If you wish to make something from a block of marble, you will have to lay hand on it. You are a work of Art!”“I am not an object!” Galasyn snapped back at her, face to face, build up to full size.Mirroring their energy, Varia grabbed their clenched hand, raising it between their chests. Their outburst was met with a smile and a simple challenge.“Then tell me what you were!” And just like that Galasyn defenses broke under the pressure. Their eyes welled other with bloody tears as their body violently shook trying in vain to breath. “I was a sculptor! Just a sculptor!”“If that would be all there is, why would he care?” “HE MADE ME FEEL LIKE HE DID!”The smile was wiped clean away from Varias face. The young one’s voice reached a violent crescendo, loud enough to send a shiver down her spine.Rushing past her, Galasyn stepped to the side of the obscured figure towering over the two of them. With an iron grip they tore down the tarp, unveiling it in all its glory. For a moment Varia expected her heart to beat, as she saw the meticulous features illuminated by the soft moonlight. The familiar eyes of her lover Enasius looking down at her, high above both of them. She felt Galasyn passion in their voice, heard what they said, but could not bring herself to any other reaction then to approach the marble body.“We sat here night after night. Talked about life, politics, art, dreams, and the future. He offered me all the praise and support I could have ever hoped for! Every single night! For months on end…”Varia nodded as she placed her hand on the statue’s thigh, it’s curve, while out of its usual size, was unmistakable Enasius’. Her depilated skin tried in vain to raise hairs that had been long gone, as she traced the ridges, and recognized every single one of them.“Then I was finished. I even tried to find a reason to say I wasn’t… He was overjoyed. He beckoned me towards him and there was nowhere I would rather have been.”Their ruby-red tears had collected under their jaw, stained their cheeks and clothes, and muddied their sight. Distraught they dragged their hand across the pools and tracks.“In that moment, I was the happiest I’ve ever been! And he did this to me! He bit me. I died that night and now I don’t even know what will become of me! He doesn’t even talk to me anymore!”Their lungs filled, determined to flush every last bit of gall trapped in them. “You want to explain his motives to me? While you praise him?! You are only here so he doesn’t have to be!” Varia winced. She knew the desperation in Galasyns voice. It went past the words they used, or what was said. Mentally she was back, standing in the praetorian camp, begging her lover would be spared. Looking up to the sculpted marble rising above her, she sank to her knees. Never again should this happen to her, she thought by herself. She slumped down at the statue’s feet, her slim arms timidly embracing its leg. Taken aback by this display, Galasyn temper was curbed. Their eyes following Varias reaching arms upwards, faced his creation for the first time in nights. “Creating glory, beauty and power out of marble was a gift that filled me with pride. Now the act feels damaged; tarnished beyond being salvageable. This is my greatest work, and I can’t even bare to look at it.”Their tone was somber, their mind tired after the turmoil.“I don’t know if I will ever create anything this great. It won’t matter really. He wants me gone in any case!”Varia pats the pedestal she rests on, repositioning her body to make room for the young vampire. They did not follow her unspoken invitation. “You are not dead. You were reborn, not knowing about this existence. Uncertainty will always be a part of living. But be sure of this: If Enasius decided to give his blood to you, he has seen greatness in you. You make of this what you will…” Galasyn found it hard to believe the kneeling girl at the foot of his creation was the same that had entered, yet they knew it to be true. The demure tone and formless position she had sunken into didn’t seem to harmonize with what else they had seen of her. They gathered the lengthy fabric in both hands before addressing her again.“Why do you defend this man?”She bats her eyes, if in surprise or to dry her eyes, they could not say. Her answer was stated not only as a fact, but an undeniable truth. “Because I love him.” Galasyn believed her and in that, they understood. This girl would have done anything for his sire. They had seen him give her the warmth affection they longed for ever since the embrace. Enasius wanted her. And it had brought her to this point. They are searching for a reason, and for the first time, that alone offered them hope.That glimmer was all that was needed. Varia slowly got up from the stone to rise back to eyeline. “I will stay with you tonight. Cry if your heart desires it. Paint your skin red with your blood for all I care. When you dug down to the lowest point, and there is on where else to go, I will be here.” Galasyn nodded carefully. The fiend in front of him had only just started to reform to a being with sympathetic qualities. No matter the powers that brought her here, they didn’t know where else to turn but to her.“You will see it eventually. Having felt the full magnitude of desperation, what will follow will be so much more intense. You don’t know what is left. You don’t yet know what you’ve gained. But we will find out…”...
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